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Top 10 business ideas from scratch without investment in 2022

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There are many options for starting your own business from scratch, without experience and financial investments. In this article, we will look at the top 10 most popular and working ideas. Many of them are verified by personal experience and time. You can also find your niche and start implementing it as early as 2022. If you are ready for this, feel free to open your own business!

1.Business on websites

I myself am the owner of many sites and at the moment I have sites in my asset that bring more than 20-30,000 rubles of monthly profit. The money comes from monetizing traffic from search engines. In other words, for the ads that visitors see. I write something about this on my vkontakte blog  “Free Business” .

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Today, many online businessmen own dozens of websites and earn hundreds of thousands from advertising. Almost any of you can do the same, it’s not difficult to learn this, today there are a lot of ready-made options on the Internet.

Of course, it will take a lot of time to create and promote your resource, and the more traffic it has, the higher your income will be.

Resources with high attendance begin to earn on affiliate programs, placing various advertising banners, links, paid articles. With a competent approach, a site with a traffic of 1,000 people per month brings the owner about 10,000 rubles a month. 

2. Dropshipping

I opened my first online store using the “dropshipping” system , which involves direct delivery from the manufacturer to the buyer. You do not need to purchase goods and invest in a warehouse. You can open the site and start its seo promotion. Traffic from search engines will give you the first orders. Earned money you invest in advertising and increase the flow of customers. 

Thus, in a year, my very first online store grew to a turnover of 1 million rubles . I repeat, this is not just a theory, this is my personal experience.

3. Youtube Channel

YouTube is not only entertainment, but also a serious business .

Making money on a video channel is one of the most promising online businesses.

Beginning video bloggers earn from $ 300 per month , and YouTube stars earn millions of dollars

And anyone can become such a blogger. Even a child can run his own channel on YouTube today, for example, my daughter, at the age of 10, already earned 20,000  rubles. monthly on your channel. My channel now brings more than $ 1000 monthly and this is not the limit!

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I really think this is one of the best ways to start a business. You start it as a hobby and then it turns into a real advertising business. A large channel always has a lot of promotional offers. To start, a regular smartphone is enough.

It is important to consider the entertainment nature and understand why some videos get millions of views. You can start receiving the first money when you reach 1000 subscribers on your channel.

4. Affiliate programs

By the way, this is the first place where I could earn some money. And I think that this is where absolutely any entrepreneur should start . After all, if you cannot sell someone else's product or service, it is unlikely that you will succeed with your own. Why spend money on starting a business when there are a lot of affiliate offers around. Sold the goods, get your percentage.

Some companies are willing to give you more than 50% for the sale of their product. All you need is to be able to sell and set up ads.

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5. Smm studio and freelance

In the modern world, there are a huge number of online projects that someone supports and develops. Any owner of even an average project, practically always needs quality services for writing text, posts, conducting dialogues with clients, etc. How to turn it into a business without investments? I'll tell you a little story.

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In 2009, I met a Ukrainian who made money with the help of texts. He wrote custom penny texts for website and store owners. A few years later, he already owned his own studio with 10 employees , to whom he transferred orders from his clients.

It's no secret that recommendations and word of mouth decide a lot on the Internet , therefore, having recruited a certain number of customers, you will be provided with orders for a long time.

When you have such a number of clients that you cannot handle, then you will need to hire employees and assistants. And it will be a real profitable business.

6. Create audiobooks

This is not only an interesting and exciting business, but also a fairly profitable source of income, because audiobooks are rapidly gaining popularity and are actively bought by listeners. 

To create your own audio library, you need to be able to read expressively , have good diction and the necessary set of equipment. It is better to start with one subject or a certain genre. By choosing popular works, you can secure a good income. 

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7. Organizer of joint purchases

Previously, I was quite skeptical about this idea, but more than 5 years have passed, and my wife still uses the services of joint purchases. It is really convenient and the price tag is always below the market. 

The essence of the business idea: the organizer of joint purchases agrees on a wholesale price  with the seller, and then offers a significant discount to his customers. All goods are ordered in advance by customers and immediately pay for it.

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It is only important to build trust and collect feedback. The best advertising engine is of course social networks and word of mouth.

8. Massage at home

This type of service is in great demand, especially in large and medium-sized cities. Having started work on your own, in the future you can open your own salon or organize a service that allows clients to call a massage therapist at home.

It remains only to undergo vocational training or initially hire a few specialists. You can search for clients via the Internet, using social networks. networks or medical institutions by posting specialized ads.

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9. Real estate agent

The most money-making idea is, of course, the sale of real estate! As a realtor, you don't invest a lot of money. But it opens the way to a profitable business! 

Having gained some experience, you can open your own real estate agency by recruiting employees and paying them a certain percentage of the transaction. All that remains for you is to establish constant calls with the help of advertising.

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10. Zen channel

Zen is a fairly young project and for authors it is a simple and quick way to make money. Here, for example, is one of my channels, which is hosted by my wife. The bottom line is simple, you run your blog and Zen gives you traffic and money for advertising within your materials. 

You can start with one channel, creating materials on your own, and it will turn into a real business when you have 3-5-10 channels. Then it will be possible to hire employees.

Or you can combine it with another idea and redirect traffic to your site, earning on two resources at once.
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