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Does free natural referencing exist?

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Free tips and methods to position your website first on the results pages of Google or other search engines, who hasn't dreamed of it. The reality is quite different: free referencing or SEO does not exist!

As with all services, customers can search for SEO and traffic acquisition solutions at different budgets and find free tools to help them. When we talk about free referencing , it encompasses different concepts that we will discuss by trying to dissociate the different ways in which the concept of free referencing can be used .

Here are some tips and elements to avoid pitfalls, choose your partners with relevance and quickly detect unserious service providers.

You can evaluate the prices of serious services via this article dedicated to the costs of professional and reliable SEO services .

What is free referencing and paid referencing?

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SEO = free natural referencing | SEA = paid referencing

The notion of referencing can be backed by the notions of free and paid. What are the differences ?

  • Free referencing can be a way of talking about natural referencing on Google . Appearing on queries in classic Google results (excluding online advertising) is possible for any site, without having to pay Google for it. However, the positioning of a website on specific keywords, and even more on a sector with strong competitors will require work and time and therefore to use direct or indirect financial resources.
  • Paid referencing mainly refers to the Google Ads advertising management tool . It is a system of buying advertising on the search engine via an auction system and payment for each click generated. You must therefore pay for each visit received following the display of your advertising on targeted keywords. The cost of each click varies according to competitors, targeted positions and other criteria. This is where the term paid search is used.

What are free referral offers?

Many offers play on the notion of free referencing to deceive potential customers. There are two distinct concepts to understand and differentiate, SEO and positioning on Google.

  • Referencing on Google: this refers to the indexing of the site in Google's databases. No need for tools or special offers to obtain it, it is done very easily and quickly. It is once indexed in the databases of the search engine that the content of the site can begin to be analyzed by Google's algorithms and possibly rise in the rankings for certain keywords. Indexing in Google is free, charging you for it through the use of a tool is abuse.
  • Positioning on Google: it is at this stage that things get complicated. To position a website on particular keywords, especially in a competitive environment, you will have to optimize your site for these target queries. This is where SEO work comes in. SEO (search engine optimization) experts use specific skills and tools to implement medium and long-term strategies. All of these actions require financial resources. Even SEOs who work for their own sites have to incur some much-needed expenses. Positioning on Google cannot therefore be free given the necessary skills and tools.

What is the risk of free or cheap SEO offers?

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As in all sectors of activity, some attractive offers try to conquer an audience of neophytes who have very little knowledge of natural referencing. By offering inexpensive offers, some professionals with small budgets may be tempted to boost their visibility with this type of offer.

At best you will have lost a few tens or hundreds of euros, at worst you could possibly damage the referencing of your site and obtain a penalty from Google.

SEO is a serious discipline that calls for specialized specific knowledge that takes time to put in place. As an indication, the day of service of a professional is invoiced between 350 and 800 euros per day according to different criteria. Do you think that an offer at 5, 10 or 100 euros will revolutionize the natural referencing of your website?

You should therefore avoid services advertised using these terms:

  • SEO Guaranteed
  • First guaranteed positions
  • Free SEO
  • Cheap netlinking
  • Cheap SEO
  • First on Google for free
  • And other variations of the same style
  • X Page Optimization Pack
  • Automatic analysis of your SEO
  • Guaranteed traffic from X internet users

Some examples of ads to avoid:

  • I reference your site on Google for X euros
  • I will improve your SEO with quality Backlinks for X €
  • 3500 backlinks to your site including more than 1500 in dofollow for X €
  • 3 real incoming links on sites closest to your theme/generalists for X €
  • I will improve your SEO with quality Netlinking for X €
  • I will boost your site in Google results (SEO) for X €
  • I will allow you to buy quality backlinks for X €
  • I will perform an SEO audit and give you an action plan for X €
  • I will improve your SEO and notoriety for X €
  • Your natural referencing for X € per month
  • Guaranteed SEO in the first position of Google for X €
  • Traffic by the thousands for X €

An overly sensationalist service title should alert you to the relevance of the proposed solution.

Can we do natural referencing for free?

No need to keep the suspense, NO free referencing does not exist. You can reduce its cost by training yourself in SEO techniques to become autonomous on certain tasks, but it will not become free.

Techniques make it possible to gain in efficiency and performance, to carry out tasks at a lower cost, to pool key resources, but setting up a natural referencing strategy will never be free.

The main expense items of an SEO strategy are:

  • SEO tools for auditing, competitors, performance monitoring, speed, semantics.
  • SEO keyword research and semantic work
  • Work on search intent and avoid keyword cannibalization.
  • Writing and optimizing content to meet Google's criteria.
  • specific developments.
  • Audits and implementation of recommendations.
  • The strategy of netlinking and purchases of incoming links.
  • Team training.

Whether everything is outsourced to an agency outside the company or certain things are done in-house, they will still represent a cost, at least a time burden at each stage of the optimization process.

For a company, the question is to know what benefits it can derive from a sustainable SEO strategy over the long term and to decide if it really wants to commit in this direction by putting in the financial means to match the expected benefits. .

Natural referencing is one of the most profitable long-term marketing methods. Surround yourself with experienced professionals and do not give in to the ease and the sirens of services that are too enticing to be real.

Do not hesitate to ask us for our advice if you wish to set up an effective online notoriety strategy and generate targeted traffic.

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