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One Page Website: How To Create And Promote

A one-page website or landing page is needed to increase sales of your product or collect more visitor contact information. The main goal is that on one page you provide all the necessary information for the client to make a decision. And if everything is done correctly - the conversion of your page will be 3-5 times higher than that of a regular site!

The effectiveness of your one-pager is determined by a number of factors: the right first screen (from which it is clear what you do and why it is profitable to work with you), the sequence of blocks on the page, why you can be trusted, the right images, the design of your offer, and much more about which we describe in detail in this article.

What are one page websites

Any owner of an Internet site that provides goods and services knows that the simpler the better for the buyer. That is, the offer on the network should be bright and memorable, and it should be formulated as simply and concisely as possible. Only in this case, sales volumes will grow.

A one-page site in this respect is an effective and simple solution for promoting goods and services. Such sites combine simplicity, ease of perception, speed of remembering information for buyers. That is why most of the businessmen in the online environment today prefer this tool.

What is a one-page site (landing page, landing page)? As the name suggests, this is a single page site. One page contains commercial offers, properties of the promoted product or service, advantages and benefits when buying a product.

The one page website is very user friendly. The convenient location of the buttons allows users to quickly navigate the navigation and perform the necessary functions. This is a significant advantage of landing-page.

Take a look at how one barbershop designed their one-page website:

Differences between a one-page site and a full-fledged one

Consider how a one-page site differs from a regular one. The table below shows the advantages and disadvantages of a landing page and a standard online platform. Study all the advantages and disadvantages of these sites and decide what is best for you.

Landing page

  • Higher conversion from visitor to contact
  • A large number of applications, but less interested
  • Information is conveyed in a concise and basic sense
  • Does not distract from the target action
  • Quick creation, which means a quick start of sales
  • Mass promotion through SEO is not possible
  • Inspires less confidence
  • Not the best option for company news
  • High knowledge of human behavior and internet marketing

Regular site

  • Less high conversion from visitor to contact
  • Fewer applications, but more interested
  • It is possible to post as much information as possible.
  • They go a lot and in the end they can forget why they came
  • Slow creation, which means a protracted start of sales
  • Mass promotion through SEO is possible
  • Inspires more confidence
  • Ideal for company news
  • Basic knowledge of human behavior and internet marketing

Frequently asked questions about a one-page site

- Is a one-page website and a business card the same thing?

A one-page site and a business card site are united by the fact that they include only one page. However, the structure of a business card site is much simpler than that of a landing page. A business card does not have the elements inherent in a landing page. Accordingly, the effect of them is lower. In other words, business card sites are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and at the moment this method of presenting information is no longer relevant.

- Is it possible to create a one page website for free?

Yes. But, like everything that gets free, such a site has significant disadvantages. For example, someone's advertisements will be placed on it, or the download will be very slow. But the main disadvantage is that a free site created can require much more time.

- Can a single page site act as a main site?

If you do not set yourself the goal of developing your site every year, landing will be a completely acceptable option for you. Single-page sites rank poorly in search engine results, and therefore, if you approach the issue from the perspective of SEO promotion, the best option is to create large multi-page sites.

Who is a one page website for?

- Wholesale

If you are engaged in wholesale trade, the best option in this case is to have both a landing page and a regular business card site (for example, an online store). So you immediately "kill two birds with one stone." Selling through one-page sites is quite effective. Such a resource will collect potential buyers through calls to action.

The best way to proceed is to bring new potential buyers to a one-page site that has an “Access Catalog” function. Users will fill out a form and then go to the online store. And you can get their data.

- Services

Single-page sites are most often used in the service sector, preferring them to multi-page ones. As a rule, the number of services provided by the company does not exceed 3-6, and they are all in the same area. That is why a multi-page site is not needed in this case, since there is not so much information to fill it. The best option is landing page.

Not the most profitable from a financial point of view, but the most rational solution is to develop a one-page website for each of the services. At the visual level, it seems to users that this is a full-fledged site, although in fact it is a landing page.

Such actions will help you attract users to individual pages with the information they need. An ordinary multi-page site does not provide such an opportunity - it would simply be illogical, since all the initial data is always contained on the main page.

- Retail

If you are in retail, landing is not the best solution for you. Products for one-page sites should be presented in a limited range. The exception is sales of one product in different models (no more than 10). In other situations, it will not be possible to turn a one-page site into an online store, and a limited number of products will not push the client to buy if he initially wants to choose the product he likes from a wide range.

