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Having a Landing Page In Your Store Will Increase Sales

Product pages are very important, but we want to show you how you can use landing pages as a conversion tool.

Landing pages are landing pages where the customer arrives after clicking on a specific link. These pages generally do not have a menu, instead the client has two options to convert or exit.

These landing pages have a certain persuasive structure that seeks to get the client to perform a certain action. These actions can be making a purchase, making a subscription, following on the networks. Any business can use them, only the conversion objective of the landing page varies.


The main objective of this tool is conversion. As we mentioned that it does not have a menu, this means that the client is not too distracted, with the copy elements and product development you can achieve a successful conversion.


The idea is to increase the sales conversion rate in your online store, for this you must analyze two aspects... products and persuasion. For products you have to see which product you sell the most and which products you have with the best profit margin. To compare which of these options is best suited to your business, you can do an A/B test.

Make a list of 5 products of each and make a landing page for each one. After a while you will be able to see which products work better and you will be able to test new products. Regarding the persuasion aspect, there are many options, but remember that the important thing is to use a good copywriter, with the use of mental triggers and calls to action that are clearly visible and accessible.


The truth is that they are not difficult. When you already have your landing page structure that converts, you just have to create them for each product and then see how to spread the link and get it to the right customer. You can include these links in your advertising or make specific advertising for them.

As I mentioned, if you have your SHOPIFY store, you can have access to integrations that make it easier for you to create it, if you don't have a team with the aforementioned knowledge. You can also purchase this service on TASKY and just worry about advertising.


If your main goal with the landing page is not to generate sales, you can use it for other goals. These can be lead capture, branding if you are just starting out, or SEO.

  • They do not need maintenance , they are not difficult to make and once they are done, they do not need to be retouched. They can last a long time. You can reuse and replicate them.
  • They help you keep track of your advertising campaigns.
  • They do not need a large investment , only their cost per design since they are simple pages.
  • They are easy to monetize. Since your goal is to seek conversion to sales or other goals, these will bring you a benefit in profitability.

🔥🔥 Let's see some successful examples


🔮 In conclusion...

It is a tool that will bring you great benefits in sales, mainly and you can use it to improve your positioning, capture leads, brand branding.

Remember that SHOPIFY has App integrations that will help you design landing pages. Then you will only have to see the best strategy to promote your link and direct customers to your landing page. From there, let her do the conversion work alone.

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