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Top 20 business ideas for men for 2022

The male part of the population has great opportunities and potential to develop their own business , doing a hobby or favorite thing. In this article, we have prepared a selection of the best business ideas for  real men that can be implemented in 2022 . You will definitely find your business among them. 

1. Repair

You can make good money on repair services - from 1 to 5 thousand rubles per square meter . The repair market is highly competitive. But among all the  masters who provide their services, there are very few true professionals .  Therefore, it is never too late  to start a  business in this area. 

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You can work independently. If you have  certain knowledge and skills, you only need to purchase the necessary tool.  This is about 100-150 thousand rubles.  There is another option: open your own repair company and hire a team of professional craftsmen. In this case, the costs are greater - the salary of workers, the purchase of a car, the opening of a business.

2. Warehouse rental

The warehouse  business  is booming today  . And this is not surprising. The number of entrepreneurs  is growing every year  , new  shops, factories,  various cargo transportation services  and  much more are opening. And everyone needs space  to  store goods  and equipment.   

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About organizing your own warehouse,  and starting to rent out its square meters, you can make good money. Rent  can be  both long-term, for clients who do not have their own space at all,  and short-term , literally hourly, for those who urgently need additional  premises . Clients can be easily found in both cases.  

3. Car dry cleaning

Professional cleaning of car dealerships is  quite a  promising business . Usually car owners carry  out chemical cleaning  of their car at least twice a year . Numerous car washes, in addition, also provide  similar services ,  but often  do  a  poor job . Therefore , a professional service can  quickly  gain  popularity.  

To open a small company specializing in car dry cleaning  ,  you will need  about 250 thousand rubles. The main expenses  will go to the purchase of equipment and  cleaning  products.  

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To increase your earnings, organize  an on-site dry cleaning service.   

4. Self-service car washes 

Every year, the fleet of Russians increases by  about 1.5 million units . At the same  time, the need for car washes is also growing . 

Today,  self-service car washes are in great demand  . Their performance  is ten  times higher than that of conventional ones . They are able to bring in a  very good income.

True, and investments will be required large. To organize a service  for four posts  , at least 5  million rubles will be required. If the car wash operates  at least  a quarter of its full load , then the investment will pay off  in two  years.  

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5. Production of mini ovens

An interesting and profitable  business  can be the production of  stoves for private houses .  In  such ovens  you can bake pizza , bread, cook meat,  fish dishes  and much more. 

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Many instructions and diagrams for the manufacture of  furnaces  can be easily  found  on the Internet. The cost of products is low. And the clients will be provided with active advertising in  social networks  and the distribution of ads in suburban and private areas. 

Business investments are not very high, you only need a tool.

6. Production of rubber tiles

The construction novelty from Europe has a number of undeniable advantages over traditional tiles. It is  safe,  reliable and  easy to install . Can be  produced in various shapes and colors .  

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It will perfectly replace the standard analogue in almost any institution. The production and installation of such tiles will bring a good profit, subject to the availability of start-up capital of several million rubles . However, with a competent approach, investments will pay off in 1-2 years.  

7. Making safes

Today, safes are needed not only for banks. They are actively used by firms and enterprises, as  well as  individuals .

You can start  production  with primitive metal structures with a lock , such as are used  in supermarkets , gyms,  on  beaches, etc.  Gradually move on to complex  and reliable  designs  or hidden models. 

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The initial investment will be about 2,00,000  rubles . They will be used to purchase  equipment and materials . First of all, you will need to buy a  welding machine and  a machine  for  plasma cutting of metal .
The simplest metal  cabinet with a lock today  costs about 5,000 rubles. That is, it is realistic to receive an income of  100,000 rubles per month.  

8. Mushroom production

With an initial capital of only 5-10 thousand rubles , you can set up  your own  mushroom production.

This is an unpretentious product that  does not need  bright lighting  and  frequent watering . 
To start, you need a room of about 300  sq.m. with about racks and possibility of regulation of temperature . The average mushroom production cycle is approximately  3 months ,  i.e. up to 4 crops can be obtained per year , which will bring good profit.    

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9. Field  tire fitting

Services  shinomontazh and are  always  relevant . And even more so in the form of a mobile service. Here, the client does not have  to  look for the nearest tire fitting point , put a spare tire or even tow the car. It is enough to dial  the number,  and  the specialist  himself will drive to any specified place. Convenient and fast for the client. And beneficial to you. 

You can start your own business in this area with about 300 thousand rubles. This amount is enough to purchase the necessary equipment, rent vehicles and hire staff. With round-the-clock work,  investments will quickly pay off.      

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10. Manufacture of garden furniture

This is a great business for men who know how and love to work with wood .

