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Copywriting: How To Write Texts To Captivate More Clients

Here you will find:

  • Copywriting: what is it
  • Differences between copywriting, content marketing and copywriting
  • How to write persuasive texts?
  • Copywriting techniques: 5 options to put into practice
  • What do you have to avoid when writing copy?
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Copywriting is a persuasive writing technique that aims to convince a previously defined target audience to carry out a specific action, such as buying a product or hiring a service.

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs who sell online is convincing their potential customers to buy the solution they offer. However, few know that there is a strategy that can help them achieve this goal: copywriting.

We call “ copy ” the text that is capable of convincing users to perform a certain action. To achieve this goal, the copywriter uses the famous emotional triggers as a resource , that is, emotional triggers .

We invite you to continue reading to learn more about copywriting and how to use emotional triggers when writing a text.

Let us begin! 📝

Copywriting: what is it

Copywriting refers to the set of content production practices that aim to convince a target audience to execute a specific action, such as purchasing a product or service. To do this, use persuasive writing techniques.

To develop this strategy, the copywriter must write texts that arouse the interest of the reader. In the case of digital content for e-commerce, the idea is that this interest is transformed into more sales.

Differences between copywriting, content marketing and copywriting

Although these three elements are part of the digital marketing strategy, they are different concepts and below we will tell you what characterizes each one:

Copy writing

As we mentioned before, in copywriting , texts are produced based on persuasion techniques and its objective is to encourage the reader to carry out a certain action.

Look at this banner that we show you below where, through the emphasis on one of the benefits of the service (the price) and the use of a direct call to action ( try 30 days for free ), the user is invited to click to create an online store with Tiendanube:

Content marketing

His focus is on attracting new clients through blog articles, email marketing strategies, e-book production and infographics.

Content marketing focuses on the customer journey (the customer's journey, that is, the route he or she takes through the different points of contact with the brand) and its results are perceived in the medium and long term.


This is informative and promotional content , focused on building the brand image , with the aim of getting the public to recognize it. Unlike copywriting, copywriting does not seek to make the user take an action .

How to write persuasive texts?

If you consider that copywriting is the ideal strategy to increase the sales of your online business , then we recommend you follow these 6 tips to create persuasive texts :

1. Identify your audience

To be successful in a copywriting strategy you have to know who you are writing to . In this sense, we suggest you identify your buyer person, that is, the representation of your ideal client.

I defined age, gender, occupation, interests, hobbies and any other information that is relevant to build the profile and behavior of your client.

In this way, you can create digital content whose styles and languages ​​correspond to the reality of your clients.

Here we tell you everything you have on this subject:

2. Create a good title for your text

When writing a copy you have to pay special attention to the title. After all, it is the first contact that the reader will have with your text .

A good headline should capture people's attention and encourage them to continue reading the rest of the content. We recommend using numbers and striking questions . Keep in mind that the most important thing about the title is that it be direct. Look at this example of a Tiendanube newsletter , whose subject (subject of the e-mail) is “3 infallible techniques to sell more”:

3. Use verbs in titles and CTA

If the main objective of copywriting is to encourage action, the use of verbs is essential in writing persuasive texts.

In this sense, a good practice is to use imperative verbs , as long as the tone and voice of your brand are aligned with this type of conjugation: “learn more”, “click here”, “buy now”, “subscribe” , etc.

Locate these verbs in the titles and CTA ( call to action ), that is, the buttons that invite action.

4. I included reliable and interesting data

This practice will enhance the credibility of your copy and, consequently, will help you reach the sales goal. Look at this example of the Tiendanube e-commerce platform:

Make sure your content is unique and the data is relevant to your buyer persona.

5. I invested in storytelling

Storytelling consists of telling stories based on captivating narratives. This technique is one of the most effective for attracting the public's attention and increasing engagement , that is, the level of interaction and commitment that users have with a brand.

By telling a story, you can evoke and connect with emotions and memories of the reader, which will translate into a closer conversation.

I found out more about this topic:

6. Emphasize the benefits of your product or service

Let's suppose that you have an online t-shirt store and you want to convince your potential client to buy your product.

In this case, the ideal is that in the introduction of the persuasive text you tell your audience what the differentials of your product are in terms of its preparation. Throughout the copy , emphasize the benefits of having one of your brand's t-shirts and reinforce the importance of the product in the conclusion.

Copywriting techniques: 5 options to put into practice

As persuasion is one of the key points when writing a copy , now we are going to tell you what are the emotional triggers that you can use in your text:

1. Reciprocity

If your goal is to encourage a potential customer to take action, you have to deliver something of value first . You can, for example:

  • Offer free trial periods if you have a service or a free sample of your product;
  • make material available free of charge with valuable information (e-books, spreadsheets, etc.).

2. Social proof

The opinion of other people has a great influence on the purchase decision of users. The social proof trigger consists precisely in exposing how your product or service helped others . To do this, you can:

  • Show the number of people who bought your product and already enjoy its benefits;
  • post testimonials from your clients;
  • spread the success stories of your online business.

3. Authority

In copywriting , the authority trigger is the use of data or references to support and validate what was written.

To put this technique into practice, you can cite the opinion of specialists in the subject you are addressing or use relevant research data published by recognized and reliable sources .

4. Scarcity

Scarcity causes a sense of missed opportunities ; For this reason, we carry out a series of actions to avoid this feeling. To apply this trigger, you can:

  • Set a deadline for obtaining a product or service: “available until next Friday”, “we extend the premium service until tomorrow at midnight”.
  • Note that the stock is running out soon : “last pieces available”.
  • Offer a special bonus : “with the purchase of this product, we give you a 50% discount on the second unit”.

5. Affinity

This trigger is based on the belief that people tend to connect with brands that are close to them from an emotional and historical point of view due to some particular characteristic.

For this technique to be effective, we reiterate the importance of using storytelling .

What do you have to avoid when writing copy ?

To guarantee the quality of your texts, we recommend the following:

1. Avoid the use of technical content

Unless your buyer person is characterized as a specialist in the product or service you offer , we suggest you avoid technical language. Saturating texts with technicalities can generate an unfavorable user experience and drive away potential customers.

2. Do not abuse the imperative

We suggest you use different verb tenses in your text, so that you can offer diversity and dynamism. Writing a copy full of commands, that is, using only the imperative, can generate friction and discomfort in the reader.

3. Don't exaggerate the benefits

The best advice at this point is to be direct. When advertising your product or service, try to go straight to the point and do not extend yourself in bombastic and unnecessary explanations.

We share more advice on this point:


We hope that this guide on copywriting will help you create quality and effective texts to promote your business.

Before leaving, we share a brief summary with the most important points of the post:

What is copywriting ?

It is a persuasive writing technique that aims to convince a previously defined target audience to carry out a specific action, such as buying a product or hiring a service.

How to write persuasive texts?

  • Identify your audience.
  • Create a good title for your text.
  • Use verbs in titles and CTAs.
  • I included reliable and interesting data.
  • I invested in storytelling.
  • Emphasize the benefits of your product or service.

Copywriting techniques: 5 options to put into practice

  • Reciprocity
  • social proof
  • Authority
  • Shortage
  • Affinity

What do you have to avoid when writing copy ?

  • Avoid the use of technical content.
  • Do not abuse the imperative.
  • Don't exaggerate the benefits.

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