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How To Sell On Facebook: Complete Guide (2022)

Here you will find:

  • What is F-commerce?
  • Difference between marketplace, page stores and Facebook stores
  • How to sell on Facebook (step by step)
  • How to create a page on Facebook to sell?
  • How to sell more on Facebook?
  • What are the advantages of selling through Facebook?
  • Start selling on Facebook
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If you want to increase the sales of your business, learning how to sell on Facebook may be the ideal strategy. Years after its popularization, it has more than 3.8 billion users and is still one of the most used social networks in the world .

Reaching a larger audience every day is one of the essential points of the digital marketing strategy of any business. Therefore, in this guide we are going to explain how to create a business page and start selling on Facebook successfully.

What is F-commerce?

The term F-commerce means “ Facebook commerce” and is used to refer to the sale of products within this social network.

With the continued growth of Facebook, the tool is constantly working on solutions aimed at sellers, such as Facebook Shops and Facebook Ads.

In fact, our most recent annual eCommerce report showed that 78.74% of entrepreneurs use Facebook as their official sales channel.

For this reason, exploring the functionalities of this social network can be a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your business.

Difference between marketplace, page stores and Facebook stores

Although all three are ways to use Facebook to boost your sales , they have some differences that are important when choosing one (or several) to promote your products. Here we tell you!

Facebook marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is a site where ads are posted for products that are for sale by individuals or, in some countries, businesses.

The main difference between the other options and what is traditionally known as a marketplace is that you cannot buy directly here, you can only contact the seller to negotiate or agree on the process.

If you are interested in knowing more about marketplaces in Argentina, read this article:

Page stores

This option allows stores to display their products directly from their Facebook page.

To have the “Shop” tab on your business page you need to have a business account on Facebook, which you can configure directly in your sales manager.

To create it, the platform will ask you for some specific information about your business.

Then, to start showing your products, you just have to create a catalog and connect it with your online store.

💡If you have a Cloud Store, here we explain how to generate your product catalog and activate your store on Facebook.

Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops, also known as Facebook Shops, are available for free to all businesses that have a business page on the platform, currently only in the United States.

This mode allows you to checkout without leaving the platform , create collections to customize the store and integrate with other applications.

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Bonus: Sales Groups

Although the groups were created as meeting points for communities and not as commercial spaces, it is very common to find groups on Facebook focused on the purchase and sale of various products .

As in the marketplace, buyers have to contact the seller directly to make the transaction under the conditions that both agree.

Depending on the administration and the rules of each group, it is possible to join as a user or as a page. In addition, in some you can advertise your products for free.

How to sell on Facebook (step by step)

Over 80 million small businesses use Facebook business tools to boost their business, so if your store isn't on Facebook yet, you're probably wondering how to get started.

Whether you are starting to create your page from scratch or looking for strategies to promote your brand on this social network, you are in the right place. Here we show you step by step how to sell on Facebook and achieve the best results. Let's get started!

1. Create a brand

If you want to make sales on Facebook, you most likely already have a brand. In any case, keep in mind that, before starting to have a presence on this network, it is essential that you define some aspects:

  • A name. Start by giving your Facebook page an identity with a suitable brand name that resonates with your audience and is easy to remember
  • A visual identity . Your brand can be cheerful, minimalist, serious or creative. The important thing is that it connects with your target audience .
  • A logo . Take care that it is a professional and original design that communicates everything you want to represent with your brand.

2. Define a strategy

Knowing the target audience is essential in any business, even more so in e-commerce.

There is a reason for this, and that is that it will be easier to create effective strategies, once you know exactly who you are targeting and how they behave. For this, there are exercises such as the creation of a buyer person , a fictional character that represents your ideal consumer.

With this information well defined, it will be easier to plan marketing actions, create content and choose the right tone to communicate it.

3. Create a company account for your brand

Unlike a personal profile, a Facebook page (also known as a fan page ) allows business-specific settings : like defining your business segment and activating the “buy now” button.

