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The Importance Of Online Reputation

Having an excellent online reputation is essential to differentiate yourself from competitors in any market. Reputation constitutes the prestige or respect that a company or brand with an Internet presence has.

Knowing what audiences ask for and think about a brand is essential to know how it should manage its reputation. The construction of this reputation must be done both online and offline, in order to transmit a consistent and integrated image as a brand.

The management of this reputation must be done with an intelligent marketing strategy that contributes to its growth and development. In this article we explain what online reputation is, its importance and how you need to make it known.


It is the perception and level of influence that users form on a brand, based on their relationship with it. In the same way that people build their image through actions, the same thing happens with companies.

Reputation is built according to the opinions and impact of your actions inside or outside the company, with respect to customers, suppliers and employees. The positive or negative results will be published on the Internet for visitors, through reviews or suggestions.

Therefore, if you receive a negative comment, it is recommended to interact healthily with the user to offer a solution or compensate them in some way, in order to control the damages of that negative experience.

Keep in mind that a negative comment has more weight than a positive one, and working on those cases is of great importance. Of course, you don't have to ignore positive comments, so a good interaction with them helps you get more engagement online.


Online reputation is vital because the credibility and trust you inspire depends on it, especially if you own a brand or company, and you want to achieve greater visibility and a rebound in your sales. Discover how to improve the online reputation of your business:


Your business website should be as professional as possible. Products and services must be shown objectively, publishing quality images, their characteristics and benefits. We recommend that you include a video that shows your product as it is.

If you have a website with a good reputation, it is likely to rank well on Google, and in turn will receive natural traffic from search engines. Users can access this page by searching associated with the brand, service or sector.

Social networks are fundamental pillars that favor the credibility of a brand or company. More and more users are using Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook to make inquiries to a brand in a simple and direct way.

The publications made on these platforms represent the ideal opportunity to emphasize the most subjective and personal part of the company. It is what is known as giving personality to the brand, so that users identify better with it.


One of the fundamental features of the Internet is freedom of expression. For this reason, users use this platform to share their good and bad experiences publicly, so that other users know about it. Reviews are a good example of this.

Reviews are generally left on business profiles such as Google My Business, and have a dual purpose as they directly affect a company's brand perception. The use of positive or negative reviews affects the virtual credibility of a business.

The management of these reviews should be treated with care. We recommend that you respond to any assessment you receive, giving thanks for the trust in the brand. If there are negative comments, explain that you read all the opinions and that you work every day to improve with those messages.

Remember that an assertive response in time to a negative comment prevents your company from having a crisis due to a bad reputation.


Caring for your community is something you should write in stone. And it is that the importance of keeping users satisfied is vital , since your online reputation depends on what they say and think.

Managing your community correctly favors the virtual identity of your brand, which greatly affects your reputation. Consider that the success of your business depends largely on what others think about you on this platform, so take great care of your online communication.


If you manage to build links with recognized brands within your sector, you will be able to increase the trust of your customers. And it is that the concept of online reputation is linked to the authority and number of influential people with whom your company collaborates.

In this way, you imply that your company offers punctual things and that it works continuously to guarantee the greatest satisfaction. This also helps you reinforce your knowledge and opens new doors for your business.


To manage your online reputation, you should pay special attention to the negative comments and reviews that your brand receives. In this case, it is essential that you have a metric strategy, as well as good criteria to differentiate and order all the positive and negative feedback.

And it is that it will not be the same to manage a complaint, than to manage an opinion of a client who indicates that your product does not offer what he was looking for, although in the end he admits that the quality is good. There are several metrics that help you organize the opinions, in order to facilitate your work.

A good example is Net Promoter Score, a metric that is very useful for measuring customer loyalty. It also serves to measure how likely your visitors are to recommend your products or services to family and friends.

Managing a good online reputation is usually accompanied by a good marketing strategy , so knowledge and common sense are required to develop it. The reputation of your brand will not be a problem as long as you pay attention to it in the right way.

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