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How to optimize your Shopify store?

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The majority of your visitors leave the store without buying? Do you want to boost your sales without spending too much on ads? How about we take a look at the configuration of your shop ? If the platforms facilitate the creation of online commerce , optimizing a Shopify store still requires certain knowledge in marketing and design in order to enhance it. And that requires a meticulous study of each page of your site… To appear pro, remove the errors that give you an amateur image.

Why optimize an e-commerce store?

In the process of being created or already online, there are several reasons to improve your store .

Inspire confidence in the user

E -commerce sites and dropshipping have been flooding the market for 5 years. The bad practices and the image of these businesses which results from it oblige to value your window and your products in order to recover the confidence of the visitors. A fluid, clear shop that meets all the expectations a prospect has to sell. Provided you follow a few rules:

  • Have a niche . Being nested in e-commerce means specializing in a theme in order to target an audience of enthusiasts and therefore more likely to buy.
  • Social proof: written testimonials, photos and videos around your products reassure the future customer in his buying attention. Feeding your accounts on social networks and interacting with a community gives off even more credibility.
  • A marketing offer : setting up time-limited promotions creates an emergency situation that accelerates conversion.

Pleasant user experience

A well laid out and configured shop invites the user to continue his visit. With a logical navigation resulting from categorized collections and provided in coherent products, you guide your visitor towards the checkout.

The idea? Dissect the weaknesses of the site and remove the brakes that push the user to close his browser tab.

Increase turnover without touching the advertising budget

Sometimes not all the budget injected into ads is enough. Indeed, ads bring traffic. But if the site has flaws, your leads won't stick around. So, first check the optimization of your shop before spending on traffic acquisition.

More economical and much more profitable, working on your Shopify site can double your conversion… What would be the advertising budget for this same result in your opinion…?

Web design best practices

The choice of theme

Optimizing a Shopify store starts with choosing the theme. With free suggestions, your customizations will be limited and you will have to invest in several side apps.

The advantage with paid themes is that they include all the features to be fast, efficient and customizable. A non-negligible advantage to visually stand out from the fixed and therefore easily identifiable free structures. Much more efficient, the latter are able to combine various applications without disturbing the speed of the site.
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Respect the graphic charter for a more professional rendering

The graphic chart

Defining your graphic charter is the basis of any professional site. It establishes logic and effective communication in the eyes of visitors. Thus, develop a logo and the entire structure of your store by respecting 2 to 4 color codes and 2 typographies.

In the customization tab of the theme , distribute your visual identity in the buttons “Learn more”, “Buy now” or the backgrounds and contents of the texts and sections that make up your home page, the product pages until the checkout.

A simple and clean design

Today's sites want to be simple and efficient. Thereby :

  • Standardize the format of your images for a more aesthetic and finished rendering. To do this, reframe each product and collection visual. All the same size, your pages will be linear and pleasant to look at.
  • Each collection must contain a minimum of items. To optimize this section, use display options like, “the second image on hover”.
  • Limit the character of the titles displayed to respect the heights of the zones
  • Always check rendering on mobile, as the majority of site views come from smartphones. Image description Your site must be easy to navigate on smartphone and tablet

Improve your conversion with essential content

Editorial content

Writing web content is a big part of optimizing a site . Especially when one seeks to be referenced naturally.

For those interested, Dgeo Dev's excellent SEO training teaches you how to position your site in the first Google search results.

As for those in a hurry, the intervention of a specialized SEO writer will capture the attention and create a link with your audience. Save time for neat and attractive texts!

  • In the meantime, start by writing your product descriptions. Last page to decide the buyer, your text must convince. Argue on the technical characteristics such as dimensions, materials, manufacturing etc.
  • Showcase your brand in every collection. Explain the interest of the store in the home page and the “about us” page. Not forgetting to customize the contact page and all default titles.
  • Properly optimized blog posts bring in 85% of Google traffic. They are perfect for justifying your expertise. Do not hesitate to develop on the technique, the use, the needs and desires related to your products to interest your audience.

NB: The content of a page must be at least 300 words to be indexed by Google. Aware that this excess text obscures the visibility of your products, hide part of your description by adding a button “Find out more”. Learn how to add this snippet of code .

