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How to position your products on Etsy with SEO

Keeping SEO in mind when describing your products on Etsy is key to helping customers find you.

Etsy is an online marketplace that connects sellers with buyers that is primarily used to sell antiques, handmade items, art, and crafts.

Selling on Etsy is simple and straightforward, but it requires regular work and attention from the seller to create compelling, searchable listings and provide good customer service.

Let's review 4 key points that will help you position your products on Etsy:

1. Use Etsy SEO for better search rankings

Etsy SEO is one of the most important things you can do to increase the visibility of your store and your products and therefore increase sales.

One of the most important strategies is to do extensive keyword research. Keyword research is the process of discovering the search terms that your customers are using. And use the right keywords so your product can rank in Etsy search. A good way to find them is to use the autocomplete and category features within Etsy:

Use these keywords to insert into your product listing title and tags:

  • Match the keyword in the title and tag.
  • Use all 13 tags to maximize your chance of appearing in search.
  • Use longer keywords that have less competition and are easier to rank for.

2. Product description

Product description
A good product description will improve your conversion rate:

  • It attracts and captures the attention of the buyer.
  • It shows how the product can improve the buyer's life or solve their problem.
  • Eliminate purchase barriers.

3. Take eye-catching product photos

You don't need an expensive DSLR to take photos of the products you offer. I recommend that you use natural light and avoid direct and intense sunlight.‍

Learning photo editing tools is also essential. The photos that come out of your phone or your camera will not be perfect. Knowing how to edit photos to make them brighter, with more contrast, or correct colors, can be key for the buyer when purchasing your products.

4. Create a Blog to generate external traffic

Having your own blog is a long-term strategy to generate relevant traffic that can convert into valuable customers. However, be prepared to spend quite a bit of time and the results may not appear for months or even years later.

Not a quick way to increase Etsy sales, but very efficient. If you are thinking of creating your own, you can contact us to help you develop a blog that will help you shorten the positioning time.


Keeping SEO in mind when describing your products on Etsy is key to helping customers find you. Using Etsy SEO, a good product description, eye-catching product photos, and a blog to help you generate traffic are keys to the success of selling your products.

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