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The Psychology Of Fonts: Perception And Meaning

After a series of studies in the field of psychology, it was found that the font can affect the mood of the person who directly sees it. Even the same words carry different emotional connotations, based on the font style used to write them.

It is important to take into account the characteristics of potential buyers and opt for a font that will be positively and effectively perceived by customers. Light playful letters on an advertising sign will actively attract a children's audience, but this style is inappropriate for attracting business partners.

Features of emotional perception of different types of fonts

Psychologists have identified a number of main font categories based on the identified changes in the mood of buyers when reading it.

Straight stretched font

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Acts as a universal option for all types of companies, regardless of the type of product that the organization offers to customers. It is important to note that this font is not suitable for creating advertisements for original products if its purpose is to distinguish products from similar competitors. In this case, the resulting text will look unattractive. However, colorful elements can be added to the logo to make it more memorable for clients.

Strict square font

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Most often, this type of font style is used in the design of advertising signs for industrial goods, as well as for various technological products and posters of a social nature. The use of a square strict font will emphasize the importance of the transmitted information and set people up for a serious perception of the meaning of advertising. This style is also suitable for attracting the attention of business people to the brand.

Round font

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This form of letters is able to evoke a feeling of comfort in customers. Fonts that differ in angularity, on the contrary, seem unnecessarily strict to a person. The style of writing, where roundness prevails, is perceived by potential customers as an indicator of the care and kindness of the company.

Italic font with vignettes

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It is usually used in advertising products aimed at a female audience. This font style is distinguished by its lightness and beauty, evoking pleasant associations among girls and women. The indicated style of the letter outline can be found in the signs of beauty salons, as well as women's clothing and cosmetics stores. The use of italics makes the information even easier for consumers to understand by making it seem less important. It is for this reason that footnotes and footnotes are italicized.


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It is inappropriate to use this type of font in outdoor advertising, since if there are larger letters, it is difficult for consumers to respect and perceive. But at the same time, it is effective to use the handwritten style when developing advertising for goods and services, trying to emphasize their exclusivity and originality. The presented font can be found on signs advertising lawyer and consulting services. The use of this style of writing letters emphasizes the reliability of the transmitted information and inspires the trust of buyers.

Stylized decorative font

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The specified type of font resembles in its outlines the inscriptions of the Gothic style. It is advisable to use it only if it is appropriate. For an advertising sign, for example, a children's center or a hairdressing salon, this type of font is not suitable. A stylized inscription on the signboard of thematic bars will look advantageous.

Examples of popular fonts

  • Serifs: Baskerville, Didot, Garamond, Georgia, Times. These fonts are perceived as traditional, practical and refined.
  • Lack of serifs : Avenir, Futura, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Verdana. Differ in versatility, modernity, purity and geometricity.
  • Handwriting style : Buttermilk, Edwardian, Isabella, Snell Roundhand, Zapfino . The presented fonts are associated in people with elegance, sophistication and style.
  • Bar style : Clarendon, Copse, Josefin, Museo, Silverfake. These are modern, trendy and friendly fonts.

Serif and sans serif font - differences

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Fonts where the letters have serifs are perceived more effectively in printed format texts. Serifs allow you to increase the contrast between letters, making them stand out. When reading text written in this font, a person experiences some difficulty in recognizing each individual letter. Because of this, the information is not perceived by the reader as effectively.

Sans-serif fonts are optimal for use in texts published on the Internet. Letters of this style look advantageous on the elements of outdoor advertising due to the preservation of integrity while increasing their size during printing. The font of this type perfectly attracts the attention of customers, and is also the best option for small text. But it is still desirable to choose serif letters as the main style of writing, since they do not tire the reader so quickly.

According to statistics, fonts of the first type are used in writing headline text in 40% of cases. At the same time, more than 60% of sites use a sans-serif font when writing the main part.

The nuances of the perception of the font on the logo

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Only 6% of international brand logos use the icon . 56% of logo creators use text and an image together, while the remaining 37% opt for lettering. It has been proven that most often companies choose text as the main element of the brand mark. Choosing the right typeface is critical to the continued success of an organization. You need to try to convey to customers the essence of the brand and the distinctive features of the products that it sells.

Logos , in which the text is located in a circle or square, form the overall impression of the company as a reliable and confident organization among buyers. If an ellipse is presented in place of these figures , then the brand sign will be associated with creativity. Text in an inverted triangle is perceived as a call to action. If the name of the company is located diagonally , then the logo makes people think that this organization has speed advantages and confident swiftness.

Font that is better perceived by customers

In more than 60% of cases, a sans-serif font style is used when developing a logo. The most common font, and also the best to understand, is Helvetica . It is found in 21% of the created logos. This writing style was used in their brand name by the popular organizations Saint Laurent, HBA, Comme des Garsons, colette.

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Font recommendations

  • Bold large font is perfect for outdoor advertising, as it is well recognized against the background of any color and is perceived by people quite easily. You should consider the distance at which you plan to place the logo. If it is equal to about five meters, then it is advisable to select the letters used in writing the text with a height of more than five cm.
  • It is advisable to use no more than 3 different font styles on one advertising banner so as not to complicate the perception of people reading information.
  • The size should be about 11-12 points if the ad is aimed at a general target audience. For potential buyers over 60 years of age, it is better to use a 18-point font in the sign. The title text is best done in font 14-30 pt.
  • You should not write the text exclusively in capital letters, as it is difficult to read. If the background is bright, then the use of ornate letters should be avoided.
  • Serif fonts are suitable for printed advertising materials due to the fact that in this case each letter is perceived separately.
  • Changing the length of the line allows you to control the speed of reading, therefore, to improve the quality of information delivery, it is recommended to take into account the spaces between letters and lines.

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