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Top 50 Best Ways To Make Money Online 2022 (No Cheating)

Online work has become very popular in recent years. It allows you to get a good income, plan your own schedule and not depend on the employer. But there are still people who consider this option as something unrealistic. Our honest rating of the best ways to make money on the Internet for 2022 will help them dispel doubts.

Earnings on the Internet - myth or reality?

Quick and easy earnings on the Internet. Is it possible? Yes.

Almost everyone can online:

  • find a suitable job;
  • receive a stable and high income;
  • choose a source of additional income;
  • launch and develop your own business.

Important! Working on the Internet is suitable both for people with experience and special skills, and for those who do not know anything yet. But the level of income will depend on the professionalism of the freelancer and his demand in his segment.

Choosing for yourself earnings on the Internet, you should not immediately expect big money. This is the biggest mistake new freelancers make. They do not need to chase high incomes. The main thing is to learn how to do your job well and become competitive in the market. Only with this approach, online work will begin to bring real money, turning into the main source of income.

Earnings on the Internet without investment and deception

How to earn the first money on the Internet? There are many simple ways that will help you understand how work is built in the online space and what income you can count on without experience.

Method 1. Earnings on boxes and viewing ads + TOP-5 sites for the easiest money on the Internet

Boxes are resources that make it possible to earn money on the simplest tasks on the Internet. Despite the wide range of tasks, they are of the same type:

  • reviews;
  • referral links;
  • viewing ads;
  • participation in surveys;
  • registration on the proposed sites and not only.

The essence of the work is simple - go to the site, register and complete tasks . Earnings are credited to an account in dollars or rubles and withdrawn to bank cards or electronic wallets.

The list of the most reliable axle boxes includes:

  • wmmail.ru - one of the first resources in its segment, always has a wide selection of tasks and stands out with a profitable referral program;
  • wmzona.com is a convenient and simple site with a level system of users and a large number of bonuses;
  • profitcentr.com - the site is suitable for those who are active on social networks and have several accounts;
  • seosprint.net - stands out for the ability to withdraw funds immediately to a bank card and a rating system;
  • web-ip.ru is not the most convenient site, but it makes money even for beginners.

Daily work on axle boxes will not be profitable - on average, you can get 3,000-4,000 rubles per month. If you add the attraction of referrals to the tasks, then the amount doubles. 

Method 2. Earnings on comments 

Cheat in social networks is a demanded service. Therefore, there are special platforms that host tasks for leaving comments in groups and on individual pages.

Working several hours a day, a beginner can earn up to 300 rubles. In a month, earnings reach 9,000 rubles.

The most popular sites in this direction:

  • forumok.com is a typical platform with microtasks and a profitable referral system;
  • wpcomment.ru is a complex and not entirely unambiguous exchange, but has been on the market for more than 10 years;
  • qcomment.ru - the leading site in its segment has a large number of regular customers and consistently pays for the work done;
  • turbotext.ru is a well-known exchange that offers, among other tasks, microtasks by comments (everyone who has registered can get access to such work).

Method 3. Earnings on file hosting 

This option is suitable for people with some experience and at least the simplest technical knowledge. The essence of earnings is as follows:

  • the performer places content on the site (applications, programs, pictures);
  • users download and view ads;
  • For each download, the performer is credited with money.

This method is especially interesting for people who have their own channels or promoted sites.

Important! File sharing services are often blocked. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the site you like will be unavailable at any time.

Most in demand in this segment:

  • VexFile is a reliable platform tuned for an English-speaking audience;
  • DepositFiles - the site has existed for more than 15 years and has shown itself only on the good side;
  • Cash-Installer is a relatively new resource with a simple interface;
  • Gigapeta - has a special settlement system.

Each site evaluates the download in its own way. But the maximum amount usually does not exceed 20 rubles. It is extremely difficult to determine the monthly earnings - it depends on the demand for the posted content.

Method 4. Earnings by completing surveys 

Questionnaires are very fond of beginners, since for the spent 10-15 minutes you can get up to 50 rubles. But at the same time, it is these sites that become a source of frustration for job seekers on the Internet. And there are two reasons for that:

  • high minimum threshold for withdrawing money;
  • job irregularity.

