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Why Be An SEM Expert? The Most Demanded SEM Professions

The SEM expert is one of the figures with the most relevance and demand within Digital Marketing . But the market is already demanding more and more specialized SEM profiles with very specific skills, that's why we want you to know the projection you can have if you are really interested in SEM.

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Index of contents:

  • Specialized profiles in SEM
  • SEM or Search Engine Marketing
  • SEM Specialist
  • SEMManager
  • PPC Specialist
  • Programmatic Specialist
  • DoubleClick Specialist
  • What to study to be an SEM specialist?

Specialized profiles in SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing

One of the profiles that we will see is that of SEM Specialist, who executes the strategy, and that of SEM Manager, who develops it. But, there is more world apart from these specializations.

There are SEM professionals who dedicate their work to Search Engine Marketing in Google or Bing , however, in other cases, it would be better to talk about PPC specialists since their tasks also include Social Ads on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Specialists in programmatic advertising buying and those who manage advertising on Google's DoubleClick platform have also emerged lately. Let 's see what each of them consists of and the importance they will have in the labor market.

SEM Specialist

It is the most common SEM profession, usually focused on Google Ads. The day to day of a SEM Specialist goes through:

  • Analysis of campaigns early in the day
  • The optimization of cost per click or CPC
  • The implementation of the strategy defined by the SEM Manager or by the Marketing Director
  • Do not forget the Quality Score.

It is common to focus only on the numbers when keywords and ads also drastically influence the progress of our campaigns. It also involves optimizing Bing Ads and, in some cases, other SEM platforms like Yandex (Russia) or Baidu (China).

The SEM Specialist optimizes paid advertising primarily on the Google Search Network. That is, it manages the ads that appear when a user searches Google or Google Search Partners.

It also optimizes ads from the Google Display Network that appear while the user is browsing one of the web pages that make up its network, which, according to Comscore, make up 90% of all sites on the Web. The SEM Specialist works to achieve the goal of generating conversions for lead generation or ecommerce sales . In the retail sector, it manages Google Shopping ads.

There are SEM Specialists more specialized in managing larger budgets, for which agile management and synthesis capacity will be required , and others for more limited budgets, which require a more exhaustive analysis and greater capacity for accuracy of return on investment. The main qualities they should have are:

  • Data Driven (oriented by data)
  • Results-oriented
  • Can-do attitude.

SEM Manager

Also called SEM Coordinator , it elaborates the SEM strategy taking into account elements such as the structure, the keywords and their matches, the ads, the CPCs and the budgets.

In a client-agency work structure, he is within the final client and in an In-house work structure, he directs a team of SEMs within the company. The SEM Manager also manages the staff under his charge and can supervise search engine marketing or Social Ads.

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PPC Specialist

Also known as Paid Media, he is a SEM and Social Ads professional, especially on Facebook given the importance that the social network has gained as an advertising platform due to its great segmentation options.

Also of course on Instagram , which is managed from Facebook as it is owned by the company. The person responsible for Social Ads must be distinguished from the Community Manager , since the former manages paid advertising on a social network, while the latter performs content and communication tasks on it.

The Social Ads specialist also performs his tasks on Twitter Ads and Linkedin. He can also manage the PPC in social networks a Community manager, but in that case it is not so common that he also manages the SEM.

Being a good PPC Specialist requires flexibility , because in Social Ads you find the user with a different conversion intent than SEM. In social networks you address potential customers or prospects because they are consulting their networks when they see your ad, while in SEM you address the core users or the heart of your target audience, because they are at a time when they are searching and therefore thinking about your product.

Programmatic Specialist

This professional buys advertising in real time (Real Time Bidding or RTB) on specialized platforms to offer impressions to those who bid the most for them. In programmatic advertising, whoever advertises buys audiences and not spaces as in offline advertising.

It is based on the storage of large amounts of data or Big Data to segment the target and show them advertising.

DoubleClick Specialist

It is the person who manages this Google tool where advertisers can find all kinds of solutions to follow and carry out each step that makes up online advertising . It is composed of:

  • DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)
  • DoubleClick Search (DS)
  • (DRM) DoubleClick Rich Media
  • DoubleClick Floodlight
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • (DCS)DoubleClick Studio
  • DoubleClick for Advertisers or Campaign Manager (DCM)
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)

What to study to be an SEM specialist?

Now, how is it possible to learn SEM? It is a very practical profession and demanded by companies, therefore the training must be focused on preparing the student for the dynamics of the labor market. To learn you need a knowledge base in addition to carrying out your own experience.

The Master in Search Engine Marketing: SEO, SEM and PPC is a training aimed both at people who do not know about positioning and at professionals who seek to specialize and be able to carry out campaigns on their own. It is a Master to acquire the necessary knowledge through practice.

The Postgraduate in Traffic Management aims to train specialized professionals in the most widespread tools on the market at the hands of recognized experts in each material, in a practical way and in a real environment.

Do you know other SEM profiles that are entering the labor market strongly? Discuss it with us!

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