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SEO and SEA: How They Work Together

SEA and Google Ads at the service of natural referencing

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In many cases, SEO and Google Ads work best when integrated together and strategically aligned to cover short and long term goals.

Although SEA and SEO are two very distinct levers to ensure your online presence, both must be integrated into all global SEO strategies.

A business wishing to exist online is required to set investment priorities. This allows him to optimize his efforts and the budget allocated to his presence in the results pages. Natural referencing and paid ads must therefore be thought out to obtain the best possible return on investment.

Should we prioritize the launch of paid campaigns (bidding strategies) to exist quickly? Is it more profitable to focus on creating quality content designed to ensure a good conversion rate?

What if the launch of SEA advertising allowed you to optimize your SEO? What if Google Ads allowed you to better understand your industry and helped you focus your efforts? To outclass your competitors?

Note : useful definitions :

  • SEA: search engine advertising.
  • SEO: search engine optimization.

A company must above all ask itself why SEO to improve its notoriety and what investment levers will be most useful in the short, medium and long term.

What is a Google Ads campaign?

By means of finance and auctions against competitors , it is possible to select with relevance the expressions on which one wishes to see his website appear.

A keyword planning tool made available by Google allows you to select the terms on which you want your site to appear. It is an auction system that allows the search engine to show a particular advertiser. The customer who won the auction per click will be highlighted on the results pages.

Each time the query is typed, his site will appear in the ads at the top of the page.

It is therefore essential to define precisely which keyword deserves to be included according to its conversion potential. Behind each request hides an intention, and it is the latter that must be understood to provide Internet users with the most relevant content possible according to their search criteria.

What are the benefits of SEA?

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Google Ads has the merit of being quick to set up and provides interesting data on the target market and the key words in terms of conversion and traffic.

Collect important data

By allocating a budget for this type of advertising, it is then interesting to analyze the traffic generated to learn from it. In concrete terms, each euro spent will make it possible to understand what type of ad attracted the most visits, what behavior the Internet users had when entering the site concerned, and what type of content and page aroused the most interest.

A well-thought-out SEA campaign therefore makes it possible to obtain data, which, once interpreted, will bring out promising areas of work to optimize its marketing strategy. This information is particularly valuable and saves considerable time.

Measure your reputation online

By including the name of your brand or company on Google Ads, it becomes easier to define and measure awareness. The amount of searches mentioning this name will be easily measurable over the time frame covered by the campaign. More precise than any of the tools available on the market, the analysis of the "reach" obtained thanks to it makes it possible to make a more exhaustive inventory.

Obviously, it will be important to define objectives and to have in mind the important terms relating to the sector of activity concerned. To do this, the support of a web agency makes it possible to avoid the pitfalls of poorly targeted or overly general advertising.

How to better understand the expectations of Internet users?

Relevance being at the heart of any SEA strategy, it is easy to understand the interest of an ad campaign.

Define which is the most relevant page according to the type of query

It will be possible to carry out a series of tests whose interpretation of the results will highlight important data.

For example, A/B testing will make it possible to highlight different pages and analyze their success with Internet users. Depending on the number of visits generated by each, depending on the time that visitors have spent reading and analyzing the content, it will be easier to identify their areas of interest and their expectations. Depending on the observed bounce rate, it will be easier to develop tailor-made content, designed to meet the hidden intention behind each request made.

The purpose of the operation is to obtain a good CTR (click through rate: click rate). The higher the latter, the more the landing page should be considered effective and relevant. We can therefore draw inspiration from this model and its content to establish a sustainable and profitable SEO strategy.

For the same target request, it is therefore possible to test different pages, each one presenting a potential interest for the Internet user. At the end of the advertising campaign, the data collected will make it possible to measure the success of each one. Through a precise analysis of these results, it will be easier to understand your audience and identify their needs.

Find out which keyword is the most promising

Depending on the keywords programmed in the ad, it will be easy to measure which ones generated the most audience. Failing to obtain a qualitative index, these figures lift the veil on the quantitative aspect. It is possible to see how many times such a keyword has been searched for over a defined period.

It also becomes possible to calculate the ROI of different expressions. Depending on the engagement and conversion generated with each click, lexies appear to be more profitable than others. This is the way to detect ROI opportunities.

The extrapolation of these figures makes it possible to grasp the potential volume of visits that it is possible to generate by positioning oneself on certain requests and to expect a potential turnover.

Get geographic data

Thanks to the data obtained, it becomes possible to geolocate your audience.
Depending on the industry, this type of information can be very useful. It will allow you to focus your local SEO efforts on the most favorable areas. We therefore take advantage of this data to optimize our overall marketing strategy.

Once this valuable lesson has been assimilated, it will become easier to develop a long-term strategy, designed to attract and interest potential customers.

Note : it is very important to have followed a training or to be accompanied to correctly configure a Google Adwords campaign. Badly thought out, it can quickly become expensive and yield nothing. So be sure to be well supported or trained before you start. The help of a specialized web agency remains the surest way not to be mistaken.

How to improve your natural referencing (SEO) thanks to SEA?

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The synthesis of an SEA campaign makes it possible to bring out interesting KPIs to exploit in natural referencing (SEO).

Use the right keywords

By knowing which keyword or expression generates the most qualified traffic, it will become interesting to produce content designed to improve the referencing of a brand or a company on this query. Content marketing and various levers make it possible to achieve this.

Optimize metadata and page structure

Beyond targeting keywords, it will also be possible to draw inspiration from the most promising SEA landing pages to produce content adapted to your audience. Thus, by taking inspiration from the nature and structure of said pages, we will be able to work on all the metadata (meta title, meta description, Hn markup, etc.) to craft high-performance content.

Produce interesting and profitable content

Thanks to the interpretation of a good Google Ads campaign, the content produced to establish its SEO strategy is designed both to rank and to satisfy the visitor. The bounce rate is thus also optimized, giving a positive signal. A low bounce rate is a sign of interesting and relevant content for Internet users who are exposed to it.

By using the summary, it becomes easier to set objectives and a promising editorial line in terms of visibility and attraction for visitors.

How SEO and SEA are complementary in SEO?

The vision that opposes SEA or SEO does not really exist. In reality, by working on these two methods of acquiring online notoriety and traffic , it is possible to optimize your investments and obtain a better ROI.

In the business world, it is always advisable not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Well, the same goes for marketing and communication. Although SEO is a very promising source of traffic and business, it is quite possible to create small Google Ads campaigns in parallel:

  • This allows you to test certain types of requests and their ROI.
  • We can stay as close as possible to the daily behavior of Internet users by analyzing the clicks and the pages highlighted in paid referencing. This point allows you to correct or direct your SEO actions.
  • We can thus ensure its visibility without depending on a single source of traffic.
  • Over time, paid ads become more accurate and profitable, seeing their cost decrease and improving the ROI generated . SEO and SEA are therefore not mutually exclusive . On the contrary, they are complementary acquisition solutions. By working on both boards in parallel, it becomes easier to achieve great CTR and continue to optimize it over time.

Google Ads makes it possible to continue testing different pages and different approaches, while the background work in SEO makes it possible to establish the notoriety of the brand or the company by registering for the long term and by exploiting the data obtained thanks to to ads.

If you want to ensure your visibility, know that it is interesting according to the criteria to consider both SEO and SEA as useful and complementary tools.

So don't focus all of your efforts just on one or the other , but instead consider leveraging both of these methods to maximize your exposure opportunities.

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