Some performers withdraw the first funds only after 4-5 months. Despite this, questionnaires attract with the ease of completing tasks:

  • register on the site;
  • fill out a questionnaire with information about yourself;
  • do surveys as they become available.

The most suitable platforms for beginners:

  • Questionnaire - a convenient accrual system in which payment comes even for polls that have not passed moderation;
  • Expert Opinion - the first funds are accrued already for filling out the profile, but the minimum wage here is very high - 500 rubles;
  • YouThink - A wide range of destinations to choose from.

Method 5. Earnings on listening to music 

A simple option that is steadily gaining popularity on the network. Income from one exchange reaches 500 rubles per month. But many beginners register on 4-5 sites and significantly increase their earnings.

The essence of the work does not raise questions - listen to the proposed musical works . Some performers simply turn on the music, which counts as an audition.

The most interesting in this segment are such sites as:BeatDek, Musicxray, Slicethepie, Soundom, PayPile

Method 6. Earnings by entering captcha 

Captcha is used on many sites, and owners need to understand how the characters are distinguishable to users. For this purpose, there are platforms for entering captcha in test mode.

Artists can work at any time of the day. At night, the cost of tasks is higher. You can get an average of 50 rubles per hour. This is a good amount, but it’s impossible to enter characters in the window for more than 2 hours in a row - the brain and eyes get tired very quickly. Therefore, monthly earnings will be very modest - up to 3,000 rubles.

The most popular site for Rucapcha performers. It has a lot of advantages:

  • simple interface;
  • a wide range of directions for withdrawing funds;
  • there are always many tasks.

The KolotiBablo resource has proven itself well.

Method 7. Earnings on reviews

Up to 95% of potential buyers are guided by reviews of a product or service before making a purchase. Therefore, sellers are interested in posting reviews and are willing to pay for it.

There are a lot of options in this segment:

  • master trending novelties and receive money immediately;
  • count on passive income and write reviews on traditional products;
  • earn by posting a review or views.

The best sites for work:

  • Otzyv-Shop is a relatively new but worthy resource;
  • Otzovik - payment is charged for views;
  • IRecommend - money goes for views;
  • Tutux is not the most common, but reliable site;
  • Reviews PRO - a simple and intuitive interface.

The cost of one review can reach promoted performers up to 500 rubles. Assiduous and talented reviewers receive up to 30,000 rubles a month.

Method 8. Earnings on the voice acting of texts and videos 

Image description

This is not the easiest option, since high demands are placed on the performers: a beautiful and well-placed voice, the ability to master it, the absence of obvious defects, and so on.

You can work from home by voicing:

  • advertising;
  • corporate videos;
  • presentations and more.

It is advisable to search for a customer on freelance exchanges. The most convenient for beginners is Pchel.net. Earnings in this area are floating - one order can cost 500 rubles, 5,000 rubles and more. It all depends on the amount of work and experience of the performer.

Method 9. Earnings on writing texts 

Beginners consider writing texts the easiest and easiest way to make money on the Internet. But in fact, this area is highly competitive, so the authors get a good income:

  • with experience;
  • special knowledge;
  • an extensive portfolio.

The earnings of such performers can reach up to 100,000 rubles per month. For 1000 characters they receive 100-500 rubles. Beginners can count on tasks at a price of 10-15 rubles per 1000 characters.

You can write texts according to the terms of reference, do rewriting (retelling with high uniqueness) and translations.

Among the exchanges, you should pay attention to Etxt. Advego, TextSale.

Method 10. Transcription (translating speech into text) 

An interesting option, suitable even for people with no experience. The essence of the work is simple - translate audio files into text format . In order for things to move quickly, you need to:

  • have touch typing skills;
  • use special software.

Method 11. Earnings on the placement of crowd links 

Image description

Crowd links are links to Internet resources placed artificially on different sites. Beginners are paid from 10 rubles per link, experience makes it possible to receive up to 500 rubles for placement.

For orders, please contact the following sites:

  • WorkToCrowd is a highly specialized resource;
  • Advego  is a popular exchange with a large number of tasks;
  • Kwork is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers.

