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What Is a Lead Magnet And How To Use It Correctly?

We consider a lead magnet to be quality content offered free of charge to users in exchange for any type of information that is of interest to us in order to make subsequent contact with them. For example, it could be your name, your email or telephone number to be able to contact them commercially. Also, this is a very non-intrusive way to get leads .

The objective is that the people who for "X" reasons end up on your website, end up becoming leads and future buyers of your service. Although that will also depend on the efficiency of the commercial or sales department.

It is also important to mention that the content offered, that is, the lead magnet used, is of true quality and of interest to the user visiting the page. Since on the one hand, the % of users who leave their information in exchange for the content will increase, and on the other you will generate a better relationship with your audience by offering them true quality content. You will feel that leaving your information has been worth it, and you will significantly improve the image of your company.

How to correctly use a lead magnet?

Now that we know what a lead magnet is, let's talk about the factors that go into deciding which lead magnet to generate and how to use it correctly.

Buyer person

If you are thinking of making content of real interest to your audience, the first thing you should know is who your audience is. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of what your final consumer is like, taking into account demographics, behaviors, motivations, and needs. In this way, you must be clear about what your audience wants, what their habits are and what is the best way to communicate with them.

Thus, we will be able to focus the generated lead magnet much better, being of much more interest to visitors, and thus increasing the % of conversions between visitors to the website and conversions in leads or contacts.

Create quality content

It seems obvious, but this is one of the most important points when creating a lead magnet. It is useless for us to create content and have the user download it if it is not of true quality. Since, no matter how much the visitor downloads our content, if it is not useful to them, it is much more difficult for our commercial department to end up converting that contact into a sale.

That is why when creating a lead magnet we must make sure that we are offering the public useful, quality and valuable content for potential visitors to our website.

The format we use for the lead magnet is also important: We can use Ebooks, Infographics, videos... But always accompanied by the contact form prior to downloading, in order to get the user's contact.

Destination and format of the lead magnet

The page where we will place the lead magnet and how it will be obtained is also an important point to take into account. The most appropriate thing is to analyze the pages that are receiving the greatest number of visits, and create specific content for these pages. It is useless to place a lead magnet on a page that practically nobody visits, because we will not get contacts.

In addition, the format in which we present the lead is also important. The ideal is to create a banner or place a contact form on the right side that usually has more attention from the user. This banner or form must be attractive to the user, and not require a lot of work to download the content. The less the user has to give, the higher conversion % they will have.

A name and an email address can already be enough to start a business conversation.

And after the download what?

The task does not end once the user has downloaded the content, quite the opposite. Once we have managed to get the user to our site, download the lead magnet and provide us with contact information, it is important for the sales team to act early. The more communication there is between departments, the more successful the content strategy will be as a commercial acquisition method. The ideal is that this contact goes to an internal database, and that this contact is fed through emails. This process is known as lead nurturing, since it is a strategy that is based on "feeding" the user who has left us his lead until reaching the perfect point to carry out the commercial action and convert him into a client.

Now you know what a lead magnet is and how to use it correctly. At Digital Growth we have a team specialized in inbound marketing, so if you are interested in this service, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you without any commitment.

Do not you think it anymore!

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