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Bitcoin on Shopify: don't miss out on crypto payments on your store!

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Were you also one of the bitcoin skeptics 3 years ago? And now… Wondering how to offer payment in bitcoin on your Shopify site? Yeah ! With a peak at more than $60,000 per bitcoin in 2021, and all the institutions getting involved… The enthusiasm for the new blockchain currency can no longer be denied. And miss out on a whole audience, crypto pros, either. So, if you are still wondering about the interest of accepting digital payments in your e-shop, read the following carefully… Before your competitor does.

Why accept bitcoins on Shopify?

Be open to new technologies

Still considered an experimental and volatile currency in many (freaky?) states, we cannot guarantee a real market value for Bitcoin. However, this does not seem to scare Mastercard, Visa, Tesla and Paypal from investing their future in it. A bet followed by many American companies, validating the payment in crypto. Wikipedia, Microsoft, AT&T, Overstock, Newegg, Intuit, Rakuten, Home Depot… And Shopify!

Short. Whether you're a fan of Satoshis or not, you can't turn your back on the advantages of Bitcoin in your business. A secure, fast, economical, completely transparent and independent alternative to the traditional banking transaction.

A win-win digital currency

  • As a decentralized and universal currency, bitcoin is the must to sell to the four corners of the planet without undergoing exchange rates or currency conversion, imposed by government financial institutions.
  • Yes, there are transaction fees, but based on the data transferred and not on the amount. A big difference compared to Paypal and Stripe!
  • No cryptocurrency platform will impose a transaction cap, freeze or account suspension. (… Good to hear!) > In this regard, do you know the alternatives to Stripe? and how to avoid having your account blocked?
  • Thanks to cryptography, sell securely and stay in control of crypto payments . You alone decide whether to cancel or refund a payment. N / A ! Image description
  • A simple plug-in is enough to receive digital currency directly in your bank account. After receiving the e-payment, decide which currency or fiat currency (such as USD or CAD) to convert it into.
  • If Shopify offers it… How can you not trust the pioneering and visionary e-commerce platform for commerce 2.0? After the validation of their Beta test in 2019, the CMS is also betting on the success of payment in bitcoin and its impact on future conversions.
  • An anonymous currency that allows consumers to recover from the disclosure of online banking details. Now, a simple click on the crypto payment gateway redirects directly to an exchange like Coinbase to complete the transaction.
  • Without thinking of a fashion effect, displaying a payment in blockchain currency differentiates you from the competition and reflects a positive and modern brand image.

How to pay in cryptocurrency on your e-commerce site?

To add cryptocurrency in its payment method , one must choose a transaction processor that accepts bitcoins. To do this, click on the “payment” tab in the interface settings of your store.
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Third-party or alternative payment providers?

If you opt for a third-party payment, this disables your Shopify payment and the platform charges a 2% commission on credit cards. In return, choose one of the payment solutions accepting your favorite cryptos. Alongside Visa, Mastercard, find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogcoin, Monero...

By choosing an “alternative payment”, you add a platform to Shopify Payment. Pitball, Coinbase Commerce, G2Apay or Paymentwall to name a few…

Not all have the same reputation in terms of reliability and use, so take the time to find out. Then, register on the platform's official website to import your email link into your site's API.

Which bitcoin payment gateways to choose?

Regardless of your choice, the principle of exchange is identical. Only Altcoins vary and compatibility with e-commerce CMS. Among the most popular at Shopify:

  • bitpay : the first to have believed in payment in bitcoin in 2011. A detail that does not deceive the reputation of the exchanger. As proof, the Bitpaycard, a prepaid card in bitcoins resulting from their partnership with Mastercard. Only 1% transaction fee from $10,000 annual transaction.
  • Coinbase trading : concentrates a large reference of virtual currency. With its notoriety in the USA, it is a safe bet. In addition, it does not take any transaction fees.
  • Coinpayment s: the brand newcomer opens the doors to 1900 active cryptos including tokens from the Ethereum network. .

If you want to be the actor of an economic revolution, accepting cryptocurrencies on your online business is the action to be implemented as soon as possible. Because, the enthusiasm and popularity for Bitcoin and Altcoins says a lot about the speculative turn of the next few years. And the natural evolution of e-commerce. So don't wait to be a pioneer in your niche too! As with the arrival of Paypal, paying in tokens attracts new customers. From a simple investment to a new currency, the digital age is too fast to say see you later .. Without it already being too late.

Are you a bitcoiner e-merchant and have installed a cryptocurrency payment app?

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