Method 12. Earnings on the creation and sale of audiobooks 

Image description

People with a pleasant and well-trained voice can independently create and sell audio books in the future. They will need to purchase special programs and equipment.

You can sell your information product on different platforms:

  • LitRes - the editorial department actively works with individuals;
  • GlopArt - stands out with effective advertising;
  • Multiza - work is carried out at the international level.

A talented performer receives up to 30,000 rubles a month for his work. Beginners should not count on more than 250 rubles per hour.

Method 13. Yandex.Toloka 

Toloka is a full-fledged exchange with simple tasks. After registration, users will have access to the following tasks:

  • watching videos;
  • comparison of pictures;
  • site evaluation and so on.

The work is simple, and therefore it is paid rather modestly - an assiduous performer earns 30 rubles a day. The growth of the rating gives access to more expensive tasks. This can increase earnings up to 1000 rubles per day.

Method 14. Affiliate programs

Image description

The essence of affiliate programs is to attract new users. For this, there are special links that are issued after registration. Those who wish to earn on such programs will only have to distribute them.

Money is credited to the contractor's account upon the fact that users go to the site using the proposed link and perform the necessary actions (replenishment of the balance, purchase, registration, and so on).

The following sites are the most interesting for work:

  • admitad;
  • commission;
  • Junction;
  • linkshare;
  • clickbank;
  • Amazon.com Associates;
  • actionpay;
  • Lead-R;
  • AD1;
  • M1-Shop;
  • EPN.

Earnings in this area are very unpredictable - you can get nothing or earn half a million rubles in a month.

Method 15. Making money by installing Android / iOS applications - quick money on the Internet 

Image description

The simplest option for those who are not looking for big money. The essence of the work is to download the proposed applications and perform easy tasks in them:

  • test functionality;
  • go up to level 10;
  • get a certain status in the game and not only .

Daily income is estimated at 50 rubles.

The most popular sites in the segment are AppCent, Appbonus and AppCoins.

Method 16. Remote work

Image description

This method is becoming more and more popular for both parties - the employee and the employer. The former have the opportunity to work without leaving home. And the latter reduce their costs by refusing to maintain offices.

Remote work is an official employment with one feature - all tasks are performed online. The employee has a clear line of work, permanent employment and a direct supervisor.

Most in demand in this segment:

  • designers;
  • programmers;
  • sales managers;
  • tour operators, etc.

Earnings remotely is no different from what a specialist who works in the office receives.

Method 17. Freelance earnings

Freelancing is work on private orders. This format is suitable for those who have a demanded specialty and want to manage their time independently. Payment is received on the fact of the work performed, and a random customer can become a permanent one.

Jobs can be found through:

  • workzilla;
  • freelance;
  • work;
  • weblancer.

Important! The listed exchanges in the freelance segment have been around for a long time and have gained their positive reputation. But each has its own characteristics, so you should register for everyone and only then choose the most suitable option.

In addition, freelance chats in Telegram are gaining popularity. Even many exchanges operate through such channels.

Freelancer earnings have no ceiling. He can receive both several thousand rubles a month, and hundreds of thousands of rubles for one order.

Method 18. Earnings on your site

Having your own website is a good option that gives you the opportunity to receive money in many ways:

  • promotion of own services;
  • lead generation (sale of contacts of interested customers to various entrepreneurs);
  • advertising (contextual, teaser and banner);
  • affiliate programs;
  • placement of paid posts, including advertising;
  • sale of SEO-links from the site and not only.

The cost of launching the site is minimal - the purchase of a domain and hosting. And the profit reaches several hundred thousand rubles a month.

Method 19. Consulting (paid consultations)

Image description

This option is in many ways similar to freelancing - a specialist in a narrow industry consults clients online. The list of popular destinations is quite impressive:

  • jurisprudence;
  • fitness;
  • dietetics;
  • nutrition;
  • SEO and SMM;
  • accounting;
  • sport;
  • tourism, etc.

You can find clients:

  • on freelance exchanges;
  • on the forums;
  • on job sites.

The most convenient way to find a clientele is your own website. This approach indicates the seriousness of the specialist's intentions and allows him to set prices for services above the average level.

The amount of earnings in consulting starts from 20,000 rubles per month.

