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Videos: Get More Reach And Engagement On Social Media

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In recent years the consumption of videos on social networks has increased by 165% , with about 91% of users consuming videos daily. These data show the importance and relevance of videos on social networks. Therefore, investing in videos in your content marketing strategy is essential to increase reach and engagement.

91% of users consume videos daily.

All social networks have at least one video publishing format, including many, such as TikTok, are exclusive to this format. YouTube, which is geared towards horizontal videos, is enabling new vertical short video content, called shorts .

Instagram, in addition to publishing videos on feed and IGTV, now offers Reels, which are short videos of up to 1 minute. Facebook, noticing this trend of short videos, is testing Reels on its platform as well. Why this concern about inserting short videos? 50% of users spend the most time on social media scrolling short videos in their feed.

With this high consumption rate in mind, your company cannot fail to produce content for these formats. However, when creating a video, you need to be concerned about conveying a clear, easy-to-understand, direct, dynamic and attractive message to your audience.

Videos are fast, so they need to be didactic and easy to understand. The more interactive and well executed, the better the understanding of the message. Drawings and illustrations with short texts are great for conveying an idea.

Another function of videos is to generate a humanized view of the brand, as they can be personal, showing behind the scenes of the brand and the preparation of products and services, for example. Still not convinced why your company should invest?

5 reasons for your company to invest in videos for social networks

If you're still not convinced about the importance of investing in videos as a content marketing strategy, check out these 5 reasons.

1 – Videos have a high engagement rate

One of the main goals of social networks is to bring the brand closer to its audience through content. But for this content to be delivered, there must be an engagement of your followers. This happens through interactions in publications. So, if this is the format that receives the most interaction, why is your company reluctant to invest? After all, the more interaction, the greater the chances of new business.

2 – Boost SEO

By improving your engagement, you are boosting your SEO indexes in the search engine, in the case of YouTube, for example. That's why it's important not just to create a video, but to consider keywords and topics that are relevant to your niche. This helps to set your company apart from competitors.

3 – Make your brand an authority in the market

When a brand manages to reach the level of authority on a subject, it has achieved one of the greatest treasures in content marketing. So, if your brand manages to convey authority when creating content, it increases consumer trust, who spread this information because they believe your company has credibility. This sharing drives even more engagement, which increases your organic reach.

4 – Make educational content

Always be careful not to create boring and lengthy content. You need to be objective, to convey your message from the appropriate force to the audience you want to reach. Always think that on social media the content needs to be more visual.

5 - Content diversity

Video allows for the most diverse narratives. Tell a story, be fun, do a walkthrough, or, inform. The important thing is that this is done in a creative way to engage your audience.

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How to create videos for social networks that engage?

Creating a video for social networks that generates engagement is not a simple task, you need to be aware of several factors. First, you need to know your persona , you need to think about their pain and how your company can help solve these problems.

So the second point is deciding the purpose of the video: to explain a product or service? Increase visibility? Engage with high-interest content? Or who knows how to generate leads?

Then you need to think about which social network this video will be used. Yes, that makes all the difference, as a Tik Tok video is not made in the same way as a Facebook video.

Within the subject, will the video be explanatory, demonstrative, educational, list, tutorial, advertisement or institutional? After these first considerations, it is essential to create a script, with lines, steps and scenes that will compose the video.

With these steps ready, it's time to record. Prepare the scenery, the equipment, think about the lighting, check the sound, objects and accessories needed to record the video.


Remember, the first few minutes are the most important , they are what will hold your audience's attention, so instill the user's curiosity so that they continue watching your content.

Don't forget to think of the title of your video, think of something catchy. In fact, encourage people to interact with your video. Videos need to be useful, you need to generate a connection with your audience, whether out of emotion or by sharing a situation common to your audience.

Another quick tip to generate engagement is to keep an eye on videos that are on the rise, the so-called viral ones, and try to adapt to your business. Songs that are trending also help to increase engagement. The important thing is that your business keeps an eye on trends and takes advantage of the “hype” – if any.

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Don't know how to do this?

Certainly, thinking of so much content is not a simple task. After all, creating good videos requires steps like pre- and post-production. In addition, of course, to understanding the behavior of your persona, after all, creating content that will not attract your audience is a wasted investment. Make your company an authority in your niche, create high quality videos, show that you understand the subject.

Currently there are professionals specialized in creating strategies for video content. Consider talking to people specialized in the subject and you will see a result that is really above average!

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