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Top 20 Best Business Ideas For Girls in 2022

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Practice shows that girls cope with business no worse, and sometimes even better than men. Therefore, a business for a woman is a great opportunity to fulfill herself , provide for herself and support her family, as well as make her life more interesting and eventful. In this article, we have collected a selection of the best ideas that any girl can start already in 2022 . 

Organization of children's parties

All parents want to make the holiday of their beloved child fun and unforgettable . They are willing to pay good money for it. The business  of organizing holidays can become not only profitable, but also very interesting .

To start, first of all, you need love for children, a positive attitude and a creative approach.

There will be enough small starting capital, depending on your capabilities. But you can get up to 10-20 thousand net profit  for one holiday . There are a lot of holidays in the year. And your satisfied customers will perfectly advertise you to neighbors and friends.  

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Beauty salons

This is one of the most popular types of business for girls. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and it is never too late to find your niche in it. Despite the seemingly saturated market with various salons and studios, there will always be a demand for quality services.

Therefore, when opening your salon, make  the main emphasis  on attracting experienced craftsmen.

You can start your own business with any starting capital. Everything will  depend  on the scale of the project. You can open a full-fledged salon with a wide range of services.

You can also start with narrower  areas,  for example,  a nail salon, a  brow  bar, an eyelash extension studio, a depilation studio  , etc.  

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With a good business plan, a competent advertising policy and quality services, you can quickly achieve a fairly high profitability.  

Rental of goods for children

 Children and children grow quickly, and quality  goods  for babies  in stores are expensive. But how many of them are needed in the first years of a child's life: strollers, cribs, playpens, walkers, educational toys and much more. They are all used, as a rule, for a very short time, after which they are sold at half price.

The rental point will help parents save money , where you can take the  necessary thing for a while.

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  • To open a rental office, you need a small room. For ¬†starters, even an apartment is suitable, if there is a free room.
  • You can buy an assortment gradually , as demand appears. And therefore¬† , you need to¬† focus on a few of the most popular positions , given the size of the starting capital.¬†
  • It is also necessary to provide for delivery to the client.¬†
  • Success in the early stages will depend on your activity and advertising. Be sure to create¬† groups on¬† social networks and on mom ¬†forums¬† , place ads near all childcare facilities ¬†in your city .¬†In the future,¬† satisfied ¬†customers themselves will bring you new ones, bec ause all young parents , as a rule, ¬†communicate with each other.¬†¬†

Cleaning services  _

Today , more and more  organizations and just individuals  use the services of professionals in  matters of cleanliness . 

A cleaning  company can be a promising  business idea with little investment . For starters , about 150,000  rubles will be enough  . 

You will need  to rent a small  space, purchase  the necessary  equipment and chemicals , and  hire a few staff members. Much, of course, will depend on the number of  orders and  their  level .  Having concluded agreements with  several large  clients,  the project can be recouped, on average, in a year.  

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Animal cafe

Ordinary  anti-cafes no longer surprise anyone. Recently, animal cafe formats have been actively developing  , in which visitors can communicate  with cats,  puppies,  raccoons  and other animals . Payment is made  for the time spent in the institution. For an additional fee, you can  organize photo shoots, holidays and  master classes.   

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While such cafes are not available in all cities , so the competition  is very low . Opening costs will depend on the format of the institution. On average, to launch a cafe for 20-30 people, you will need about 500 thousand rubles.  

Salt cave

Salt caves are  rapidly  developing  in almost  all cities of the country. The reasons for the popularity of the business are simple: it does not require  much experience and  serious investments. 

To start the project, you will need to rent a room, make a beautiful renovation in it, creating a design  in the form of a cave consisting of salt. 

Clients  will come to breathe in the  healing  air saturated with salts and pay  for the time spent. The payback period for a project with an initial capital of about 250,000 rubles is approximately 11 months.  

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Yoga studio

The popularity of yoga in the country is growing  every year. A yoga studio for the whole family can be  a good  profitable business. To  open it  from scratch does not require  serious investments. And you can cut  costs  by finding a room that does not require serious repairs. 

One of the main conditions for a successful project is the recruitment of professional yoga instructors.

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The  studio's  income is based on the sale of subscriptions  and one-time classes. With the recruitment  of several full groups,  the project pays  off fairly quickly.  

The minimum starting capital is 250 thousand rubles. Payback - 1 year.

zoo hotel

A promising line of business, so far very little is represented in the cities of the country. Renting a small private house, you can open a hotel where caring owners can safely leave their beloved pet while leaving.

It is necessary  to provide not only accommodation, but  also competent care for pets: feeding, walking, playing. And also take care of the delivery of animals to the place. 

Hotels are  more and more in demand, so with good care for four-legged animals, there will be no shortage of customers, especially in the summer. 

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Training Center

Today it is a popular, actively developing business area. The training center can be opened both in a traditional format and online. The topic ¬†can be anything that is close and interesting to you. For example, it can be cooking courses, manicure courses, needlework lessons, learning foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčand much¬† more.

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It is no secret that in many industries, teaching a business turns out to be much more profitable than organizing a business itself. The main thing is to choose the right direction that is in good demand. And also find professionals in this field who will become teachers in your center. 

On average, it takes 500-600 thousand rubles to open a center , the payback is six months to a year.


