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What Is Direct Marketing And What Is It For?

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Some people confuse direct marketing with relationship marketing . To avoid this, in the following article we give all the keys to direct marketing and talk about its advantages.

What is direct marketing really about?

Direct marketing or direct marketing refers to a set of business strategies that aim to provoke an action in a group of consumers after a promotional campaign . This reaction can be the viewing of a video, a purchase or a registration as a user. In short, any act that a company carries out guiding the user so that he becomes a client or at least a lead falls within the definition.

What undoubtedly characterizes direct marketing is that the response pursued in the consumer is measurable , so its range of action is limited to everything that will subsequently be collected in order to analyze the results. Direct marketing is very interesting for those businesses that know how to use it .

Currently, the relationship between brands and consumers has a new meaning, so reaching that relationship falls within the emotional sphere . Each user is offered what best suits their interests and needs. In this way, the conversion rate becomes much higher.

Purchases, visits, registrations or any other objective pursued with the strategies used in the digital sphere must have the quality of being able to be measured because, along with this, this marketing focuses on achieving the highest possible rate of conversions .

Depending on its intentions, it can capture a disparate audience, eliminate users who are not interested in what a brand offers them or strengthen the relationship that has been created between consumers and firms, something that over time is becoming essential.

What is direct marketing for ?

Direct marketing serves so that each initiative that is adopted has a much more personal touch. This allows you to empathize better with the public. From here, a higher conversion rate is obtained and, later, the effectiveness of the strategies used to achieve them can be analyzed.

The most innovative and impressive direct marketing strategies provoke a reaction in the target due to the content that is sent to the consumer directly or through email marketing campaigns .

If email is used, it is important to have a good graphic design; if telemarketing is done , the call must touch the sensibility, and in case direct mail is used to deliver a product, it must be surprising and elicit a targeted response on the received content.

Examples of success stories

Both in the traditional media and on the Internet we can see different campaigns that use direct marketing on a daily basis. All companies know their potential and use it to improve their profits and continue with exponential growth at all levels.

Burger King – Google Home of the Whopper

The Google Home of the Whopper advertising campaign was a resounding success. It was the most awarded of the year at the Cannes Lions 2017 contest. It pocketed 25 lions.

This campaign was intended to promote the hamburger par excellence of this chain of restaurants, the Whopper . Burger King launched a social media and television ad in video format, but also used the Google Home voice-activated device . When the tool recognized the voice of a salesperson from the restaurant chain, it automatically named the product's ingredients.

In this way, a totally innovative direct content campaign was launched that brought the brand closer to customers and brought it several awards.

Drop box

Dropbox has been approaching its public in a subtle and respectful way. Its objective was to facilitate the daily life of its users through a cloud storage service. A few years ago, it was unthinkable that you could be a fan of a business email without trying your product.

Thanks to the simplicity and fun of email with emoticons and cartoons, it has captured the attention of consumers. The campaign emphasizes the main message: Dropbox does not interfere in your life, it only reminds you that it is there and why you should use it .

One of the incentives that can be included in your emails to use the service is a limited coupon.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Brazil – Chatbot Anonymous Friend

Advertising is not only a great sales tool, but its main objective is to spread content, information or services that improve users' knowledge about specific things.

Facebook collaborated with Alcoholics Anonymous in Brazil to create a tool with the aim of helping young people between 13 and 15 years of age in that country. Here the spirit of dissemination was valued for those adolescents who were falling into the indiscriminate consumption of alcohol.

An Anonymous Friend was created , a chatbot on the social network that can have an intelligent conversation with those young people who care about the topic described and who need help or want to know in more detail the collateral and harmful effects associated with the consumption of this type of drug. beverages.

In order to develop this direct marketing project and properly prepare the chatbot responses , interviews were held with 34 members of Alcoholics Anonymous. In just four months the project was launched, and during its first month more than 100,000 people interacted with the bot . 60% of them were minors.

To make this tool known, a promotional campaign was created in three formats within the social network itself:

  • Video Ad.
  • Advertising carousel.
  • Image Ad.

The goal of this campaign was to build local brand awareness, generate traffic and engagement , install the app, and get the video viewed and leads generated .

In addition to the award-winning campaign at the 2017 Facebook Awards, a multi-channel strategy for other digital platforms was also created.

Benefits of direct marketing

Direct marketing offers many benefits to brands so that they can achieve the objectives that have been set. Let's look at some of the benefits of developing an online direct marketing strategy for customers.

New business opportunities

Direct marketing allows continuous adaptation to market needs in order to develop much more effective responses.

It is customizable

Thanks to this technique there can be immediate contact with the target , so it is possible to access more information about it through a good database. In this way, the company will only address the public that interests it.

Optimize marketing budgets

With direct marketing , in a digital environment, real objectives can be established and the budget adjusted, improving sales. It is only necessary to know the audience and direct the campaigns to it. It is the best way to obtain good results at an infinitely lower cost than traditional advertising.


As an interactive communication with customers is established, they can be known in greater depth, which allows messages , offers and promotions to be personalized. An immediate bond is created and their needs are met.


The message is communicated directly to the target audience. This promotes fast and immediate two-way communication.

Potential customers

As the campaign is aimed at a potential target , its effectiveness is much greater than if other channels are used. It is important to carry out a good segmentation of the audience so that the message adapts and is totally personalized.

Increased sales

The efforts of a direct marketing campaign should be focused on activating communication with old customers to win them back in a new purchase process. It is necessary to try to attract new customers who have not yet bought and maintain the current ones, who are the ones that are really making a profit, so it is necessary to reward their loyalty .

Customers have the store at home

Customers are not attracted to a physical establishment, but companies bring everything they need to their home, without having to travel.

Results and metrics analysis

Direct measurement of campaign results allows advertisers and brands to take full advantage of A/B testing and make decisions in real time.

The response obtained is immediate, which provides quantitative results that allow calculating and evaluating the profitability of a campaign or, in other words, the return on investment or ROI .

In short, direct marketing is one of the marketing disciplines that are closely related to the information systems and business intelligence of a company. Thanks to this eminently commercial strategy, a company can address its customers directly and completely personalized, obtaining a measurable response that will allow it to speed up decision-making.

Consequently, digital direct marketing is the cheapest and fastest method with which a company can impact the ideal final consumer.

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