Method 20. YouTube channel

TOP channel is a great way to earn money. As soon as the channel receives a high rating, advertisers begin to contact the owner with interesting offers. The more popular the videos, the higher the cost of advertising.

Also money comes from:

  • Google AdSense (monetization is connected automatically when a certain level of subscribers is reached);
  • video branding;
  • participation in partnerships;
  • assistance in launching and promotion of the legal entity channel;
  • mediation;
  • promotion of own goods and services.

For one video, a promoted channel receives 100,000 rubles. Monthly income often exceeds a million rubles.

Method 21. Yandex.Zen

The platform for bloggers gives aspiring authors a try at writing texts. Everyone can make their own channel and start publishing text and video materials on it.

Monetization becomes available after collecting the required number of views. But you can collect them within months. On average, the income from the channel is 5-6,000 rubles per month with daily publications.

Important! The platform policy is rather unstable. Therefore, dynamically developing channels run the risk of getting into the block.

Method 22. Pulse from Mail.ru 

A new platform for authors, working identically to Yandex.Zen. Authors can now get to it only by invitation, but in the near future it is planned to open to everyone.

Materials are published in accordance with the chosen topic and are shown to users by headings.

Earnings on the platform are quite high - up to 10,000 rubles per month.

Method 23. Streams

Image description

Streams are a special direction that is gaining incredible popularity. It involves showing your life through a camera. Earnings are made up of donations from viewers - donations. To stimulate users, streamers come up with different moves:

  • during the broadcast, the names of the most active donors are displayed;
  • create TOPs, which can be reached only through the transfer of a large amount of money;
  • fulfill the desires of the audience and not only.

Streams also provide an opportunity to receive money from advertising. Banners are posted right during the broadcast.

You can try your hand as a streamer on well-known platforms:

  • Twitch is the most popular platform with good functionality;
  • YouTube - newcomers often start streaming here;
  • GoodGame - the site is preferred by players who broadcast games.

The income of streamers is unlimited - some receive more than a million rubles a month

Method 24. Earnings in TikTok

Image description

A dynamically developing service that specializes in posting short videos can bring in a good income. The most popular are funny videos, which make up to 70% of the posted content.

Money comes to the account owner from watching commercials. From scratch, you can earn up to 100,000 rubles per month.

Method 25. Automatic earnings in browser extensions

Working in automatic mode is the dream of many. And extensions make it possible. Of course, you can't make big money here. On average, 5,000 rubles are collected per month. But this is subject to the installation of several extensions at the same time.

The essence of the work is simple:

  • installation of special applications;
  • viewing ads that appear periodically .

Moreover, the very fact of the appearance of an advertising video on a smartphone is considered to be viewed. At night, the user will not even notice that “views” are going on, and the money will be received quite real.

TOP extensions are collected in the list:

  • Surferner;
  • teaserfast;
  • AdvProfit;
  • payad;
  • Surf be.

Method 26. Earnings on photos (photo stocks)

Talented photographers and artists will definitely like this option - they can post their work on special platforms and get paid for them.

Well-known sites work according to two algorithms:

  • payment comes for each file download - such income is considered passive;
  • money is charged for a subscription to the author's work - it is paid and the artist gets a percentage of the amount.
  • Really talented people get up to $ 3,000 a month on photo stocks.

You can post your work on the following sites:

  • Getty Images;
  • Adobe Stock;
  • Shutterstock;
  • dreamtime;
  • photogenica.

Method 27. Boosting accounts in games

Image description

Boosted accounts are a hot commodity among gamers. Many avid players are willing to give hundreds of thousands of rubles for a good profile. Experienced gamers earn in two ways:

  • look for customers on the network and, having gained access to their account, pump it up to the declared level;
  • they create a profile from scratch and sell it after upgrading.

In a month, such work gives an average of 30,000 rubles. Only the most popular “toys” in the gaming environment are suitable for sale:

  • CS:GO;
  • World of Tanks;
  • Dota 2;
  • World of Warcraft
  • Fortnite;
  • warfare.

You can promote your services on forums and chats. Some games are neutral towards such activities, so the parties agree on the sale in in-game chats.

