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The Importance Of CRM In Inbound Marketing Strategy

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CRM is an ally of Inbound Marketing strategies , helping to improve business processes and boost sales results. Still don't know what CRM is and what benefits it offers? So, read on and find out!

What is CRM?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management, which can be translated as customer relationship management. Simplifying even more, it is a software that makes it possible to register contacts between a lead and the company's commercial team.

Suppose a salesperson on your team contacts a lead. This professional records data about this interaction in the CRM, such as the lead name, phone number, email, website visits and a description of the contact, in addition to being able to schedule a future follow-up action, the so-called follow-up, which can be a call, email, whatsapp message, etc.

In this way, all data on interactions with leads is recorded in the CRM, providing the company with information to build a lasting relationship with leads and customers, guaranteeing them a differentiated sales and post-sales experience.

How does CRM work?

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CRM is available in two versions: operating on the computer itself or in the cloud, which is a more practical and economical alternative, as it does not require the company to invest in a specific IT structure to use the software.

In addition, the cloud CRM can be accessed from any device, including mobile, which allows the sales team to have access to lead and customer data anywhere.

Access to the system is simplified, just have a username and password to verify information, record data and use all other functions of the tool.

Benefits of CRM

CRM offers special benefits that make a difference in the company's business strategy. Here are some of these benefits:

Commercial organization and control

CRM allows the company to abandon spreadsheets, which are not always easy to handle, and quickly record data in a single system, minimizing the possibility of information loss.

With this, the entire commercial process becomes organized and the company has better control of activities, with a clear view of all stages, which makes it possible to make decisions with greater assertiveness, correctly redirecting the team's efforts.

Integration and information sharing

With CRM, the entire sales team is aligned and updated on activities, contacts and negotiations, ensuring an integrated view that will make it possible to make smarter decisions that bring the expected results.

Higher productivity and more sales

By using the software, salespeople perform various activities from a single tool, without wasting time to find important information.

This is possible because CRM usually integrates calendars, email, marketing automation tools, among others, in order to make it possible to carry out different activities in one place.

As a result, there is an increase in the productivity of the sales team and an improvement in the commercial, with a reduction in the cycle and optimization of work, in order to bring more expressive results.

Taking advantage of business opportunities

When you have a more accurate record of data, you can better take advantage of all business opportunities, approaching the consumer exactly at the moment when he has already made his purchase decision.

In addition, CRM allows you to customize the sale, with an exclusive focus on each lead, which also increases the chance of closing a deal, contributing positively to the company's revenue.

Customer loyalty

The commercial work does not end when the team manages to make a sale, it is important to retain that customer so that he comes back and buys again with the company.

A CRM software supports the customer loyalty strategy, offering specific products for their profiles, in addition to providing personalized service and marketing directed to their needs.

Fast adjustment of business processes

CRM provides data that allows the company to more easily visualize the strengths and weaknesses of its business approach, and can make adjustments quickly, to avoid losing business.

What is the importance of CRM in an Inbound Marketing strategy?

You must surely be wondering how important CRM is in Inbound Marketing strategies. To understand it, it is essential to remember that inbound aims to attract leads and convert them into customers.

All this is done through relevant content, which adds value to the audience. Based on the content that the lead consumed, the commercial team can identify the best time to approach the lead, increasing the chances of closing the deal.

This is possible when the marketing and sales team work in an integrated way, allowing both to visualize the complete process, from attraction, through conversion, sale and loyalty.

CRM integrates information and optimizes marketing and sales processes, which allows you to increase productivity, identify points of improvement and provide corrections, as well as avoid redundancy and data loss, generating more sales.

Inbound sales: what is it and how does it work

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CRM is also a powerful tool when the company adopts inbound sales, which is a methodology in which the salesperson identifies and focuses on the needs and objectives of leads, for an individualized approach.

In inbound sales, the salesperson acts more in a consultative way, attracting people and building a lasting relationship that will enable a successful negotiation, with the sale.

The sales team works with leads generated from Inbound Marketing. The commercial team obtains, through the CRM, information such as content that the lead has viewed, pages accessed, among other data about their profile.

With this information, the salesperson can develop a personalized approach, which is appropriate to the lead's reality, in order to increase the possibility of closing the sale.

Advantages of Inbound Sales

Inbound sales has the differential of offering unique advantages, such as focusing on the pain of leads and developing a more assertive approach, but respecting the moment of each lead in the purchase journey.

In addition, it optimizes the sales funnel, facilitating and streamlining each of the steps. It also lowers CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and provides greater predictability of resources needed to convert leads into customers.

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