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SEO: What It Is And How It Can Help You Generate More Traffic.

Optimized and valuable content are some of the main guidelines recognized by search engines and making these elements present in websites and internet pages is what makes websites become recognized and achieve the long-awaited credibility. SEO is a digital marketing technique and technology that can help you gain space on the internet. But, after all, do you know what SEO is, what it does and how it can help your business?

Read this article and discover the main advantages of applying SEO in digital business.

What is SEO?

Simply put, this means applying web page optimization techniques to improve websites so that they appear in better positions in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and others) through relevant content.

Therefore, SEO techniques aim to make pages of a website locate in the first results in search engines.

Google data shows that 73% of people land in the top three results on their organic results pages (excluding the presence of paid ads).

Main SEO activities

Due to the competition, conquering the first results on search engine pages is a great challenge and one of the biggest goals of all SEO professionals and, for that, several strategies must be implemented.

Learn about some of the main SEO activities and how they help to structure web content and sites so that they are recognized by search engines.

  • Creating relevant content;
  • Building authority;
  • Website technology;
  • User Experience.

But beyond that, SEO activities can be divided into two different fronts: Content SEO and Technical SEO. Get to know the two areas and find out what each of them does.

SEO for content

Content-oriented SEO techniques involve the management and optimization of texts, images and videos on websites, ensuring a good user experience with relevant content, interesting and easily absorbed information.

It is worth mentioning here that SEO content professionals do not necessarily produce images and videos, but rather use these multimedia products to converse better and more assertively with readers. Often, SEO also encompasses the production of institutional blogs and services for companies seeking positioning and digital authority.

In addition, the objective of these professionals is to make the content more relevant, mainly to show the quality of the content produced and try to make that content occupy the first pages of the search engines, based on the content guidelines of the search engines.

The main activities of content professionals are:

  • Production of easily scannable and structured texts;
  • Keyword research and management;
  • Web content optimization.

Technical SEO

The technical processes, on the other hand, involve much more analysis of data and technology, as they are responsible for information on organic website traffic. In other words, these professionals are in charge of understanding metrics about the performance of the website with data such as: number of hits per page on the website, visitor profile, customer actions and conversions and adjustments/improvements in the website structure.

Technical SEO is responsible for mapping everything that happens on the site and therefore helps in taking strategic actions, both in content and in the structure of the site, to ensure a good user experience.

See below what are the main activities of technical SEO professionals on a daily basis:

  • Website planning, optimization and structuring (together with developers);
  • Mapping organic website traffic data;
  • Troubleshooting the website;
  • Ensuring user experience and performance on the site.

How to implement in your company

SEO is one of several digital marketing strategies that help businesses gain space in the online world, and this digital presence has become increasingly important to win more customers and credibility as a brand. But, in addition, other actions must be implemented to build strong and assertive strategies.

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