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Natural referencing strategy: the key steps

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Among the different web marketing strategies that exist, natural referencing is one of the most profitable investments. Indeed, if you consider its acquisition techniques, this strategy allows you to gain lasting visibility on search engines. However, if your site, your project, or your activity is not listed on these, you will have little chance of attracting traffic. A statement that takes on its full meaning in the most competitive sectors where the battle to obtain the first place on Google among the search results is very tough.

In this sense, in order not to waste time and even less money, you must take care to choose a natural referencing strategy that will allow you to obtain a high investment/results ratio. This guide offers you this through a few key steps.

Be accompanied by an agency specializing in SEO

Before moving on to the steps to find a profitable SEO strategy, you must make sure you have some basic knowledge in the field. These will be very useful to you since SEO is a technical field and you will need a minimum of knowledge to know what you are doing. Once again, in order not to waste time and money, unless you are a specialist in natural referencing, the ideal would be to find one. The results it will allow you to obtain will be much more profitable for your initiative.

SEO agencies have several SEO specialists and digital marketing experts in their ranks . Being accompanied by one of these structures will allow you to benefit from a range of services, including the completion of the various stages contained in this guide. In addition, what you need to know about SEO agencies is that they are able to carry out the various works you need as soon as possible, thanks to their teams.

Preparation stages: studies and identification

Now that you know a little better what you are getting into, you can define your SEO strategy. To do this, you will first have to go through the so-called preparation stages.

Study the market and identify your target

Before launching a new product or service, you must first study the market in order to have its opinion. To do this, you can use surveys to help you identify the best way to launch . Thanks to the results of the survey, you will also be able to know which is the public that feels the most concerned by your products and services. This will be a good indicator to know whether to modify or keep some of their particularities (presentation, characteristics, etc.).

If you have products that are already on the market, you can use the personas method to redefine, expand or reduce the group of Internet users you are targeting. This will allow you to get better trends to know where to go with your project. The standard profiles obtained can also be used to add or remove functionalities.

Clearly define your goals

To get good results from your SEO strategy, you need to start by setting goals. So, even if you feel ready to produce quality and SEO-optimized content, it will be better to go through this step. This is because depending on your goals, there are certain types of content that can be more effective than others. We then speak of content marketing or content marketing. For example, if you write articles to raise awareness and inform your readers, there is little chance that they will succeed in converting them into customers. To achieve the last stated objective, you should have focused your content on generating new leads and the sale of products and services. You can also write content to rally influencers to your cause or present your expertise in your field.

In sum, there are a multitude of goals that you can achieve by writing content. The most important thing will be to clearly define yours before you start.
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Search for relevant keywords

Keywords are essential in an internet SEO strategy. They have a direct impact on the positioning of your site. Thus, their choice must be made meticulously to allow you to achieve your goals. Here are some avenues you can explore to complete this step.

The intuitive method

To guide your keyword research, you can trust your intuition. This is also the first track suggested by the experts before moving on to the techniques listed below. To summarize this approach, you just have to put yourself in the place of one or more Internet users who carry out their research on a search engine in order to find your activity. You will concentrate your efforts on the words used, their synonyms, the variants, the names of your competitors...

If you are entering a sector where the competition is not too strong, you can limit yourself to this first approach. However, even if it is very recommended, this technique will not make the weight if there are many people who do the same thing as you. To stand out, it will be more interesting to try the following methods.

Keywords used by competitors

To compete in your industry, you need to learn about the practices and strategies used by other structures. In addition to learning about their choice of keywords, you can also gather interesting information to improve your marketing strategy.

With this in mind, you can take a look at your competitors' pages to analyze their content and titles. Pay attention to words that refer to your business and the services you offer. You can also use tools to analyze the markup of web pages . These solutions will allow you to highlight the keywords used in the "title" and "meta" tags of competing sites.

Keyword generators

To complement the results obtained through the intuitive approach, you can also use keyword generators . To use these tools, all you have to do is enter one or more words relating to your activity.

They will then take care of defining a lexical field around these words or expressions and will provide you with data on their frequency of use on search engines. It also allows you to learn about trends in order to direct the subject of your article in such a way as to ensure that it draws traffic to your page and by extension to your business.

Implementation steps: creation, planning and SEO monitoring

Once you have set your goals, defined your target and your keywords, you can move on to the steps that will allow you to apply your SEO strategy.

Create content

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To drive traffic to your pages, you will need quality content that can rank high in search results on queries with the defined keywords. To do this, you must provide useful information to your Internet users. Your texts must have real added value for your readers, that they want to finish reading and come back to your site later if other searches lead them there.

Also remember to post original articles, do not copy the content of another site. Plagiarism is indeed rewarded by search engines with repositioning among the latest search results . That said, you can take inspiration from existing content as long as you provide some clarification or a different layout, organization, or structure.

Follow the results and carry out an SEO watch

The definition and implementation of an SEO strategy involving an investment, you must keep clear ideas about the profitability of your project. On this point, it will rather be necessary to think long term with natural referencing.

Indeed, since SEO optimization aims to gain positions in search results in a sustainable way, the actions carried out may take a little time to generate verifiable results (traffic generation). Generally speaking, you will need to observe a period of an entire year to clearly see the results of your SEO strategy. For example, if you make an investment of €500 per month in your strategy, you will have spent €6,000 over one year. If over this same period, your turnover registers three to four times this amount, your strategy will clearly pay off.

In this sense, also be sure to carry out an SEO watch to stay informed of the latest trends in optimization . With search engines making regular improvements to their search algorithms, it's important to know what practices can help you achieve your goals.

In summary, to adopt an effective natural referencing strategy, you must go through preparation stages to define your objectives and your target, before embarking on keyword research. It is only after these three steps that you can move on to implementing your strategy. Remember to be accompanied by a natural referencing agency to optimize your results and obtain an even more interesting ROI.

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