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The Guide To Launch Your First E-commerce Store In Dropshipping

In this article, we will offer you a guide to launch your first e-commerce store. We will see why it is interesting to start your business with Dropshipping and what are the important steps for your online business.

What is e-commerce in Dropshipping?

First of all, it is interesting to define what Dropshipping is. This lies in the fact of using the stock of a manufacturer / supplier in order to integrate them on your online store to offer them to your customers .

But what if I receive an order? As soon as a customer orders an item, you order this item from your supplier, who will take care of delivery to the customer.

The main advantage of Dropshipping is undoubtedly its accessibility. This business model allows you to test your idea at a lower cost . Which is quite interesting, knowing that if you have a fairly large catalog, it will be expensive to order stock.

Get started in this way and identify your bestsellers, once the best sellers have been identified, start ordering stock on these products.

Find a profitable niche for your online store

The first step is researching your niche/theme. There are many methods for this. You can bring a sheet and a pen to write down all your passions . Among these passions, you will surely find a niche idea.

Let's take the example of running, it's a big and very competitive market. However, if you are passionate about this theme, nothing prevents you from getting started! In that case, brainstorm everything that makes up that market. The goal is to specialize in a smaller theme compared to running, such as trail running for example.

As you will have understood, you can start from a fairly large market and then specialize in a part of this market .

However, it is essential to carry out a market study to know if the niche is profitable or not. It is not interesting to launch into a saturated market or one with little potential. To do this, see if you have competitors, competition is a sign that the market does exist. If you have a few competitors who have a functioning shop, that means demand is high!

In addition, you can analyze the trend of your topic on Google Trends . This will allow you to analyze the niche and draw conclusions: is this theme permanent or seasonal?

Find a dropshipping supplier

The second step is to find one or more supplier(s) corresponding to your niche. For this, there are still multiple ways to proceed.

You can find a supplier directly on Google: " Dropshipping supplier + your theme ". Do not hesitate to spend time there and vary the requests with the words wholesaler and distributor.

If you cannot find suppliers in France, feel free to type your search in different languages.

In addition, you can also go to b2b directories , you will surely find your happiness there.

Now, what if your supplier doesn't work that way? You can simply offer him this business model, you have nothing to lose!

Integrate products into your e-commerce store

Now that you have signed a Dropshipping contract with your supplier, you must integrate this catalog into your e-commerce store . It all depends on the technology used, some providers offer automatic catalog integration.

Otherwise, you will have to integrate the catalog manually, which is longer and more tedious. Especially since the orders will not be sent directly to your supplier if his catalog is not synchronized with your Dropshipping store.


To conclude, the above steps are essential for all e-commerce stores. Do not hesitate to read several times to understand the principle. Below are the different steps to launch your store in Dropshipping:

  • Finding a profitable niche/theme
  • Find a supplier
  • Integrate the products on your online store.

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