But you can always come up with something non-standard, something that will attract customers. For example, you can place the “Get a personalized bonus card” capture form on the landing page - most likely, this will bring the desired effect.

If you are not sure about your niche, you can use the landing page builder and test the applicability of such a site. The test results will show whether you need its full development or not.

One-page sites for the sale of goods, or landing page - a suitable option for any business. The main thing is to decide on its goals and objectives before creating a site.

The Coolest Examples of One Page Sites

- Smart smm

A one-page site for a small freelance partnership that works to solve the problems of small and medium businesses in social media.

They promise to package a selling account, launch targeted and contextual advertising, create a site for collecting leads or online purchases of goods (they cite their own site as an example), as well as developing a chat bot with high conversion.

The design of the site is very modern, stylish and not overloaded with details. At the same time, you want to scroll through it to the end, to study different sections, which speaks of the professionalism of the developers. And by the way, it is not always possible to evaluate your own product as a portfolio.

They promise to package a selling account, launch targeted and contextual advertising, create a site for collecting leads or online purchases of goods (they cite their own site as an example), as well as developing a chat bot with high conversion.

The design of the site is very modern, stylish and not overloaded with details. At the same time, you want to scroll through it to the end, to study different sections, which speaks of the professionalism of the developers. And by the way, it is not always possible to evaluate your own product as a portfolio.

- boy-coy

This is a high-quality landing page from a design studio that you don't want to leave after the first viewing. Thanks to a four-screen landing, the owners achieve their main goal - to effectively influence visitors and convince them of the clear benefits of cooperation.
This is a high-quality landing page from a design studio that you don't want to leave after the first viewing. Thanks to a four-screen landing, the owners achieve their main goal - to effectively influence visitors and convince them of the clear benefits of cooperation.

Most likely, you will be so carried away by the parallax effect that you will imperceptibly begin to enter information about yourself into an aesthetic feedback form.

- Windows to people

The most controversial landing from our entire list, causing completely different reactions in people, often the opposite.

There is every reason to believe that the conversion of the site is very good - the competition in the market today is high, however, a non-standard approach and the ability to captivate visitors allow it to stand out favorably.

- Enjoy Me Box

"What is it?!" - the first question that arises in the head at first glance is not this landing game.

According to its rules, you unfold the box, and the process is so captivating and addictive that almost 100% scroll the page to the end.

- Job search website

A very non-standard approach to creating a one-page site.

An animated recruiting landing page that you can stick to. Because of the interactivity, it is interesting what will happen next, you immerse yourself in the study and get to know the company.

How to create a one-page website: 4 options

  • With the help of CMS. This is an engine for the site, on which you only need to put a template and write the text. You can do it effortlessly and in no time with WordPress. in the Internet. Even a beginner will be able to complete all these activities in 1-2 days.
  • On html. If you are not familiar with the markup language, then you may well encounter some difficulties. If this topic is clear to you, you will do the work in a couple of hours by creating a one-page site. Html as a development platform gives the site significant advantages, which lie in its high speed and the inability to "break".
  • With a website builder. Method for lazy people. Of course, this option is the easiest of all existing ones.
  • Order a one-page website from a professional. This is perhaps one of the best options. Yes, you will pay specialists for services, but in the end you will get a high-quality work site with a format that is convenient for you.

How to start creating a one-page website

Before developing, you should decide what the main components of the landing-page will look like.

  • Logo. This element is placed in the middle of the page, on the left, on the right side - it all depends on the design of the landing page.
  • The site must have guarantees so that visitors trust you.
  • Title. It is necessary that this element catches the client, be colorful, but at the same time unobtrusive. Place the title in a prominent place so that it fits seamlessly into the design of the site.
  • Information about the possibility of online ordering and ordering a callback is usually placed at the top, bottom and in the middle of the page.
  • The block that describes the positive characteristics of the company is also very important.
  • On a one-page site, it is important to place the "About the company" section, telling what it has been doing since the first day of its work.
  • It is obligatory to have a chapter “Product Description”, where a description of the proposed product, its properties and characteristics, as well as the cost should be placed. In order for potential buyers to trust you, place “Portfolio” blocks on the site, clearly showing the results of work in it, as well as “Our clients” (if there are well-known brands among your clients, be sure to indicate them).
  • In order for the client to know how to place an order, and how the purchase and delivery are carried out in general, a special information block is placed on the site - “How do we work?”.
  • The landing page must have a section that indicates why the product or service should be bought from you, what is the benefit for the potential buyer.
  • It is very desirable to have awards, diplomas, certificates, guarantees, documents confirming that you work legally on the landing.
  • It is best to post real customer reviews on the site. It is very good if you put reviews of popular personalities on the network on your landing page (most likely, in order to receive a review, you will have to give them your product or service for free). No blogger will give paid reviews unless they personally test the product.
  • The mention of your colleagues will also be very appropriate. Specify who the employees of the company are, what is included in their duties. You can put their reviews, quotes, if they want to say something from themselves about the organization and the promoted product.
  • Place an information chapter on the landing page, indicating contact details in it - the company address, phone numbers, e-mail, a map indicating the road to the office.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a one-page website

