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What Is a Query And Why Is It So Important In SEO?


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  • What is a query?
  • Importance of the query in SEO
  • Difference between keyword and query
  • query types
  • informational query
  • Navigational Query:
  • Transactional or sales query:
  • Advantages of implementing a query in your SEO strategy
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  • What is a query and why is it so important in SEO?
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There are many terms, methods and strategies that are part of the world of marketing and sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Have you heard of a query ?

This is a very important term in SEO . It refers to the term that we write in Google or other search engines when performing a keyword search.

Read on and we will tell you all about this concept. You will find the advantages of using it and how to introduce it in your SEO strategy .

What is a query?

Query or also known as search query , is a set of words or phrase that is used as a search term in any search engine. These are the queries and questions that users make in search engines, such as Google.

To be more clear, it is the exact phrase or word that you type in the search engine . Including if it is misspelled, lacking cohesion, or misspelled.

Said query that you have made will result in a SERP , which is the acronym for Search Engine Result Page (that is, search results page). This is the page that comes out of a Google search.

Now that you understand what a query is, you may ask yourself, what is it going to do for my marketing strategy? Don't worry, we'll tell you why using a query is so interesting.

We give you an example to give you an idea:

Importance of the query in SEO

Why are they so important for SEO? Very easy. They contribute to very successful positioning of content in search engines and social networks.

The query is important within the SEO content of a web page because it helps to give it a greater reach and adapts much better to search engines and user behavior. In this way, it manages to climb positions in the search results.

In a way, queries help Google's algorithms favor the web page. These algorithms not only take into account the keywords, but also analyze all the content and the way it is written.

The query allows the SEO strategy to adapt to the intention of the search made by users, since similar queries can be formulated in different ways and each one yields different results.

By taking queries into account in a marketing strategy and including them in the content of the page, it will be possible to improve the position in each of the queries made by users.

Difference between keyword and query

You may not find the difference between query and keyword . This is a very common confusion, but it is important to clarify. A keyword or key word is the ideal concept by which we want a user to search for something, while the query is the search as it is that he performs.

In conclusion, the keyword or keyword is the term with which we want to position ourselves in search engines and the query is that phrase or set of literal words that a user enters.

Query types

The queries can be classified based on the search intention of the user. It is necessary to know this intention to correctly focus the query in the SEO strategy. Let's see what types there are!

Informational query

Informational Query: most are usually of this type. It is born from the need to find an answer to something. With his search, the user wants to know, know and learn about a certain topic. It is common to formulate it in the form of a question. For example: “ what are the symptoms of allergies ”.

Navigational Query:

It is the most basic. The user just wants a quick way to access a particular website. Normally it is usually that he writes on behalf of the website to which he wants to go. For example: “ Netflix ”.

Transactional or sales query:

Queries suggest information on how to accomplish a particular action. The user may want to buy a product, download something. You might use the product name or model, or just do a more generic search. It is not necessary to enter the word “ buy ”. For example: “ iPhone X ”, “ cheap hotel in […] .

Advantages of implementing a query in your SEO strategy

In case there is any doubt, taking into account the query in your digital marketing and SEO strategy is highly recommended. With it you can get the following advantages:

  • Improve the positioning of the website : the combination of SEO and query in the content will make your website rise faster in search position.
  • Optimizing the target audience : study which are the optimal queries that interest your audience and use them in the content of the campaigns so that it reaches the most appropriate people. This will improve the results.
  • Expansion of the scope of the strategy : queries help you not to limit your options to specific queries. This means that it has a greater reach and places your website where others do not.
  • You will improve SEO and SEM : Google's algorithm gives priority to campaigns that know how to integrate queries with keywords. If you combine both, you will benefit at the SEO and SEM level.

At first, like everything related to SEO, it can take time to see the results. Applying and studying queries is a technique that requires time and dedication, but it has a lot of potential and great results are achieved in the end. We encourage you to try it, you can!

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