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What Is Google Shopping And What Can It Do For Your Online Store

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Since its creation in 2012 , Google Shopping ads continue to be captivating and one of the best converting paid ad channels. It is one of the most loved by ecommerce, the numbers do not lie. For Shopify store owners it represents more than 60% of their clicks on paid ads.

Google Shopping has come a long way since its inception, it's smarter and easier to set up. So if your landing page, which your customers land on, is solid, you just have to wait for the conversions to come.


Google Shopping ad campaigns come from the Google Ads platforms (this is where your campaigns are, you set your budget, and you can optimize) and from the Google Merchant Center (this is where your product feed, shipping details, and delivery details are stored ). taxes).

These banner ads appear in browser search results, on all Google search network sites, in price comparisons, in apps (iOS and Android), as well as on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Google.

This system continues to expand its scope to find the ideal buyer, so you will see how important it is to use this tool to not only position your store but also to increase your conversion rate.

The success of Google Shopping ads is based on creating quality and relevant ads through an optimized product feed, a campaign structure that adapts to your level of control, and you get clear reports to be able to make your optimization decisions. and growth.


You have the free and paid option to appear on Google Shopping. The free option can help you if you are just starting out. To get the most traffic from Google shopping, the paid option is the most convenient . The payment option is the one that appears in the first search results and is the one with the highest click-through rate per search.

🤟 The numbers of the free option have been improving in recent years according to ecommerce studies in the United States, but the tokens are still the least prominent, this last option can help you start and measure results to evaluate the potential of payment.


When a customer places a product they are interested in on the search engine, the search engine will show them the product options that merchants have chosen to display and advertise on this service. 👀 Google performs the classification according to the information that has been placed in the ads and classifies it according to the relevance with respect to the search terms and activity in Google.

The ranking is based on Google ads , with keywords, which are the words with which the customer searches for the product. Also with the feed that the product has, it helps Google to see the relevance of the product to position it. If the ad is clicked, unless it is the purchase option (available in some countries), the customer is redirected to your online store to make the purchase. These advertisements are constantly updated by the merchant since in them, the client can make the comparison of the same product, with other online stores.


Before running a campaign you have to activate and configure conversion tracking. This will allow you to activate smart campaigns and Google will know what product you are selling and who is buying it and will not be blind.

You must trust the Google ads conversion code and not export conversions from other external sources. Add reviews to your ads, this will help you rank and make your ad more convincing.

🤳 The best option for creation are smart campaigns , these are the easiest to configure, they only need a few data to start rolling.

Approved feed, daily budget, geo-targeting, and target ROAS (you can override target ROAS and directly choose to maximize conversion value).

The system will take care of capturing the clicks of potential buyers respecting your budget and looking for your ROAS. Then you can make your optimizations, after a few days of shooting you can start applying these optimizations.

💡 Another way to optimize your campaigns is by remarketing as you reach interested customers. You can also upload a list of clients that you already have, for example, a list of your email users, subscribers of your YouTube channel, etc. This will help Google to find again these clients who have already shown interest in your products or store and show your ads to this audience again.

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