Method 28. Earnings on likes, subscriptions, reposts

This is the most requested service today. Groups and social networks are interested in their promotion and it is difficult for them to do without cheating. Therefore, entrepreneurs willingly pay for likes and reposts.

Performers traditionally register on special platforms and take on simple tasks. Sometimes this is only one direction - like or subscribe or repost. And sometimes the task is combined and involves different actions. Based on the results of the work, money is credited to the account of the performer. Usually the amount does not exceed 100 rubles per day.

The best sites in this segment are recognized:

  • Advego;
  • Prospero;
  • Socpublic;
  • ForumOK;
  • social tools;
  • QComment;
  • TaskPay;
  • V-like
  • Tiktop-free;
  • VKTarget.

Method 29. Earnings on consultations and tutoring

An advantageous option for those who have narrow-profile knowledge and skills. In addition, it is promising and provides great opportunities for development. You can try yourself in this segment:

  • teachers;
  • lawyers;
  • actors;
  • accountants;
  • economists and beyond.

It is convenient that you can conduct a consultation via Skype or with the help of other programs. That is, the distance from the student does not matter!

It is advisable to search for customers through acquaintances, classifieds sites, various portals and forums.

The cost of services depends on demand and experience, but the minimum income is not lower than 10,000 rubles. Professionals earn up to 200,000 rubles a month.

Online earnings with investments

It is not always enough personal skills for stable earnings in the network. Some options involve an initial investment that pays off fairly quickly.   

Method 30. Creating an online store

Image description

An online store can be both an addition to an offline outlet, and an independent business unit that generates income. To keep costs to a minimum, you can do everything yourself:

  • use CMS or platforms Moguta, OpenCart to create a website;
  • buy a domain and hosting;
  • upload content.

Of course, this is the simplest scheme. And in the future, you will need to improve the site by ordering work from freelance designers. And also to promote the store with the help of advertising. The best and simplest advertising option is to buy traffic in Yandex Direct.

On average, initial costs can reach up to 50,000 rubles. But the minimum profit from an online store is 20,000 rubles per month. Therefore, in the first months of work, all investments will pay off. The promoted site brings several million rubles a month.

 Method 31. Dropshipping

Dropshipping refers to intermediary services between the manufacturer and the buyer. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • search for a manufacturer of interesting goods;
  • conclusion of a supply contract;
  • creation and promotion of an online store.

During the initial order, all operations occur through the site owner. After the transaction is completed and payment is made, the manufacturer receives his share, and the dropshipper receives his money in the amount of the margin made.

Earnings in this industry can reach half a million rubles a month in the absence of any financial risks.

Method 32. Earnings on Wildberry

Image description

A rather controversial option, but manufacturers of goods in 89% of cases try to use it. Wildberry is a popular platform that allows you to trade various goods through it, including food.

Without advertising investments and customer searches, a seller can earn up to 100,000 rubles a month. But keep in mind that the platform makes serious demands on applicants. It also takes its own percentage for mediation, charges for storing goods in a warehouse and delivering them to the buyer, dictates its conditions (price, form of placement, holding promotions and setting discounts).

Method 33. Earnings on Avito, Yulia, etc.

Image description

These sites are full of ads for the sale of various things. And people with an entrepreneurial streak can take advantage of them - buy the goods as cheaply as possible and then resell them at a higher price.

Those who have the greatest chance of earning:

  • regularly monitors websites;
  • works on several sites at the same time;
  • has a car and is ready to conduct sales / purchases in different cities.

Particularly enterprising receive up to 100,000 rubles a month. The minimum income in this segment is 20,000 rubles.

Method 34. Earnings on the sale of sites

Image description

A very popular option for those who are considering investing for themselves and understand fashion trends. There are two ways to make money online:

  • create a site from scratch, develop and only then put up for sale;
  • take low-profit projects, refine them and sell them. Both options assume that the investor has narrow-profile knowledge. Only in this way he will not be mistaken and will be able to pick up a potentially profitable site.

On average, it takes 6-12 months from purchase to sale. During this period, the buyer:

  • re-registers the resource for itself;
  • corrects errors;
  • brings the resource to a new level, raising its profitability;
  • sells for a higher price.

