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What Is The Difference Between Contextual And Targeted Advertising

Every business owner sooner or later comes to the conclusion that the time has come to engage in advertising.

This raises the obvious question - what kind of advertising?

We will not go into all the variety of advertising opportunities and, in this article, we will consider the most relevant choice: context or target.

To decide, let's look at the possibilities of these types of advertising.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising - advertising in the search during the request, as well as on the sites of search engine partners.

Contextual advertising allows you to stand out among the search queries in Yandex and Google, appear on the first lines of the search and actually rise above your competitors who do not use this advertising.

Here, your ad will look as similar as possible to a normal search query response. You will be armed with headings, text, sitelinks and other small features of a text advertising card.

Also, contextual advertising makes it possible to place text-graphic ads (with a picture) on sites that are advertising partners of Yandex and Google. The network is really big. almost every site owner tries to monetize their resource. However, the effectiveness of such placement has to be tested in practice.

Accordingly, here your audience becomes those who enter queries in search engines and Internet surfers who visit the sites of partner networks.

There are targeting options here, but they are minimal. You can choose the age, geo, and gender of users to whom your ads will be shown. It won't always be accurate or error-free, but more often than not, your ads will be shown within a given audience.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is social media advertising.

Targeted advertising allows you to show ads to social media users. There are really a lot of sites here, and user activity on them is only growing.

The difference is that here you can most accurately target your target audience. In addition to choosing the standard geo, gender and age of the audience, you can choose the interests of people, save the audiences you work with, target ads to visitors to your site or your social networks.

Ads here are as bright and colorful as possible, you can use videos, images, carousels and run ads in the most popular formats, such as Reels on Instagram.

Also here you have more options for setting goals. Instead of standard clicks on ads, you can set up ads for correspondence within a social network, in instant messengers, and even for certain actions on your site, which significantly improves the quality of advertising.

What to choose?

To understand what is right for your business, you need to take into account all the features and possibilities of the target and context, determine where your target audience is larger, choose the right format and make an informed choice of an advertising tool that will increase your business profit.

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