In addition, having a Facebook page transmits professionalism to the audience, essential when it comes to gaining the necessary trust to sell online.

How to create a business Facebook page?

Click on “Create page”, choose a category, write the name of your company and voila! Now users will be able to see the information, photos and videos of your products, follow you and create a community.

4. Activate the Facebook marketplace

The marketplace makes it easier for customers to make their purchases and sales. Since it is as simple as uploading a photo of your product or service, adding information, specifying the price and that's it.

How to publish in marketplace from a facebook page?

To reach more customers and increase the number of buyers, it is necessary to be more strategic. To post successfully, I followed the steps below:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click on “Marketplace” in the menu.
  • In “Sell”, I chose the category of your product or service.
  • Complete the description, add images, price and an attractive title, since it will be the first thing that users will see when your ad appears.
  • Make everyone find you by applying SEO practices to your posts. Find out what words your target audience might use to search for your product or service.
  • Details such as location can be added. Determine all the information you consider necessary for your ad to reach the right people.

5. Set up your store

When entering your new store, you must accept the terms and policies of Facebook for merchants and complete the information about payment methods.

6. Promote your products

Create strategic publications that provide all the information that potential customers should know about your products and services.

What information is relevant to include?

  • Price;
  • description;
  • terms of delivery and payment;
  • photos.

Keep in mind that while it's important to promote products, people don't browse Facebook with the sole intention of buying. Therefore, there must be a balance between promotional posts and other types of content.

7. Create ads

On Facebook you can create paid campaigns to promote your products or services through ads.

With Facebook Ads you can segment your campaigns based on the different profiles of your consumers and choose who sees your ads based on demographic data such as age, region, interests and similar audience.

How to promote on Facebook?

To create advertising campaigns and sell more on Facebook, you have to open an account in the Ads Manager. A tool from which you can also create ads for Instagram Ads, another great ally to sell.

8. Track your metrics

Finally, there are the metrics, through which you will be able to understand if you are on the right path.

Think that it is useless to invest in marketing strategies if they do not result in the most important thing: income and sales. Therefore, creating the habit of monitoring results will help develop more assertive actions for your company.

On Facebook you can track directly from the Facebook Insights tool. From there it is possible to measure the reach of your publications, see when your audience is most active and know the profile of the users who consume your content.

To access Facebook Insights, click on “Manage Pages” in the menu on the left, when you are on your fanpage . From there, look for the “Insights” option.

You can also access the tool through Ads Manager.

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How to create a page on Facebook to sell?

To create a store on Facebook, you just have to follow these four steps:

  • Create a Facebook page (if you don't already have one).
  • Enable the Facebook pixel. The code you use on your web page to collect information and track results.
  • Configure the “Store” option.
  • Activate the "Buy Now" button.

How to sell more on Facebook?

Now that you know how to configure everything to start selling on Facebook, it's time to take your store's Facebook to another level. Go!

Use quality images

In order for the user's visual experience to be positive, it is important to take care of the images of the publications. Take into account the visual identity of your brand and use colors and elements that attract the attention of users.

Also, if the idea is to exhibit a product, it is extremely important to use good images, that is, photographs with good resolution and at angles that favor the visualization of the article.

I shared relevant content

On Facebook, people are also looking for entertainment and information . With that in mind, create informative posts that relate to your audience and your business.

For example, if you sell handmade products like soaps , creating posts about aromatherapy and skin care tips can be interesting for your consumers.

In this way, you generate engagement without tiring the audience.

Work with a publication calendar

To maintain a healthy stream of posts, meaning one that doesn't clutter your customers' feed or make them forget about your brand, it's important to organize your posts. For that, you can count on a content calendar.

💡 If you want to assemble yours, we bring you our content calendar. By doing so, consider the best times to post on Facebook, through Facebook Insights you can visualize the periods in which your audience is most active.

Make promotions

It's no secret that creating promotions is an assertive strategy. Whether in traditional commerce or e-commerce, offering special conditions attracts customers and increases your average ticket .