The difference will be the profit. It can vary from 100 rubles to several million. The most reliable site for trading sites is telderi.ru.

Method 35. Earnings on the preparation of essays, term papers, theses

Image description

Educators and practitioners may well choose this option for themselves. Completing student and school assignments pays quite well. And several works per month can bring up to 50,000 rubles per month.

Work orders are placed on the websites:

  • Vsesdal;
  • Resham;
  • Studlance;
  • Pomogatel;
  • Author24;
  • student.

The sites work according to 2 schemes:

  • Place profiles of performers. Customers go to the site and choose the author by rating and portfolio.
  • Students place orders, and those who want to fulfill them leave applications.
  • Sites take their percentage from the transaction between the parties.

Method 36. Trading, playing on the foreign exchange market

Image description

Trading securities and exchange-traded assets is a good way to increase your income. Traders earn on the difference in buy/sell transactions. But in order for the activity to be profitable, it is necessary:

  • have an economic education;
  • own technical and fundamental analysis;
  • test selected directions in an amount of up to 10 pieces;
  • open a deposit for a small amount that you can risk.

Earnings in this direction are measured as a percentage and amount to up to 50% of the closed transaction. But the risks of losing money are also high. Therefore, you need to start trading after many months of training.

Method 37. Selling things in online games

A lot of money is spinning in the gaming field, because pumped characters are needed for a confident game. And this, in turn, is achieved through the acquisition of various items. Therefore, trading them is a real profitable business.

It can be managed in two ways:

  • buy cheap items, expecting their value to rise;
  • participation in paid roulette in the hope of getting an expensive thing for a minimum investment.

Selling things is suitable for gamers who understand well which of them will be in demand. Profit from such transactions can be up to 200,000 rubles per month.

Method 38. Investing in raw materials

Image description

Long-term option, not suitable for everyone. The essence of earning is buying:

  • gold;
  • platinum;
  • oil;
  • silver, etc.

After the investor waits for the increase in the cost of raw materials and makes a sale. On this they receive from 5% to 15% of the initial investment.

Method 39. Coaching and infobusiness

Image description

Information products are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, you can earn very good money in this area. The essence of earnings is to create an author's course. For this you need:

  • put together useful material;
  • break it down into blocks and lessons;
  • add graphic files;
  • form everything together;
  • launch a promotion.

The last point is very important, since it is it that allows you to quickly promote the information product. The amount of profit depends on the initially set cost and the number of sales. But there is no ceiling here - income is often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Method 40. Cryptocurrency mining

Image description

Mining is very, very popular. But this method is one of the most controversial, since it is impossible to predict the final result. It depends on a whole range of factors:

  • capacity and quantity of equipment;
  • world situation;
  • applications used;
  • the location of the miner and not only.

In addition, you will need to register in a special project to work. And storage of earned money is possible only on special licensed exchanges.

The amount of earnings depends on the capacity of the equipment - at a minimum, income will be 24 rubles per day, more expensive systems issue up to 5,000 rubles per month.

Method 41. Vkontakte group

In recent years, groups in VK are losing their relevance, since almost all niches are occupied and it is no longer possible to get big money here. But if the potential founder of the group has at least a small budget and the ability to enlist the help of competent SMM specialists, then the chances of making a profit of up to 300,000 rubles per month are high.

Earnings are passive and consist of native advertising:

  • in the social network itself;
  • on a third party site .

But for those who do not understand the topic and cannot hire specialists, it is worth abandoning this option.

Method 42. Instagram

Image description

Insta attracts a large number of people who want to earn money. This social network is developing by leaps and bounds, so the opportunities here are high. But the competition is growing every year.

The work is based on creating a business profile. It is filled with useful content and artificially promoted. After that, you can start extracting money from the placed ads:

  • laying out posts and videos with direct advertising of goods or services of the customer;
  • participation in affiliate programs.

The amount of income directly depends on the number of subscribers. On average, a profile with a hundred thousand audience can bring up to 50,000 rubles per month.

Method 43. Telegram channel

Image description

Working on this platform is identical to the standard ways to make money on social networks. Therefore, the algorithm of actions is well known to most:

  • creating a channel;
  • Filling content;
  • promotion;
  • attraction of advertisers.