Creatives and images

- The home page:

Images energize your store and inspire the visitor. He projects himself more easily while using the product. The good quality of the visuals is therefore essential. Dig into the image banks and choose lifestyle photos for the carousel and other sections of the homepage. But don't overdo it! 1 to 3 banners are enough to present your site without weighing it down.

Consider reducing the weight of the images to reduce the loading time, without altering their quality.

Include your site and product benefits in carousel titles and add redirect buttons to related collections.

- On the product sheets

Visuals often come from suppliers. Choose only the high quality ones. And retouch them by erasing any integrated logos and indications in English.

In the absence of being able to touch the product and explore it from every angle as one would in a store, visuals from different angles help to alleviate the problem. Thus, “the zoom on the image” and the different shots of the product reinforce the visitor.

Features to perfect your site

Directly integrated into the theme, by inserting a piece of code or by downloading an application, here are the personifications recommended to boost your profitability :

  • The filter column: interesting if you have collections with many products. It facilitates searches by brand, color, price and model.
  • The favicon: a small reminder of your logo in the tab of your browser signs the professionalism of a finished site.
  • The “Recommended Product” section suggests items under your page. Found the corresponding code on the speedcom v2 app .
  • Chat is instant messaging. He reassures the client requesting information. You can collect emails there like at Tidio .
  • The “order tracking” page such as Track Order , prompts the customer to add their tracking number to track the order status itself.
  • From the header activate a header notifying important information. This is often free shipping or the minimum order amount for free shipping.

Shipping costs are a barrier for many customers. Giving him the information quickly gives him confidence. Because he already knows the minimum amount to order to be advantaged. At Speedfly, the reminder of the free delivery is automatically added to the basket with the amount remaining to be spent.
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Pushing the boundaries of personification with coding

Increase your sales with these technical performances

On the product sheets

  • Group the variants of a product on a single sheet instead of duplicating it.
  • Lines of code personalize texts recalling the delivery time and secure payment.

    see all the free codes to personalize your product sheet made available by Dgeo.

  • An explicit product title

  • Adding a bundle includes an offer of the type 2 products purchased = one offered. This proposal slips into the product sheet and increases the average basket.

    learn more about the Speedfly Bundle app

  • Avoid the countdown. In addition to being banned in some countries like France, it does not inspire confidence. Especially when the visitor realizes that the count is a decoy when he returns to the site.

  • The upsell appears when an item is added to the cart. A window opens with a proposal for additional products. The customer decides whether or not to complete their purchase automatically. Perfect for low prices, but also services such as extended warranty or fast delivery. Be careful, the upsell is only activated with the “add to cart” button and not “place the order”.

  • With the sticky bar, the “add to cart” button remains visible during scrolling. The customer no longer has to go back to the page and find where to click.

  • The additional tabs accompany the product description and inform the customer about the conditions of purchase and delivery.

  • Customer reviews confirm the visitor's purchase decision. Don't hesitate to display the ones we send you!

  • A visible “add to cart” button: choose it large and in a flashy color.

Check out or order validation page

True final conversion page, the payment page must be impeccable. No doubt should arise and interfere with the purchase validation.

  • Add your logo and use the color codes of the site. These graphic reminders assure the customer that he is paying on the original site.
  • Add fields to include a message or personalization in the case of Print On Demand or a promo code.
  • Box “accept the T&Cs” to validate the order.
  • Modify the URL of the “continue shopping” button and decide to redirect to a particular collection.
  • Specify the delivery time: Prefer “delivery within 4 to 5 days by post” rather than “standard delivery”.
  • Place payment badges below the order button.

To optimize the sales funnel or simplify it, there are alternative checkouts. Discover the benefits of Checkout X.

By applying most of these tips, be sure to present a more professional shop to your customers. With confidence from the home page to checkout, you limit final objections.

If some hacks fit perfectly with your theme ( see our tutorials ) , the free application “app speedecom v2” is reserved for Speedfly customers. Access Speedfly's developer resource books and push the boundaries of customization to finally have a profitable Shopify store .

See how to customize each page of your Shopify site.

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