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Learn How To Get Backlinks For Your E-commerce Site

It's no surprise that securing backlinks for your e-commerce site can be a real hassle. Learning how to get these backlinks can be a difficult and time consuming process.

However, quality backlinks can actually help you stand out from giants like Amazon and eBay.

In our opinion, a solid backlink strategy could be the best plan to systematically lift your e-commerce site.

But before we delve into backlinks, let's review some best practices in SEO. If you are already an SEO expert looking to benefit from our backlink strategies, skip this part.

SEO Description

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process through which web page owners optimize their sites and corresponding content to align as closely as possible to search terms that are attracting quality traffic. to your website.

Ranking on the first page of Google results could be considered the "Holy Grail" of Internet marketing. To achieve this, your web page must compete with other pages to present the most relevant and pertinent information for any search that a Google user performs.

Good SEO strategies require a combination of several variables: high-quality content focused on a niche market, website optimization, suitable keywords, carefully selected titles and meta descriptions, just to name a few. If you are curious, we have already covered this topic in detail here .

Now, let's continue with the backlinks!

Use backlinks and SEO for e-commerce

Before we get to the logistics of designing backlinks for your e-commerce site, it's important to understand how SEO and referral traffic connect to your page.

Referred traffic is the amount of traffic that comes through other links to your website. Optimizing your referral backlinks can have a huge effect on your e-commerce page.

In many cases, the power of the backlink depends on the authority of the referring web page. In other words, a website like Amazon that gives only one backlink is more likely to increase your SEO ranking, compared to many backlinks from unknown pages.

This makes it even more important to secure backlinks from respected pages for your website.

Tip: Don't be fooled into buying backlinks. Search engines can determine through simple analysis if your website is using SEO tactics that lack real content.

Instead, start by optimizing your online store first, and then develop backlink strategies. Optimizing your website is the first line of defense to avoid being lowered in Google rankings.

Whether you're revisiting your digital marketplace or opening a new online store or brand, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Each web page should be no more than 3 clicks away from your home or main page. Doing it this way helps the current SEO ranking of your main page trickle down to the other pages. Pages far away from your main page that have a higher value will not receive the same benefits.
  • If navigation in your store is difficult for the user, Google will penalize you. Think of your e-commerce store as a physical brick-and-mortar location. Browsing the products, getting more information, requesting help, and registering for cancellation should all go smoothly. Test and gather user feedback to ensure the experience is simple.
  • Integrate a blog. Consider this seriously. Any referral traffic you get from your blog will directly benefit your web store. Learn more about this below.

5 practical ways to create backlinks to your website
Do you want to put all this knowledge into practice? Check out our list below to learn more strategies for building better backlinks.

1. Start an e-commerce blog, or start blogging again

A blog is perhaps the most efficient way to generate backlinks for your e-commerce site. Chances are your products will solve your customers' problems or you wouldn't be in business.

To start, think about the questions that your potential clients would ask and then write and publish these articles.

Chances are, if you're writing for your niche, industry leaders might share your article with their networks.

Other techniques involved in this category include doing press releases, guest writing as thought leaders, and getting influencers in your industry to write about your product.

2. Replace old and outdated content

When using this strategy, you'll want to remove old or outdated content from your website first. After you complete this process, use tools like the ones we outlined in the previous section to review articles and pages that have outdated content.

Check search volume, keyword density, and backlink information. After you've found a site that works for you, simply contact the owners of that website and see if they would update their outdated content with your fresh new articles.

3. Broken backlink rating

This option requires some marketing skills. If you know your competition, use their URL to find broken backlinks (links that lead to a URL that isn't working).

You can do this with many online backlink analysis tools, some of which we mention below.

Once you have found your broken backlinks, create content around these broken backlinks to fill in the gaps.

Then simply contact the owners of that website and let them know that you've noticed their content is down, and that you have similar content available.

Broken links actually degrade a website's search position in Google, so this strategy benefits both the other page's webmaster and you.

4. Your provider's backlink

If your provider has a website, send them information about your product and website to place a backlink in the partners or sellers section.

Generally, these web pages have many visits and more reputation, which will increase the quality of your backlinks.

5. Trade your products with other brands

This technique is very effective when done properly. It is similar to the one presented in #4. Let's imagine you are selling high-quality leather dog leashes.

If you can find a digital retailer that sells dog products (such as collars, tags, or pet food), contact them and ask if they're interested in adding a link to their site.

Return the favor to them and enjoy the benefits of higher search rankings.

5 online tools to improve your backlink strategy

These tried and true online tools are sure to help you as you improve your backlink strategy.

  • AHrefs : Look at all the links that your web page currently has.
  • BrokenLinkBuilder : Find pages related to your workspace that are broken, down, or not working.
  • Moz Link Explorer : Compare backlinks between two or more domains.
  • WhiteSpark : Create quotes, earn reviews and register your ranking both globally and locally.
  • Google Search Console : Evaluates the performance of your website and looks for potential problems such as spam links, to make sure that your page is friendly or compatible with Google.

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