If you yourself want to create a one-page site, then use the instructions below.

Step 1. We are looking for / creating a template for a one-page site.

You need to find and download a one-page site template. There are special landing services, as well as ready-made one-page sites, for example, wppage for Wordpress.

Step 2. We think over the structure of the one-pager.

At this stage, you should understand what elements the landing will include – for example, advertising, product structure, assortment. Develop a vivid product description to interest a potential buyer, include an image, a video about the product, positive reviews, a subscription, a purchase option, comments, a discount system and payment options.

Step 3. Register a domain and pay for hosting.

Upon completion of the formation of the main single landing file, register a domain for it and select hosting.

Step 4. Optimize the landing page for search engines.

You placed it on a hosting and picked up a domain. Next, you need to go to wordstat.yandex.ru and select keywords. Given these keywords, all text should be optimized for search engines.

Image description

Step 5. We put a one-page site for indexing.

At this stage, a one-page site is put on indexation in the search engines Yandex, Mail and Google (these search engines will be enough). To optimize a landing page qualitatively, it is necessary to pay special attention to the text on it. You can not use non-unique texts copied from other resources. The uniqueness of the text content is a very important parameter when optimizing the site.

Step 6. Enlist the support of social networks.

Not the last place in the promotion of the landing is the support of social networks. You need to create groups on Vk.com, on Facebook, and create a Twitter account.

It is undesirable to use software to increase the number of group members - you may lose your account. It is best to join a group where you could exchange followers. To do this, you simply create a few posts in which you ask to join your group, and join the communities yourself.

Step 7. We launch an advertising campaign.

Don't expect search engines to bring you a huge influx of visitors. It takes a lot of time to attract a large number of users.

Product promotion becomes effective if there is a good advertising campaign. If you set out to promote your products or services, firmly establish yourself in the market and work on it for a long time, you should create a budget for advertising purposes.

At the very beginning, especially if a one-pager is being indexed, you should not acquire many links in order to avoid a link explosion. Act consistently. Only competent development of a one-page site with unique content will provide you with its effective promotion, an influx of customers, good sales and high earnings.

TOP-8 One-Page Website Builders

All constructors are good in some way and have their own advantages, and therefore it is very difficult to single out anything. One site offers a lot of design templates, another provides a clean user interface, another provides some interesting feature that no one else has.

Today, everyone can choose a solution for themselves. It all depends on your level of knowledge in the field of programming, the type of task that you set for the one-pager and, in fact, the type of this site. Below is a table of the most popular website builders, divided by the type of tasks being solved.

A task

  • Build and launch a landing page for free
  • Collect a one-pager for a beginner
  • Create a sophisticated one-page website design
  • Choose a landing page design from ready-made thematic templates
  • Integrate landing page with mailing services


  • Tilda, Wix, Tinkoff, Unisender Business
  • Bloxy, uKit, Flexbe, Tinkoff, Unisender Business, Basium, Wix, LP Platform
  • Tilda, Wix, Mottor, LPgenerator, Basium, LP platform
  • LPgenerator, Mottor, Tilda, Wix, Tinkoff, Unisender Business, uKit, Basium, LP Platform
  • Mottor, LPgenerator, Tilda, Bloxy, uKit, Flexbe, Unisender Business, Basium, LP platform

Consider the most popular one-page website builders.


According to the counter on the main page of the site, over a million users have made their choice on this site. The figure is, of course, impressive. The number of users testifies to the unconditional quality of the constructor, and therefore it simply does not make sense to consider each of its advantages.

