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What Is The Best Way To Monitor My SEO?

Having a website is sure that you have ever been tempted to write the name of your company or one of your keywords in the search engine to see what position it comes up in, especially if you designed your SEO strategy conscientiously, taking into account keywords and topic clusters.

Many of us have done that search, and we all want to be in the first position, and it must be said: it is not an impossible job, but one that takes time and a lot of discipline , so it is important to constantly monitor each step .

What does SEO refer to?

Let's start by defining what positioning is.

In simple terms, it is the place that your site occupies within the search engines when a user makes a query with certain keywords.

Through programs called algorithms, search engines scan in less than a second all those sites that contain the keywords used by the person, while evaluating the relevance and authority of your content and your site. This is how you decide what you present to users as the best results.

Now, it is very important that before you start judging the results of your SEO strategy you know what your current position is, otherwise you will not be able to know if it has worked or not. By knowing this data you will be able to do a much more objective monitoring and periodic analysis.

Tool to monitor your positioning

In order to monitor the SEO of your site, there are different tools that allow you to monitor how your pages are moving in terms of the searches carried out by users.


It is possibly one of the best known and most complete monitoring platforms.

When you create your account and enter your domain, SEMrush gives you a complete report with traffic data , which keywords have the highest results and your global positioning.

To know what keywords your pages come up with, go to the Organic Research section and it will give you the words and the place where your site appears.

Pro Rank Tracker

In the case of Pro Rank Tracker , this platform offers monitoring of the positioning of the pages of your website and how they are moving in the ranking, either on a weekly or monthly basis.

With this tool you can get ideas for new keywords to include in your content and improve your SEO position.


By entering your URL on this Serplab page you can see your position with respect to different words and if you are within the first 100 results.

To have a broader detail about your website you can create a profile on the site.

SE Ranking

Like SEMrush, this page also gives you a complete audit of your site , it also tracks the position of your pages in different search engines and offers an analysis of your competition , you can even narrow down the locations where your target audience is.

Google Search Console

With this Google application you will find a set of tools that allow you to monitor your site and improve its position within the search engine. It gives you insight into how Google views your site, showing you areas of opportunity to improve and rank higher.

A very common mistake that many make to see the position of their site is to search for keywords in Chrome in a normal way instead of using the incognito version.

When doing a normal search Google will take into account your geographical location, your search history, the sites you normally visit and your Google account to give you results. On the other hand, by searching incognito, you prevent the search engine from remembering your history, your cookies and browsing data, which gives you a greater probability of an objective search.

Finally, it is important to remember that good positioning requires well-optimized pages that are easy to navigate, with responsive design, good use of keywords, quality content, and a network of internal and external links to boost the authority of your site.

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