Important! Promotion on this site is more complicated than the standard one. The easiest way will be for those who have already promoted social networks and can use them to promote a new channel.

Advertising revenue will directly depend on the number of subscribers. One person brings an average of ½ ruble.

Method 44. Investing: PAMM accounts, currency, buying shares

Image description

Investments are the most popular direction in the 21st century. And most often, potential investors consider for themselves:

  • PAMM accounts - an investment option through an experienced trader ;
  • stocks/bonds - securities with different forms of yield;
  • currency - transactions of this type are very popular;
  • precious metals - many choose to open metal accounts.

Important! Experienced stock market players recommend investing through different brokers. At the same time, the larger the initial capital, the more diverse the areas for investment should be.
It is difficult to predict income in advance. First, investing is long term. Secondly, there is rarely stability in the market and fluctuations in this area are the norm.

Method 45. Cashback

Image description

A simple and pleasant way to replenish your bank account. For shopping lovers, it is enough:

  • get a card with the return of spent funds;
  • choose the most popular categories;
  • pay with this card.

Cashback can be up to 30%.

Another way to partially return your money is to register on a special service and install the application. Deductions from all purchases will be accumulated in a special account. They are displayed in different ways when the set minimum is reached.

Method 46. Creating a site to order

This is one of the most requested options on the web. Moreover, you can earn money both on sites made to order, and on resources created for the purpose of selling on the market.

 Having experience in similar work, it is not difficult to take up freelancing:

  • choose a suitable direction (cars, real estate, construction, and so on);
  • choose hosting;
  • buy a domain name;
  • create an individual design or use a ready-made template (paid or free);
  • fill the site with content (on your own or with the help of copywriters);
  • register with search engines and directories. If the work was done for the future, then it is more convenient to sell through freelance exchanges.

The cost of the simplest sites based on free platforms ranges from 5,000 rubles. More complex options bring profit in the amount of several tens of thousands of rubles.

Method 47. Traffic arbitration

Image description

Redirecting site visitors to the right segment is called traffic arbitrage. The work requires start-up capital, as well as experience and mastery of the art of analysis.

Without going into details, the algorithm of work is built as follows:

  • buying cheap traffic;
  • redirection to an area with a higher payment;
  • profit is derived from the value difference.

On average, the profit is 5 times higher than the investment. But the work cannot be called simple - in the process it is necessary to quickly navigate the situation, change systems and schemes, test different platforms and more.

Method 48. Digital agency, services

Image description

Digital agencies are becoming very popular. This option involves the creation of an agency to provide various services on the Internet:

  • writing texts;
  • advertising;
  • programming;
  • design and more.

It is permissible to choose only one direction or work in several at once. The agency's income averages 300,000 rubles per month. If you follow new directions and attract relevant specialists in time, the digital agency will actively develop.

Method 49. Development of programs, applications, web services

In the network, such activities are equated to start-ups, as they require:

  • the work of a team of enthusiasts;
  • large investments;
  • long testing.

But on the other hand, the profit from the launched product reaches several million rubles a month.

On average, the creation of a new information product is divided into three stages:

  • development;
  • testing;
  • advertising company.

It often takes several years from the first point to sales. Therefore, there are no random people in this industry.

Method 50. Earnings on bets

Image description

Big risk does not stop betting enthusiasts. Moreover, you can earn money on almost everything:

  • guessing the account;
  • determining the winning team and so on.

In case of victory, you can get 2 times more than the bet. But the loss is the loss of all money. Bets go through bookmakers, they also give out cash winnings.

To make a successful forecast and with a 100% guarantee to receive money, you need at least:

  • understand the topic;
  • choose a reliable bookmaker.

Important! There are a lot of scammers in this segment. Organizations that receive good reviews, are connected to the TSUPIS and are licensed are worthy of trust.

The amount of winnings depends on the bet made and the odds. But large sums often bring up to a million rubles and more.

