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What Is Google Ads (Adwords) Advertising

Definition of the Google Ads advertising network

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Google Ads (Adwords) is an advertising system published by Google . The network operates via an auction system between competing advertisers, billed for each click by an Internet user. The tool makes it possible to follow a multitude of criteria and metrics which make it possible to identify the origin of each conversion.

By improving the relevance of ads through different criteria, it is possible to optimize its investment, and obtain better rankings than competitors at lower bids.

The Google Ads network and its partner network form the largest advertising network on the internet and allow many advertisers to develop their notoriety on the web. See the article to understand how the Adwords advertising network works .

What is paid referencing or SEA?

In web marketing jargon, paid search refers to the practice of charging for the display of ads in the results of search engines like Google , Bing and others.

These online advertisements are invoiced each time a user clicks on the advertisement displayed in the results after entering a query (keyword), or on a network of partner sites. To talk about paid referencing, we talk about SEA (Search Engine Advertising) or commercial links.

Traffic is generally paid on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, with an increasing rate based on competitive bidding on positioning.

The term paid referencing should not be confused with natural internet referencing (called SEO), which consists of appearing for free in search engine results via optimizations (content creation, netlinking, etc.)

Example of results from paid referencing and SEO on the Google search engine.

What is the Google Ads Platform?

Google Ads is Google's advertising referencing agency created in October 2000. This agency makes it possible to broadcast advertisements on the Google search engine or banners and videos on the partner network called the Display network .

The display of advertisements is targeted according to the keywords that the Internet user types or according to his browsing behavior, or targeted location on thematic sites. This allows a very qualitative traffic acquisition and to maximize your advertising investments. This can be a good opportunity to use paid advertising for Startups.

Google Ads campaigns on the search engine work mainly on an auction system (CPC = cost per click) which allows advertisers to outbid to appear in the first results on the keywords chosen for their Google SEO campaigns. In order to understand all the terms and specific vocabulary, here is a Google Ads glossary .

Each actual ad click is charged by the Google Ads platform based on the keyword's cost per click at that time and based on the advertiser's bid strategy.

There are several types of Google Ads campaigns that advertisers can use:

  • The Search (search network)
  • The Display Network
  • The mixed Search + Selective Display
  • Videos
  • Shopping
  • Application download
  • Remarketing / retargeting

What are the benefits of paid search with Google Ads?

Paid referencing is complementary to natural referencing (SEO) and it is counterproductive to oppose them, they complement each other and must be part of the overall search engine visibility strategy called Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The top 5 benefits of using Google Ads and paid search are:

  • Quick implementation: once your campaigns have been created and validated in less than 24 hours by the management, your advertisements are visible to Internet users. The contribution of traffic and the first statistics are immediate. A much faster strategy than classic web referencing.
  • Ability to perform precise audience targeting: by targeting specific keywords and audiences refined by behavior, age, gender, preferences, Google Ads gives you the opportunity to target Internet users very precisely. Well exploited these sources of traffic can strongly boost your sales. For local businesses, geographic targeting is also an interesting opportunity, especially with call-only campaigns to generate targeted calls.
  • Possibility of remarketing: to recontact your visitors during their purchase cycle and make them come back to you to finalize, ensuring a better conversion rate.
  • Ability to manage your budget: you are free to modulate your daily and monthly expenses as you see fit. Campaigns may be stopped and resumed without notice. No minimum spending amount to respect. Solutions to monitor and detect click fraud.
  • No long-term commitment: Google Ads does not require a commitment period or termination, you are free to stop your campaigns whenever you want.
  • Detailed statistics to measure returns: Advertising and the Google Ads platform in particular gives you access to a dashboard and very detailed and precise statistics to evaluate the performance and return on investment of your campaigns. No offline advertising solution can give such reliable and accurate performance indicators (kpi). The profitability of your campaign is easily measurable and optimizable (increased CTR and conversions).

Depending on your industry, Google Ads is a powerful tool for generating visibility and notoriety . The set of functionalities and the conversion tracking make it possible to generate a targeted audience with a lot of relevance.

Our Google Partner agency can assist you in setting up a profitable advertising campaign, while respecting your Google Ads budget.

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