Author's garden products, especially those made to order,  are quite expensive, and production costs are minimal.

This allows you to get a good income, even with several orders per month. Although, with good advertising and decent product quality, there will be no problems with customers. In the future, a small business can grow into a whole furniture factory.  

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11. Making frozen  fish food

This is a highly cost - effective project . For its implementation,  first of all,  it is necessary to  find a reservoir in which live food lives: tubifex , cyclops and others .  It is also good to study the process of forage harvesting. Believe me, it's not difficult. 

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Having purchased the equipment,  you can start production . Freezers should be prepared in  advance  and  the packaging of the future product should be considered. Private  aquarists  may be the first clients . Subsequently  , you can expand the business and start  deliveries to stores.    

12. Manufacture of leather goods

Leather products  have always been in  high demand ,  especially  if they are  exclusive models . The production of leather products  can bring a good income .

 Business profitability sometimes reaches 300%.
You can start  this  business by purchasing raw materials and the necessary equipment, for which you will have to pay about 100 thousand rubles. 

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It  ’s worth  starting with the manufacture of various accessories: belts, wallets, key holders,  purses,  bags and more. With  the experience and customer base, you can move on to more complex things. With proper  pricing and original beautiful products ,  investments will pay off pretty quickly .   

13. Production of colored gravel

This idea is to purchase raw materials and its further painting with acrylic  paints . As a result  of this,  a very popular   product for landscape design is obtained.

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Of course, to start, you will need a lot  of space for production and storage, as well as a set of necessary equipment , which costs  about 1 million rubles. To buy raw materials  will have to  tons. One  ton  will cost about 1.5  thousand rubles. But the  finished product  already costs about 500 rubles. for a  20 kg package. This gives a good profit.  

14. Installation of solar panels

Alternative energy sources are in increasing demand every year. Therefore , the installation of solar batteries can become a promising and profitable business . This service is very popular in the private sector:  country houses, cottages, cottages, farms and much more.

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To start, you  will need  about 150  thousand rubles to purchase the  necessary tools. It is also  necessary  to establish cooperation with leading manufacturing companies. An additional source of income may be the sale of solar equipment kits.  

15. Moving services

These are  services related to moving  . Moving  agencies provide comprehensive assistance in moving legal entities and  individuals . The company will not only transport things, but will also take care of all the trouble: it will disassemble and assemble furniture, connect and install all the equipment, and even remove all the garbage left after the move.  

A simple and profitable idea that is easy to implement. You just need to hire reliable employees, acquire  cargo transport and find the first customers.  Initially, you can hire 2 movers and purchase a gazelle for moving. Minimum investment from 500 thousand rubles.

16. Laser tag club

Active and extreme entertainment is very popular today . One of the newest among  them  is the laser tag  game . This is a kind of analogue of paintball.  

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17. Manufacture and sale of forged products

The production of  forged fences,  fences, gates , gazebos, barbecues  and other forged products  is definitely a profitable  business, especially during the season. It is possible to organize such production with about 500 thousand people . rubles for the purchase of equipment and rent of premises. 

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The cost of forged products is about 20 %, therefore, with proper promotion  of the business, it is possible to recoup the investment in six months.  

18. Production of  bio- fireplaces

 Bio fireplaces are safe  and  environmentally friendly  models equipped with a fuel tank.  They are great  for interior decoration .

Such a business does not require large  investments, but can bring  good  profits.   

The technology  for creating fireplaces  is quite simple. They have about 150 thousand rubles, you can easily start your own production . A good advertising campaign will ensure the success of the project.   

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19. Survival courses

Recently, various survival courses in extreme situations have become in high demand . In this way, their courses teach orienteering,  shelter,  food, first  aid.  

To  start  , you need an initial capital of 100-150,000 rubles for the purchase of equipment. Before practical exercises in nature,  it is necessary  to conduct theoretical ones ,  therefore, it is necessary to  rent a room .

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And most importantly  ,  hire experienced professional instructors and provide for all security measures. With an average cost of courses of 5-6 thousand rubles, you can earn a good monthly income. 

20. Production of fuel briquettes

Fuel briquettes are the most environmentally friendly  and efficient  type of  fuel. The demand for  them is constantly growing . Briquettes are made from various waste products from woodworking and agricultural enterprises.   

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 Outwardly  , they look like ordinary firewood and can be used in almost all areas. The production of fuel briquettes,  for example,  from sawdust, can be a profitable  project , because the raw material is practically underfoot.

It will take about 2 million rubles to launch the line . Costs , when working in two shifts,  can  be  recouped in a year.  
–ė—Ā—ā–ĺ—á–Ĺ–ł–ļ: https://bizec.ru/top-20-biznes-idey-dlya-muzhchin

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