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PPC Marketing: What Is It, Advantages And When To Use It?

Pay Per Click , or also commonly known as PPC , is one of the main branches of digital marketing. Its main characteristic is that you need direct economic resources, on a recurring basis, to be able to develop. Still, unlike SEO, PPC campaigns or ads have immediate results.

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What is PPC Marketing?

As we have just briefly seen in the introduction, PPC campaigns are a pay-based advertising mode, where the advertiser has to pay if he wants to appear in front of his potential customers.

With PPC Marketing, the advertiser has the opportunity to appear at the top of the search engine. Even above the organic results positioned with SEO. This guarantees that the ad will have, at least, a high impression share by users and also immediately .

We can say that Pay Per Click consists of bringing paid traffic to our website. For this reason, it is important to have a continuous and exhaustive control of the metrics of the campaigns, to make said traffic profitable for us when it comes to generating business. These advertisements must be followed periodically, in order to optimize their operation and constantly achieve an improvement in performance.

Indicators and measurement of PPC campaigns

There are multiple indicators at the time of control but the most relevant is the Return on Advertising Investment , also known as ROAS . Said KPI tells us how many euros of business have been generated for each euro invested in the campaign.

But PPC is not the only way to invest in paid digital marketing campaigns. There are other models such as PPM (Pay Per Thousand) where we pay for every 1000 impressions of our ad or PPA (Pay Per Acquisition) where you pay each time the user makes a conversion.

Depending on the objective of your campaign, we should take some metrics more into account than others. In other words, if our objective is to increase the branding of our brand or company, the metrics related to visibility will take on greater importance. On the other hand, if the objective of our ad strategy is to increase sales, we should focus on other indicators more related to conversion .

Currently, this type of advertising can be found on search engines such as Google or Bing , and on social networks such as Facebook (where advertising is managed through Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads respectively).

Advantages of Pay Per Click campaigns

The main mistake that people make when talking about this type of advertising is to see the money allocated as a cost and not as an investment . Well, it must be understood as the second, since it will have a direct impact on the return of the company's economic activity.

The main advantage of this way of advertising is that you pay for real results. In other words, when we say “Pay Per Click” we are literally referring to the fact that it is counted as an expense only when the user clicks on the ad . This guarantees us that a high percentage of users who come to our web page, through the advertisements, will be highly qualified for having voluntarily accessed after formulating their search.

In addition, another great advantage of PPC is that we can control the level of quality of users that we want to be able to find us, which helps us to optimize the budget. Well, the system itself allows us to segment users by demographic, geographic, search characteristics... Among many other ways.

It may seem obvious, but at all times we are the ones who decide how, when and how much to invest . Well, the system will not charge us more than the investment we have given it. This is closely linked to the fact that, in addition, we can set ourselves a maximum bid Cost Per Click (CPC) per campaign, with which we can control the investment even more .

An important factor is knowing that campaigns are dynamic. That is, at any time we can modify any of the sections of the campaign without having to stop it (be it the ad copy, the budget, the segmentation...)

Another of the great advantages of PPC campaigns is the ease of performance control through the dashboards that the system offers us. Thanks to those of us who can make effective decisions based on real campaign metrics.

When to use PPC or pay per click campaigns?

The moment of applying PPC Campaigns to your company is closely linked to its advantages. One of the main reasons to consider developing this type of advertising is when you need immediate results.

With pay per click you will get results in a very short term, since from the moment you activate the campaign you will begin to appear instantly when they search for you. Therefore, it could be a very good option when you want to test a new product on the market or when you want to quickly attract potential leads.

Are you tired of having traffic on your page that does not convert? Pay per click can ensure that the traffic you receive from now on is of quality. Also managing to improve the metrics of your business quickly and efficiently.

Without a doubt, when you are going to develop these types of campaigns, it is important that you have a specialized team behind you to guarantee the best possible results. One of the best alternatives is to outsource this service to a digital marketing agency as they have extensive experience in creating and optimizing PPC campaigns.

Get in touch with us and we will advise you without any commitment on what your company needs.

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