Catering  companies and  organize  catering  for various  events  . They organize receptions , coffee breaks and whole  banquets on the territory of the client or  with a trip to the fresh air.  The popularity of outdoor events is increasing every year. The number of clients is growing. 

You can have time to turn around in this niche , especially in a small city with low competition ,  and receive a good monthly income. If you establish  cooperation with agencies for arranging holidays ,  this will  give you  access to more potential  customers.

To open your company, you will need to rent a room, purchase the necessary equipment and hire staff. It will take about 500 thousand rubles. 

Creation of  thematic  photo zones

The business  is not only profitable , but also very interesting . A minimum investment is enough to get started . You can  create  photo locations by order of the client for various events: weddings, anniversaries, exhibitions, presentations, etc. And also  arrange  thematic photo zones  for photo shoots .  

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To do this, you will need  to enter into  cooperation with a professional and photographers . The main thing in the development of the project will be your creativity and sense of style. A good advertising campaign and interesting projects will ensure a constant flow of customers  and a stable income.   

Unusual gifts _

 Today , original gifts created by order of the client  are in great demand .

For example ,  bouquets and  figures made  of fruits,  vegetables, sweets,  balloons, toys,  alcohol  and much more . You can search for customers and  advertise  your products  through the Internet and  social networks . Initial start up costs are minimal. It is only necessary to purchase the necessary materials and arm yourself with interesting ideas. 

You can work from home without spending extra money on renting a room. But it is obligatory to arrange delivery to the client. The profit in such a business is not the biggest,  but  the business is creative and interesting. 

3D sweets

The production and sale of confectionery products created using a 3D printer can  become  quite a profitable business .

You can make chocolate and sugar figurines, cakes, pastries, cookies and much more. Good demand is for products created to order according to the sketches of the client. You can sell sweets both independently and through various cafes, restaurants, shops and pastry shops. 

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The business requires relatively small investments. It will take about 100,000 rubles to buy a 3D printer  . Investments will quickly pay off if you start  a business  during the  holidays.  

Animal clothing

Lately, custom-tailored designer pet clothing has been in high demand. These are various overalls, jackets, dresses, fur coats and much more.

To start the project, you will need a small investment in the purchase of sewing equipment and materials. And of course, the ability to sew. Spectacular work and good advertising will ensure a constant flow of customers. It will be possible to recoup the project in just a few months.  

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A good opportunity to earn money is  to start organizing excursions. Especially if you live in an area that attracts tourists .   

Excursions can be carried out  around the city or any beautiful and significant places . They can be  both group and individual . 
Initially  , it is necessary to  develop  new  tourist routes that can be of interest to inquisitive  customers . One of the most popular today is the direction of green tourism . Such excursions  take place with complete immersion in nature. They can be on foot, bicycle or even horseback. Business  costs  are  low . Profit, though  not  huge, but  stable.    

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 Dance school

Today, dance classes are very quickly gaining popularity among all age groups of the population . 

A good  business idea would be to open a  school for adults  and children  with various dance styles.
The most relevant is the combination of  weight loss programs and modern dances. To  start,  you will need to rent a suitable room, equip and renovate it, and hire qualified teachers. 

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With an average investment of 300-400,000 rubles, you can get a good profit and fully justify the costs  in just a year of active work. 

Logopedic studio

A rather specific direction that will  always be in demand ,  given the need for the services of a speech therapist. This is a great business idea for women with an initial investment of  200,000  rubles.

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The main costs  will  be spent on the rent and  equipment of the premises, the purchase  of teaching aids and materials, as well as the remuneration of qualified speech pathologists -defectologists. Active  advertising on the Internet and  near children's educational institutions will give  the first  customers.  

Further, with the effectiveness of the classes, the flow of new customers will  constantly  increase. 

Express manicure studio

A modern idea for a business could be a photo manicure studio  , where  manicures are created using photo printers .

Modern equipment allows  you to get a beautiful  design  on natural and artificial nails in a matter of  minutes . The client  can choose  any image from the printer's collection or upload his own.  

To implement the¬† idea ¬†, it is necessary to rent a small area in ¬†a large shopping center , about 5-8¬† sq.m. will be enough . and buy equipment. The cost of a¬† professional¬† printer is¬† about¬† 80,000 ‚ÄĮrubles .¬†

To  increase revenue  , you can print images on other surfaces,  such as  phone cases. Payback of business comes in 3-5 months. 

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Babysitter for an hour

Modern  mothers often use the services of a nanny ,  even when the baby  is  still in infancy. There are situations when it is urgent to leave the child for a few hours. Therefore, today such a  service as a nanny on call  is popular .     

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A professional nanny will come to the client's home or any other place and spend time with the baby. To get started, you will  need  to create a large database of professional nannies,  rent a small office  , and develop an advertising campaign. 

The advantages  of such a  business  are low   organization costs  and great development prospects. 

Homemade cosmetics 

Recently, natural cosmetics have become very popular . 

At home, you can start the production of your own line of natural products - to produce  soaps, shampoos, balms and other care products.

And you can also receive additional income from conducting master classes in their production.

As a rule, the distribution of products begins with acquaintances and  social networks. You can set up the process  practically from scratch by purchasing a small batch of raw materials for the first cosmetics . Just do not forget  to take care of the beautiful packaging and delivery of products to customers.    

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