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What Is a Content Manager And How To Become One

The time has come to learn about one of the most important roles in the marketing and communication departments. If you still don't know what a Content Manager or Digital Content Manager is and how to become one, read on because we give you the keys to knowing their functions. , salary and much more. Go ahead!

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What is a Content Manager?

A Content Manager, also known as a digital content manager, is primarily responsible for a company's digital content strategy. Its functions, which we will define later, go from skills that apparently seem basic, such as content review, through analytics to content creation.

Therefore, the role of a digital online content manager may depend on the structure and size of the business. For example, while a startup may need one or two Content Managers, a large company should have several content managers for each department or section.
They are often creative and have extensive knowledge of the brand they represent. In addition to creativity, you must be deeply involved in project management, do you want to know more? We tell you what the functions and characteristics of a good Content Manager are.

Functions of a Content Manager or Digital Content Manager

It has already become clear that creativity and the ability to recognize the brand are key to this role that is so highly demanded by companies. Something very common in today's business is that the content manager also has leadership roles and knows how to direct his work team, since they are the people in charge of deciding and developing digital content and they know very well the areas of marketing, communication and project management.

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Now yes, we list the most important functions of a Content Manager:

1.Responsibility for the editorial calendar l: The Content Manager must prepare the editorial calendar of the blog and coordinate with the sales team in such a way that the marketing department can also have knowledge of the products or services that most need promotion and strategy. For example, when creating a blog calendar for a brand, it will be necessary to know what products the company is focusing on. From there, the contents of the calendar will depend on an SEO strategy developed to position the contents.
2.Development of a dynamic content strategy: This point, linked to the previous one, points to the actions that are carried out within each post or content (we can also refer to content on networks). If each post goes through a correct checklist in SEO , if they are optimized, if they include the correct H2 and H3, if there are resources to offer, if a specific Inbound strategy is being used or if the products offered within each post are the adequate. All this must be in line with the strategies carried out by the rest of the marketing team, which also includes social network managers .
3.Preparation of data reports: If you are a good content manager, you will most likely spend some time analyzing data from previous campaigns, SEO research or audience behavior. They are useful numbers for executing job functions: they inform leadership decisions and collaborative projects. By understanding website analytics , a content manager can use the insights gained from the data to better target, reach, and serve their audience. Knowing where, when and why visitors stop on the website increases your value as a professional, and for this, tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Sistrix or Google Trends are as important as they are recommended.
4.Management of social media accounts: A manager not only knows how to plan calendars, he also manages social networks, which would be similar to the functions of a Social Media Manager but, in this sense, the Content Manager must always be informed of what his colleague is doing, to unite strategies or make good decisions. It's also a good idea to know how social media is used as a business tool and when it applies to company marketing campaigns. To help manage social networks, one piece of advice is to know how to use a good CMS.
5.Writing articles: A Content Manager should never not write anything for their audiences. You must have knowledge of SEO-oriented copywriting, a good content feed and a wide network of collaborators to lean on.
6.Management of the network of collaborators : This point will always depend on the size of the company and the members of the department. If the business can afford it financially, it can manage a network of repeat contributors for expert content.
7.Project Managers: Yes, Content Managers are also Project Managers, why? Because they are in charge of the project of managing the content and that is exactly what they do with all these functions that we list for you.
8.Responsible for driving engagement and traffic through their projects: As you have read, a content manager is in charge of causing traffic and participation to increase in their projects.
9.Preparation of appropriate messages for customers . Content managers must understand the wants and needs of their target audience : In this way, they can create content that resonates with them and moves them further down the marketing funnel. To do this, you have to know where to find all the information necessary for a potential client to take shape. Google Analytics and other forms of market research through social media profiles, surveys, interviews, and A/B tests provide insight into what drives purchases. With the writing part we also make it clear that the messages that are launched are aimed at a type of buyer profile. That is, the buyer person .
10.Writing quality copies : As we mentioned before, in order to offer those stories, Content Managers will have to be familiar with writing and editing. Writing skills apply to writing marketing communications , blog posts, and when editing the work of others.
11.Understand UX UI design : Web content managers use their web knowledge to make recommendations to your IT team about the use of the website. The content manager will be one of the most visited on the web and the blog, so knowing which elements of the website are easy to use, which are not, and why, is an invaluable resource.
12.Last but not least, supervision of the quality of the photos , drawings and graphics that are published, as well as the editing, layout and other formal aspects.

Salary of a Content Manager

Content Managers or Content Managers are increasingly in demand by companies, today it is very difficult to see a marketing department without this professional role managing brand content.

The salary of a Content Manager ranges between 25,000 and 40,000 euros per year in Spain.

How to be a good content manager

If you want to become a content manager , delve into all the skills mentioned above and train yourself well for it.

Perfecting your skills and knowing all the market trends will help you to know all the changes in the industry and adapt to them, which is essential for Digital Content Managers . If you don't know how the industry is changing, you won't be able to connect with your audience.

Two key skills you can get started with are copywriting and SEO practices.

If you're new to both, try starting a blog on a platform that has guided SEO features built in, like WordPress. These features will help you with several things: practicing writing for a specific audience and optimizing your content.

If you're concerned about grammar and comprehension when writing, tools like Hemingway Editor (a free tool) or Grammarly (software that checks your copy for spelling) work great.

You can also find training in Marketing with courses or masters like the ones we offer you with which you can strengthen your content marketing skills.

But, if you still want to go further, we recommend the Executive Master in Digital Marketing, Analytics and UX with which to design digital marketing strategies , optimize traffic attraction, improve conversion and user experience , developing your analytical capacity to interpret the data and improve the process.

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