The constructor allows you to conveniently and easily create not only one-page sites for selling goods, but also standard sites, as well as online stores. The biggest advantage of the platform is the quality of the templates. You can add low prices to this - and you get a worthy competitor to the tops.

How much does a single page website cost? The price of the paid version is from 380 rubles and more. There is also a free version, but you can use all the features of the site only when using a paid one.


PlatformaLP is a real constructor, where you will have to assemble the landing in blocks, remembering your childhood. That is, the site does not allow the choice of a finished design. You independently customize each section of a one-page site, choose the appropriate design, text content, and only then launch it.

How much does a one page website cost? There is a two-week free trial. Further, the monthly fee is from 490 rubles.


Ucraft is a constructor with which blogs, business cards and landing pages are created. The service is well suited for beginners, as it is quite easy to understand. You can also use Ucraft to create a high-quality and beautiful one-page website with a high conversion rate.

The service has a nice interface. Templates on it are presented in sufficient quantity, and, in addition, the site is well suited for one-page sites. This ensures the quality factor and convenience of the designer. You will not achieve supernatural results, but it will not be difficult to make a high-quality landing in a couple of evenings.

Price: a test version for 2 weeks with all the functionality of the site is free. Further, the price is from 369 rubles per month.


Or the former LPMotor. By the end of 2015, the constructor became the basis for the development of over 200,000 landing pages, which is quite good for Russia, especially considering that the service was launched in the CIS market in 2013, and there were no large-scale advertising campaigns for it, unlike from other services.

Initially, Motor was an excellent tool for creating effective one-page selling sites, and all the functionality was focused on assembling pages from blocks and connecting a ready-made complex infrastructure.

In 2019, the developers expanded the capabilities of the system, redesigned the control panel by adding a menu for placing links to sections of multi-page sites.

At the moment, the site is quite interesting and ambitious, it occupies a leading position among other services, for which the quality of their own product is a priority.

Now the service is focused not only on marketers, but also on the mass user: entrepreneurs, individual specialists, representatives of the information business, blog owners and many other categories of users.

It is very convenient for beginners to work with this service. It is great for creating and editing landing pages. If you are a professional, you should find a more interesting platform that has more templates and more flexible functionality.

Price: free trial period. But in the search engine, a one-page site will appear only after paying one of the tariffs. Further, the monthly fee will be 466 rubles.


A relatively new developing and interesting platform that allows you to create online stores, business card sites and landing pages.

The service specializes mainly in online stores, and therefore the functionality for one-page sites is somewhat limited. But if “cheap and cheerful” suits you, the designer is quite suitable. You will appreciate its favorable price and ease of use.

Price: A ten-day trial period is free. Further fee is from 360 rubles per month.


Almost everyone who has ever been interested in website development is at least a little aware of Ucoz, the largest and highest quality website builder on the Runet in its time. However, Ucoz has lost its relevance, and it was successfully replaced by Ukit, created by the same developers. Ukit is a more advanced, interesting and simple service that allows you to create business cards, websites and landing pages.

Ukit is the simplest of all existing services, taking second place in terms of functionality. If you don't want to spend a lot of time learning and want to start selling immediately, this is the best builder for you.

Price: the test period is 2 weeks, then - from 9 c.u. monthly.


By the end of 2021, over 1,700,000 websites have been developed based on the Umi service. This is a very high figure, especially considering that the site has been operating since 2011.

The peculiarity of Umi is that when sites are transferred from one system to another, their positions in search engines are completely preserved. Definitely worth considering this service as an option.

Umi is a great solution for developing and launching your first one page website. At first, you can use only free widgets, and then, as needed, add various paid features. The price / quality ratio is quite acceptable.

Price: A 15-day trial version is provided free of charge. Further - from 136 rubles per month.


Designer for those who like to be beautiful. A huge number of templates and the ability to create your own design from scratch. There are all the possibilities here for this: you can add effects, work with typography, create new shapes and colors of elements.

The main advantages include a huge library of 550+ blocks and 210+ page templates, the presence of a Zero Block editor for web designers, the ability to configure online payment acceptance, Tilda CRM, built-in analytics and knowledge base, textbooks and Tilda school.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users.

The cost of the designer is free for 14 days of test access. As well as the opportunity to create 1 project for free.

Paid tariff from 500 rubles / month.

