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SEO Minion: New Chrome Extension For SEO Analysis

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SEO Minion is a new SEO extension for Chrome that allows you to check the SEO optimization of a web page, broken links, SERP previews and has an international SERP simulation and comparison.

With this extension we have a wide variety of information resulting from the SEO analysis and which we describe below:

On-page SEO analysis

Analyze SEO problems on any web page: tags, headers, graphics, etc.

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Analysis Redirects

Find all redirects of a URL (Server, MetaRefresh and Javascript).

Broken link analysis

It checks all broken links on a page and can categorize them based on status.

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Preview analysis in SERPs

Improve CTR (the number of clicks a link gets) by previewing a website at the top of the Google search results page for your chosen keyword.

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Simulate multi-location in SERPs

See Google rankings for your website in multiple locations without customization.

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Advanced Settings

It has several advanced settings to give you complete control over how SEO Minion should work.

This new Chrome extension streamlines SEO analysis by running from the browser, as well as providing relevant information for optimizing a site. We hope you find it useful.

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