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Abandoned Cart? All The Keys To Finish Him Off!


One of the worst nightmares for marketers is the abandoned cart. An abandoned cart is that purchase that finally does not end up materializing due to different reasons . The buyer should not find any type of obstacle during the purchase process, since any unforeseen event can cause him to regret it and the transaction not to be carried out. That is why at Webmefy we want to help you optimize the entire payment process so that the abandoned cart in your online store is just a bad dream.

The cart must always be visible

The design of the cart is a fundamental part to guarantee that the sale materializes. A clean and intuitive design will present fewer difficulties to the buyer, who should also be able to access it from any page of your website. There are those who choose to place a textual link in the upper right part of the web, but it is best to include an image of a shopping cart that is consistent with the design of our online store and that, in addition, includes the number of items that already exist. we have inserted into it.

Offer variety of payment methods

The customer must be able to find different payment methods to complete the purchase. If you can only pay one way, it is very likely that the abandoned cart rate will increase considerably .

Quick and easy process

The process must be as fast as possible, but it must also offer rigor and seriousness. Dense and long forms are a danger and can increase the cart abandonment rate. If the buyer gets bored reading the conditions, it is very likely that he will abandon the purchase. Therefore, it is also recommended to add the purchase as a guest , so that it is not necessary to register previously. The latter can be key with a specific user profile, who is clear that this is going to be the only purchase they are going to make on a certain website.

Favorable return policy

This point is really delicate, since many stores do not offer free returns, which usually slows down the momentum of buyers. The fact of not being able to touch the product and interact with it only digitally means that many users are not sure if it is really what they are looking for. If you offer the free return, you remove a big barrier . The problem is that it is not always easy to find favorable agreements with logistics companies, which makes this alternative difficult. However, we must do our best to offer free or very low cost returns.

Express delivery, guarantee of success

The buyer who makes a purchase wants to own the item as soon as possible. For this reason, we must offer the possibility of fast shipping , if it is a much better day. This type of shipment normally entails a higher cost, but the customer is usually willing to pay a little more if he has his purchase more or less immediately. Negotiation with the logistics company is also key here.

Abandoned cart? It's time to insist

It is very important to analyze the behavior of our customers in our online store. Klaviyo is the best email marketing tool , because it also takes into account the abandoned carts that occur on our website. In this sense, we can program the sending of emails to remind customers that they can finalize the purchase if they wish. This process is automated with Klaviyo and makes the abandoned cart rate drop significantly.

Klaviyo is focused on improving the performance of abandoned cart emails since, in addition to having real-time information on what the customer leaves in their cart, flows can also be created with which the shipment is automated and that same flow is developed through different conditions depending on user interaction. . It is possible to send the recovery e-mail after a certain time since the cart is abandoned and later a second communication dividing users by condition with an exclusive message. For example: it can be determined that users who have never bought in the store receive an email with a discount code so that they can buy the products they have left in the cart for being their first purchase and, after this, another e-mail. follow-up email as a reminder to take advantage of that discount within a certain period.

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