From whom to order a one-page site

Order from scratch from freelancers

Cost: from 5,000 rubles.

You need to find freelancers who specialize in developing landing pages. There are specialized sites - FL, Workzilla, etc., where you can find such performers. Then you register on these sites and leave the task of developing a one-page site for registered masters.

Image description

Then you:

  • You study the proposals of the masters that you received and choose the one that suits you - the selected specialist develops a landing page design for you.
  • You leave one more task, but this time for the layout of the landing page. Indicate that you need the layout of this design, and indicate other details.
  • Choose a master, and he will make a one-page layout for you.

Of course, you can contact a specialist who will do both design and layout. But it is much safer to choose masters in one area, and not trust those who do everything at once.

This path can be taken by customers who:

  • They want a one page website with a unique design but at a lower cost.
  • 100% present their future one-pager and can describe their requirements to the freelancer in detail.
  • Already have experience with freelancing sites, and it suits them.
  • They run a ready-made business and do not want to incur significant costs for attracting customers via the Internet.
  • They are aware of the marketing tricks of one-page sites, how to implement them, and can do it without outside help.

The advantage is getting a landing page with a unique design at a better price. There is only one drawback here - an independent search for freelancers and compiling tasks for them.

That is, you must know all the subtleties and features of one-page sites in order to form competent tasks and clearly understand what kind of landing you want to get in the end. Another disadvantage is that a freelancer can develop a one-page on a template (not all existing templates you know).

Order from scratch in a website development studio

Cost: from 30,000 rubles.

Another good option is to order a landing page from a studio that specializes in creating websites. Today there are a lot of such studios. For their services they take 20 thousand rubles, and 100 thousand rubles, and 30 thousand rubles. is the average market price. Choose a studio that suits you in terms of prices and quality of work, and use its services.

This method is convenient for those who:

  • Needs more guarantees.
  • Seriously limited in time.
  • Interested in improved quality of work.
  • Get used to better communications.

The advantage is that you get a well-designed website with a unique design. The studio takes into account all your wishes and gives guarantees. The disadvantage of this method is the price. Studios have a large staff, office, spend money on advertising, and therefore their services cannot be cheap.

How to accept a ready-made one-page site from the contractor
When accepting a ready-made landing page, you need to fully check it. The audit of the developed one-page site includes several stages.

- Evaluation of the visual component and content

At this stage, you need to evaluate:

  • simplicity of the test (the material should not be spammed and stuffed with highly specialized terms);
  • readability and structure (the text should have short paragraphs, subheadings and lists);
  • the presence of full contact information in the text (telephones, addresses, maps, accounts in social networks - the more this information, the better);
  • concise and competent anchors (anchor length - no more than 1-2 words, an organic description is required);
  • the minimum number of input fields (users are too lazy to enter a lot of information, so do not load them; as a rule, a phone number and a convenient time to call are enough);
  • the content in the text of a firm call to act (sentences located near the form or the order button should include as many imperative verbs as possible: “buy”, “hurry up”, “order”, etc.);
  • lack of grammatical errors (there is a popular Yandex.Speller service for checking grammar, which you can use).

- Checking the technical part

At this stage, pay attention to:

  • how correctly a one-page site is displayed in various resolutions;
  • is there a subsection on the title page in which the user is located;
  • whether there are windows that pop up automatically (windows on the landing page should pop up only when buttons are pressed);
  • whether the page loads quickly (you can check this using a special service from Google; on average, the page should not load slower than 1.5 - 2 seconds).

- Design audit

At this stage, it is important to identify the following errors:

  • visual noise;
  • easy perception of fonts;
  • comments to all input fields;
  • highlighted links;
  • image captions.

Here they told in detail about the Website Usability Audit for promotion in the TOP-10 in just 3 months.

6 Tips for Building the Best One-Page Selling Website

- Post your image wisely

We recommend posting real photos and other images, not stock photos. No matter how beautiful stock images are, the client intuitively does not trust them. The best option is to put real photos of your products on the landing page. In this case, users will be more disposed towards you, which, accordingly, will increase sales.

Do not forget that a photo or image of a product can be a powerful purchase stimulus. Looking at a product image, a person either wants to buy it or not. Try to make sure that the photo evokes the right emotions that you, as a seller, need in a potential client.

When placing an image on your one-page site, you must clearly understand what it is intended for and what goal you would like to achieve with it. The image can show what results or positive emotions can be obtained when using your product. First, think over the idea, the concept of promotion, and only then select the picture.

