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4 Effective Strategies To Increase Your Databases

Here you will find:

  • Generate Actions in social networks
  • Develop quality content
  • I invested in Lead Ads
  • Use Landing Pages
  • Related content

We all know that in order to sell we have to generate the largest number of users interested in our products.

Sure you are exhausting efforts to attract visitors to your online store but are you taking advantage of all these opportunities to expand your contact base? Keep reading this article and I'll tell you how to do it!

Having a list of loyal subscribers to your brand is the greatest asset an online business can have. This is because communications via email have the highest return on investment, that is, they are the ones that will generate the most income with the least budget . Sounds interesting already, doesn't it?

Each of the Marketing actions in this article will be aimed at acquiring Leads or customer prospects, who over time will become buyers or loyal users of our products or services. .

Now yes, let's get to work!

1- Generate Actions in social networks

Most of the people who browse are registered in one or another social network where they interact with other users, or even with brands that they like. This gives us a very effective opportunity to engage with them and understand what their core consumer interests are. However, you may wonder how to monetize this information?

For example, one of the most common ways to obtain qualified leads through social networks is by creating contests and sweepstakes in which your followers must complete a form in order to participate.

This will give you, not only, a significant increase in the traffic that you can direct to your blog, but also the possibility of quickly increasing your database with client prospects very focused on your field.

This is very useful since you will have generated the first contact with a user who has shown interest in what you sell.

2- Develop quality content

What at the time were more general strategies to obtain clients en masse, today have become a highly personal process.

A very effective strategy from which quantitative benefits can be obtained is called Content Marketing . These types of actions are based on generating useful and relevant information on topics related to a specific sector and/or item to reach a segment of the public that is completely interested in products or services related to yours.

It is of vital importance that you always have a visible form so that whoever visits you can subscribe to your Newsletter, in this way, you will obtain the user's email to send them attractive promotions or discounts in the future.

For example, if your business is dedicated to selling furniture and household items, writing on your portal about decoration and interior design will allow you to discreetly show your options and available stock.

In this way and, depending on a catalog that you could promote later, you will be able to obtain the data of those interested people who will kindly leave their data in your contact form to acquire it.

3 – I invested in Lead Ads

Social networks provide us not only with the possibility of connecting with a large number of people directly, but many of these networks provide us with a platform for managing and creating ads where we can develop very specific objectives, such as obtaining queries. of people interested in what we are promoting.

This is a great advantage when it comes to managing our budget, since through these advertising systems we will be able to segment our target audience very specifically, giving us the possibility of limiting the scope of our promotions to only those people who are really interested in they.

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin , Instagram among other social networks have a function that allows users to leave their contact information when they are interested in a product that they have seen in an advertisement.

4- Use Landing Pages

A very effective way to obtain new registrations that feed your database in a consented way, is the use of landing pages or better known as Landing Pages .

This resource is very useful when presenting a new product since the user, previously directed from one of the aforementioned social networks, or one of your email campaigns, ends up on a website where they can only carry out specific actions that will be determined for us.

The important thing is not to distract the user's attention in several links but that there is only one action directed to the objective of this page, if it is to sell, then the button says Buy , if on the contrary, you want someone to only consult for an article, then that the only option that exists is a form that has a Submit Query button .

This strategy has a high percentage of conversions and for this reason it is positioned in one of the most efficient actions when it comes to increasing your database.

You no longer have excuses, apply these tips and grow your own database to sell much more. Take advantage of the special Doppler discount for Tiendanube users if you have more than 500 subscribers!

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