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How To Optimize Your SEO Positioning On Your Website?

SEO positioning is one of the most effective and profitable digital marketing strategies to attract potential customers and organic traffic through search engines, since with SEO positioning (unlike PPC marketing, which you have to pay to maintain traffic) , once you manage to position yourself organically in the search engines, they will give you constant visibility and traffic .

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However, it is becoming more competitive and it costs more to position itself, so efforts must be greater if you want to be among the first in Google.

There are different actions that can be carried out autonomously to optimize SEO positioning, however, having experts in the field, such as the Eskimoz company , allows you to guarantee results in less time with impressive efficiency.

If you want to start improving your SEO on your own, here you can find the most important aspects that you should keep in mind.

Table of Contents

  • Choose your keywords well
  • Write original content that is useful to the reader
  • Improve website loading speed
  • conclusion

Choose your keywords well

A fundamental element in SEO positioning is the search for keywords. It can be a somewhat tedious and manual task, although there are tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs or SE Ranking that allow you to speed up this process. However, you have to spend time and do it in the best possible way, since from the selected keywords , you will build your positioning strategy , which will mean an investment of time and money that you do not want to be spent on keywords not relevant to your website.

When choosing keywords, you must take into account *thematic relevance, search volume and the difficulty of positioning the keyword *. Normally, there is a tendency to choose the ones with the greatest commercial intention (buy glasses, sunglasses online, the best sports watch, etc.) or those with the highest search volume; however, these are the ones that have the greatest difficulty in positioning themselves and for which you will have to invest more effort and capital to get to appear on the first page.

On the other hand, those with less traffic are usually easier to rank for, but you won't get much traffic.

Therefore, you will find the best ones to position yourself in search engines by looking at those that are thematically relevant to your company, have an acceptable volume of traffic, and have low difficulty in positioning.

Once the keywords are defined, it is necessary to place them in the content of the site, making special use in the titles, SEO title, meta description, in the URL, in image descriptions and in the first paragraph.

This will generate that when searching for these keywords, your page is associated in a better way and you have more opportunities to appear in the results. It should be noted that you should not abuse them, overexploiting them will lower the quality of your content and optimization.

Write original content that is useful to the reader

When creating content, you should put yourself in the reader's perspective and try to answer the reader's search intent . That is, the reader has to obtain the answer or solution to what he is looking for.

It is essential that the content you write is original to avoid Google penalties. Duplicate content will not rank in search engines. Clearly there are words and phrases that it is impossible not to repeat, however, these must be less than 20% so that you are not damaging the positioning.

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that you should not create a page or blog post with less than 300 words in length in its content.

Improve website loading speed

The loading speed of a web page affects SEO positioning. Google, as a service provider, does not want its users to be dissatisfied with long waits, so it prioritizes those pages that have a shorter loading time.

To optimize this time you have to review the amount of graphic elements and their quality, as well as the theme of the site and the hosting. Because the one who provides the service of hosting a page manages the resources that it has to function.


At the beginning, it is necessary that you establish the SEO positioning strategy that best suits your website, budget and that you are constant to generate results , since sometimes the results are seen more in the long term. Do not stop experimenting and analyzing what actions work or not in order to optimize your strategy and if you have been wanting to know more about SEO positioning.

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