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How to grow your e-commerce business via YouTube: Ultimate guide

There are a variety of platforms and channels you might want to market your eCommerce store on. Companies are trying different strategies to increase online sales from websites or Instagram accounts. A unique alternative for businesses to test is the YouTube subscription.
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Using YouTube to promote your online store could be one of the most effective and profitable ways to test. The most well-known video sharing site could be the perfect opportunity to gain market awareness and further increase your existing customer base.

Why should you advertise your online store via YouTube? Let's review the benefits and best practices for doing so.

The benefits of using YouTube to promote your e-commerce store

Before explaining how to use YouTube to promote e-commerce site, let's take a look at its benefits.

Huge global audience and massive amount of traffic

As we said before, YouTube is the most used video sharing site in the world. Billions of people use it, and the decision to launch your online store through YouTube offers a variety of opportunities to grow your customer base.

Plus, you'll benefit from the huge amount of traffic YouTube receives every day. Whatever audience you're trying to attract, you can find great opportunities to reach them when promoting your online store through YouTube.

Higher ranking in Google search results

It is common to get video results when you search for something using Google's search engine. When you search for a specific track or review the latest product, you will likely get video results at the top of the internet page.

This is possible because optimizing your videos to be SEO friendly on YouTube will help them rank higher in Google search engine results. Similarly, if your videos are linked to the eCommerce store, you perform well on YouTube; it will help you to be visible in Google search results.


Reach your ideal customers

One of the most common reasons customers disengage from a specific brand is because they don't find it warm and friendly. If a company cannot communicate effectively with its customers on a regular and consistent basis, it will appear hostile and cold.

This can lead to the loss of customers. Well-crafted video content can help your business establish a warm and welcoming image with an individual touch. Your viewers will enjoy watching your videos and connecting with the content you post. Moreover, interacting with them through the comments section will help you improve your customer relations.

Strategies for promoting your business via YouTube

If you're convinced of YouTube's immense potential to increase your business's sales and develop more customers, the next obvious concern is how do you approach this?

Given the size of the YouTube universe and its expanse, it can get complex and confusing to figure out which direction to start. Here are some of the most effective practices to know if you decide to launch your online store on YouTube.

Think about the value you bring

Think about it: you are a coffee brand selling freshly roasted coffee beans. People wouldn't buy from you just because you sell the product. Instead, they would buy espresso beans from a company that helps them learn how to best use coffee beans, which roast will suit their preferences, and the equipment needed to brew the coffee.

The most important thing to remember about YouTube when trying to promote your online store is not just to talk about the products you sell and their benefits.

It's important to enable this feature in the background and have a real discussion about the value you could bring. Therefore, you should try to create content about how your products will give value to the customer and how customers can use your products to increase convenience and ease in their lives.

Develop relationships with YouTubers

YouTube has become a powerful platform for influencers to connect with their fans and push users to purchase a specific product.

In fact, the endorsement of products by a top celebrity through any online social site can have a significant impact on your potential customers' buying decision. If you plan to promote your e-commerce store through YouTube, you should think about building meaningful relationships with YouTubers.

There are YouTubers with a large number of subscribers. Even if you and your partners serve viewers differently, you need to choose an audience that is like you.

The trick is not to promote the product you're selling to a large audience that isn't usually interested, but to a smaller segment that is very interested in buying your brand frequently.

You can send samples to this YouTube partner for free, or create an agreement with them that says they'll endorse your products and you'll offer them a sponsorship.

Engage your customers directly

Why not make your customers your biggest brand ambassadors and ask them to promote your store on YouTube?

When you directly engage your customers and promote your brand, you will be able to present your business as one that many people value and others can earn in the same way. One way to do this is to hold contests asking customers to submit a short YouTube video where they talk about their love for your product and why they love it.

It can be a short product review, an advertisement or a short film. Promoting your product through videos can make your customers your voice.

Always provide a reward for downloading videos. Offering a cash reward for the top 3 videos or offering gift cards to your winners could be great giveaway incentives.

Be aware of negative reviews about your brand.

We are constantly striving to create an image that will never suffer any negative press in the market; however, bad press is always inevitable.

YouTube provides a great platform to help you tackle negative press and resolve the situation. To clarify the situation, make a thoughtful and clear video explaining the problem in detail and offering a justification or apology.

For example, let's say you are a sporting goods company and you get a lot of negative publicity for not being an eco-friendly company.

In this case, you can prepare and post a YouTube video that addresses the issue. If you were unable to follow the rules of law, you can apologize and discuss what you plan to do to change the way you do business in the future.

But, if you are an environmentally conscious business and have taken all the necessary steps, you should create a short video that takes a tour of the manufacturing plant and highlights the entire process of reducing emissions. pollution levels.

Be Data Aware

You can be as innovative with YouTube content as you want; however, you also need to keep track of your data at the end of the day. YouTube has a wide range of analytics tools that can let you know how your videos are performing on the channel. Some of the most crucial analytics features on YouTube include interaction, watch time, average click map duration, user locations, and traffic sources. Each of these tools will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

If you're trying to sell your online store through YouTube, it's important to approach the platform like any other channel you're trying to drive sales. If you find that your customers are leaving your videos within the first 30 minutes, you may need to grab their attention.

If you also notice that your viewers are watching the entire video but not noticing any sales growth, you can add cards to the last part of your videos that act as CTAs to direct your viewers to a particular landing page. The analytics you collect can help lead the way and make sure you're aware of what you're doing wrong with your YouTube marketing tactics.


There was a time when YouTube was just a platform for people to listen to songs and watch the video. As the years have passed and business has become more technological and digital, businesses have turned to various online platforms to promote their services and products. One of the platforms that has propelled the e-commerce world to the fore is YouTube.

If you're new to the market or just looking for ways to increase your online store sales, follow these tips to get you started early. If used consistently and properly, YouTube can be one of the most effective channels to market your online store.

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