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Do you know the secrets to optimizing your conversion rate?

Does it bother you too?

This transformation rate looks like a flat encephalogram?

However, it is not for lack of having implemented all the marketing strategies to acquire traffic on your store . So why doesn't he convert? Before reworking everything to try to recover your return on investment, check if you have really maximized your chances of inciting your visitors to take action. How ? By reading this article! Because we are listing the little things with big powers. Mini actions to place in each acquisition channel. Easy and so obvious that you will insult yourself for not having thought of it sooner… Ready to optimize your conversion rate ? Let's go !

Stop the inquisitive lead magnets

Whether you use sales pages, newsletter pop-ups or just your checkout page… Please keep it simple. Do you like to spend more time filling out 10 pieces of information on a form before receiving a PDF, validating your order or making an appointment? Neither do your visitors. Of course, getting as much information as possible about your prospects helps to better target them, understand their buying journey and refine your persona . But, unfortunately, the time of an Internet user is precious and the only view of 3 fields to fill in is enough to make him leave your page.

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Tip: pass optional information as optional. At best, you will collect additional information from Internet users who are less in a hurry!

Offer a real guarantee and trigger the act of purchase

What could be more reassuring than reading a simple “Satisfied or refunded within 30 days” or “Return your product for free and without proof”. Obviously, you put your conditions in your return policies… But these kinds of little phrases have the ability to earn more sales than to make real refunds. Especially if you are sure of the quality of your products.

Work on your copywriting and become convincing!

We can never repeat it enough, but copywriting is one of the skills to have in e-commerce . By using more impactful words and thinking about customers before your product, you have the business strategy to boost your conversion rate.

Rephrase your titles

Everything is in the title…

An email subject line, a post punchline, a blog topic, and your product name… Every decision to click, read, and buy is made in seconds. And so at the sight of the first words… Titling!

This is why every content linked to your site should have a strategic header. To do this, play on curiosity, ask questions, and use attractive and powerful words. In the world of persuasive writing, these are called the magic words: “free, win, offered, effortless, easy, lose, ….” Their mere presence attracts attention every time!

Use this same structure for your subtitles. The idea is to keep the reader on your page, to encourage them to continue reading. To keep him going, give him important information while remaining explicit and engaging.

Clearly state your client's benefits

If you still list the product features before the real interest of your customer, then you can revise your copy. Because, here is the other lesson of copywriting to integrate: “the functionalities of your product do not interest the Internet user”. What he is looking for is how you can solve his problem, how to help him win something he covets. To do this, think about customer benefit before the specifics of the product.

And build your entire sales pitch and description around the consumer's need. How ? By transforming the characteristics into advantages and then into benefits. As a result, you get concrete arguments to improve your sales .

Personalize your calls to action

This little button looks like nothing, but it has a decisive impact on the desire to click. To encourage people to leave their email, accept an appointment or place the order, they too must use their charms to increase your click-through rate. Forget the perennial “ Buy ”, “Discover the product ”, “ Find out more ”… All more impersonal than the other. Surprise your prospect with action words that pack a punch! Like “ reserve yours ”, “ I want to receive it ”, “ Request your free e-book ”… Or, precede it with an irresistible short phrase, such as: Our best customers recommend us, be the next one!> I subscribe .

Sprinkle your social proof on the decisive pages

When it comes to reassuring a user, small booster shots never hurt. And on an online store, that manifests as social proof. These kind of winks to slip on the most opportune moments of a sales funnel. Perfect for highlighting the quality of your products, but also the responsiveness of the support or the speed of delivery!

They come in the form of:

  • Video testimonials, very insightful to humanize and visualize the product or demonstrate it.
  • Numbers of subscribers, likes on social media, the popularity of a site is quite convincing. Do not hesitate to notify it.
  • Comments and customer reviews: they are used on all pages as well as in e-mails.

Diversify them (with real reviews)!

Abuse the conviction/conversion power of video

Humanizing a brand is an asset for your site. With video, use the power of people and images to convince your audience. Well-crafted and professional-looking, place your layout on a key page, such as a landing page, homepage, or product sheet.

Image description
Even Facebook offers the video format to facilitate sales.

No checkout without a perfect landing page

Among the little tricks to increase your e-commerce sales , a bad page redirect can be fatal. Indeed, if you use an advertising strategy:

  • Beautify your landing page for a wahoo and alluring effect
  • Consider using it as a redirect link from the ad insert. Because no one will look for your product, lost in the bottom of the collections on your home page.

Optimize your float zone to win sales

Maximizing the impact of your offer is done by words, but also by their location. Therefore, it is strongly advised to group all transformation elements above the fold line: the visible page area before scrolling. Title, buy button, price, discount, guarantee, testimonial and customer benefits… It's up to you to succeed in placing them all above this virtual, but no less decisive, line in order to improve your conversion rate.

So how many axes do you have left to refine? Sometimes it just takes a little to reverse the sales curve. And that's what we suggest by applying these small changes in each of your strategies. Did these tips help you? Do not miss those dedicated to human psychology to work on its product sheet !

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