Final ranking table

Transcription (speech-to-text translation)

Make money creating and selling audiobooks

Coaching and infobusiness

Earnings on voice acting of texts and videos

Earnings on boxes and viewing ads
Creation of a site to order
Earnings on consultations and tutoring
Earning on comments
Automatic earnings in browser extensions
Distant work
Earnings on photos (photo stocks)
Earnings on bets
Earn money writing texts
Earnings on file hosting
Earn on reviews
Trading, game in the foreign exchange market
Selling items in online games
Investment in raw materials
Cryptocurrency mining
Vkontakte community
Earnings on Avito, Yulia, etc.
Telegram channel
Investing: PAMM accounts, currency, buying shares
Traffic arbitration
Digital agency, services
Development of programs, applications, web services
Earnings on the sale of sites
Earnings on Wildberry
Partnership programs
Pulse from Mail.ru
Earnings on the installation of Android / iOS applications - quick money on the Internet
Earnings on the placement of crowd-links
Earning on your site
Consulting (paid consultations)
Channel on YouTube
earn money on tiktok
Earnings by entering captcha
Boosting accounts in games
Earnings on likes, subscriptions, reposts
Earn money by listening to music
Creation of an online store
Earn money by taking surveys
Earnings on the preparation of essays, term papers, theses

Where to study to earn more

Earning online brings different income. Its size depends on a combination of factors:

  • selected segment;
  • Freelance skills and knowledge;
  • willingness to learn and master new professions.

The last nuance is very important. There is very high competition in the network and only those who constantly improve themselves remain “afloat”.

A good result is given by specialized online schools. They have a lot of advantages:

  • free trial lessons;
  • installment payment;
  • promotions, discounts and sales;
  • experienced teachers;
  • high quality material.

But most of the programs are quite expensive. Therefore, be extremely careful in choosing a course and profession.

The most popular training sites are listed below:

  • GeekBrains is a true online university that takes its work seriously. Each graduate receives a confirmation certificate and can count on employment.
  • Skillbox is a very good school that teaches the most popular online professions. Like the previous site, it issues certificates and helps to find a job with a high salary.
  • SkillFactory - provides high-quality basic knowledge in the IT technology segment.
  • Contented - The site specializes in design and offers a wide range of destinations for future students.
  • BeOnMax - this is the place to go for those who want to learn professional programming skills. You can choose both free and paid programs.
  • Netology is an interesting option for programmers and analysts. A separate course has been created in the field of management.

How to avoid being scammed and what to do if you are scammed

The Internet is a vast field for the implementation of fraudulent schemes. Therefore, even experienced freelancers run the risk of falling into the network of deception. The options for withdrawing money are varied:

  • investment pyramids;
  • fake sites;
  • pseudo-betting sites;
  • mailing lists and more.

The following factors should be of concern:

  • an offer to invest at a high interest rate and for a short period of time - the classic algorithm of a financial pyramid;
  • large earnings for completing tasks that do not require special skills and abilities - a fabulous income remains such only in words;
  • 100% favorable reviews - if there are only positive comments on the online platform, then they are written or ordered by the site owners themselves;
  • numerous video reviews of those who have become rich - such videos are made by ordinary freelancers on order;
  • winning money or clothing prizes - fraudulent sites look like a one-page and ask to deposit money for delivery, winnings or opening an account;
  • a very beautiful picture - they are created by special people with one purpose - to mislead people.

Important! To reduce your risks, be sure to check the site on the Internet for reviews, comments, and frequency of mentions. Indeed, in the event of a loss of money, it will be impossible to return them in 97% of cases.

How to learn how to make money on the Internet: tips for beginners

When choosing sites for high and stable earnings, it is important to act consistently and take your time. As with any job, the Internet has its own specifics and features that are learned as you gain experience.

And for beginners, the following recommendations will help:

  • do not look for big money right away - you need to establish yourself on any site in order to receive orders with high pay;
  • try different options - not always a way of making money that seems ideal is suitable for a beginner, which means it’s worth testing different algorithms and offers at the same time;
  • become a professional - there are only a few of them in the network, so people who are able to develop and learn without interruption never remain without work;
  • do not be disappointed in yourself - the first earnings can be from several hundred rubles to 2,000 rubles, but you should not stop there - hard work always bears fruit in monetary terms.

Earnings on the Internet without experience and investments is real. It is important to decide to take the first step and develop in the chosen direction.

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