However, from an entrepreneurial point of view, this has to be a very well thought out practice. Remember that promotions must be attractive to the consumer and, at the same time, profitable for your business .

Offer discounts for strategic items, like those that are close to being sold out. In e-commerce, free shipping promotions or cheaper shipping costs often positively influence the purchase decision.

Work with remarketing

When you browse a social network and find advertisements for products that you have already searched for before, it is an example of remarketing .

It is a practice that grew a lot in electronic commerce and that can also be done on Facebook. By creating strategies based on the interests and recent searches of your consumers, you can keep the image of the product fresh in their memory and increase your sales.

To promote on Facebook again, you need to install the Facebook pixel in your online store. This is a code that will allow you to track user navigation on your website and measure their actions from Facebook campaigns, as well as display these personalized ads.

Create video content

Video is a format that is gaining more and more popularity. So if you intend to use social media to improve your brand image, creating videos can be a great differentiator.

Go for short videos that direct the user somewhere, for example, your store or your blog. Some formats that are often successful are:

  • product reviews
  • Consumer Testimonials
  • Releases
  • Trends
  • lives

Although these formats are usually successful, when we talk about content, there is no magic formula. So, take a test and look at the results to find out what your audience likes the most.

I maintain a good relationship with the client

This tip can be considered one of the seller's commandments, as providing good customer service is crucial to growing a business.

Try to use Facebook correctly when communicating with your audience, either by sending them a private message or responding to comments.

The most important thing is to always be cordial and seek to solve the doubts and complaints of the clients in a genuine way.

For consumers complaining in the comments, talk to them privately to try to resolve the issue, and never delete these negative posts from public places, as it tends to increase their discontent.

Brands that engage with their followers tend to endear themselves to the public, which becomes a great way to build customer loyalty .

Communicate in a human way

It is also important to take into account the appropriate language for this type of channel , both in your publications and in the messages that you exchange with each person.

Formalities, technical jargon and very specific dialects, for example, can create barriers to the message you want to convey.

Therefore, observe your audience and seek to understand the best way to speak to them. Humanizing your communication makes your audience feel close to the brand.

That way, every time people need to buy something you sell, your business will be the first thing they remember.

Activate Discovery Commerce

Meta Discovery Commerce is a set of tools that works through the Ads Manager.

Its particularity is that it anticipates the needs of customers and associates your products with those who are most likely to be interested, through data acquired through machine learning .

Instead of people finding products through search, Discovery Commerce helps products find people, and for marketers it's the key to turning discovery into demand and growth.

What are the advantages of selling through Facebook?

If you are still wondering if it is a good idea to sell on Facebook, this section will clear all your doubts. Take a look at some of the main benefits of investing in this channel:

Increase the reach of your brand

Taking your brand to social networks like Facebook definitely expands your reach. With the right strategies you will be able to reach a greater number of followers and potential customers.

Facilitates interaction with customers

Facebook is one of the most interactive social networks on the internet, as it allows you to share posts, exchange messages in private and group chats, and comment on posts. This makes it easier to get closer to the audience.

This contact can be very beneficial for the marketing strategies of your business, as well as allowing you to have a broader view of how your audience reacts to your products and services.

Offers shopping convenience

With your store integrated with Facebook, your followers will be able to easily view products and, in a few clicks, make a purchase without having to go to your store's website.

This convenience removes possible barriers in the purchase process , which can be very positive for your conversion rate .

It has a low investment cost

Except for paid ad services, there are no costs to integrate your store with Facebook and publish your products. So it is practically a free strategy.

Start selling on Facebook

As you can see, Facebook continues to be one of the most popular channels, so if you are looking to increase your sales, it is one of the social networks in which, without a doubt, your brand has to be present.

We hope that these tips will be useful to you to plan your strategy and start driving the results of your store. And if you don't have one yet, create one today with Tiendanube. We give you a 30-day free trial!

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