- Save the buyer from the problems associated with the choice

If you give the customer the opportunity to choose from a very wide range of products, he is more likely to leave the site without making a purchase. The results of repeated studies indicate that the client is tired of making too many decisions in a short time.

With this in mind, narrow down the options and, if the opportunity arises, influence the user's choice. To do this, use visual highlighting. So you can say, make a choice for him.

- Present your product or service well

Showcase your product, focusing on the result of its use. The delight of people who have cooked a delicious dish in a slow cooker, beautiful hair after using the balm. Here you can use not only photos, but also presentations or videos to most fully demonstrate all the benefits of the product.

A visitor viewing your landing page and reading this information should already have an idea how to use this product and feel the joy of owning it. People are ruled by emotions - use it!

- Demonstrate the stages of cooperation

Visualize these steps by making the appropriate signatures: “You call us” - “You tell us what interests you, and we discuss it” - “We conclude an agreement” - “We quickly solve your problem”. Looking at these stages, the client will understand that working with you is fast and pleasant.

- Never hide the price

There are times when it is difficult to calculate the final cost of a product or service. What to do in this case? Show examples of ready-made similar solutions and indicate their price. This option is more preferable than the complete absence of prices.

The cost should not be hidden under any circumstances. The user will recognize it one way or another, and if the price turns out to be too high for him, he will not agree to cooperate with you. You will lose both the client and the time to talk with him.

Don't add unnecessary details

A one-page site should be as simple and pleasant to read as possible. Nothing should distract the visitor from the main goal. Your task is to lead him to checkout. That is why the structure of the landing page should correspond to your goal - to receive an order from the client. Compose a high-quality test for a landing page, fill it with profitable and tempting offers. Being on your resource, the client should want to leave their contact details and place an order.

3 common mistakes in creating one-page sites

Mistake #1. Empty text on landing page

The text on the main page has an important purpose. It serves to convey to the visitor the essence of your offer, placing accents, motivating for targeted actions, clarifying, persuading. In short, the text should be useful.

However, many Russian one-page sites place informational or any other texts on their main pages, but not selling ones. The text should be logically built, reasoned, if possible without "water".

Remember, visitors to resources in the Internet space:

  • Lazy.
  • Prefer visual content.
  • Tired of endless sites on the network and a lot of information, and therefore they simply “scan” the pages.

If the user sees a lot of textual material, he will immediately get bored and leave your one-page site. We recommend ordering the writing of a high-quality selling text from professionals. There shouldn't be too much text. The only exceptions are long explanations for either very expensive or very complex goods and services. In other situations, laconic descriptions should be limited.

Also remember that search engines are now working on new algorithms, and therefore a lot of keywords turn SEO text into spam that does not carry any benefit.

Mistake #2. In creation, start from design

Developers make this mistake in several ways:

  • develop an attractive design;
  • take as a basis a beautiful template of a one-page site;
  • take as a basis the design of their landing page.

The result is always the same - a prohibitively low level of landing page conversion.

As an example, let's take the following situation: a marketer, preparing for an advertising campaign, ordered a design, and only then began to select the text for the landing page. As a result, as often happens, plans changed - something was edited, some pictures were deleted, others were added. The landing turned out to be disharmonious. But everything ended well - the design was changed, the layout of the page was made according to the new one, and the clients reappeared.

Mistake #3. Non-Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

When creating landing pages, many people make a common mistake, which is incorrect positioning. A unique selling proposition (USP) is often written incorrectly. It is possible that this will surprise someone, but today it’s impossible to attract anyone for free:

  • consultations;
  • delivery;
  • measurements;
  • departure of a specialist;
  • directory.

Almost all market participants provide all this for free. So if you are going to place information about free consultations on a one-page site, immediately abandon this idea.

To get ahead of the competition, you need to interest customers with something more than a free catalog. Today, offering a free catalog is the same as offering to explore the store's assortment for a fee. It looks strange and illogical.

How to promote single page websites

It’s not enough just to develop your landing page. In order for selling through one-page sites to be effective, you should also take care of high-quality promotion. Only with effective landing page promotion will you successfully sell your product and get a good income.

With effective promotion, the site is displayed in the top search engines. Accordingly, the landing page attracts the highest possible traffic. Basically, the owners of one-page sites promote their resources with the help of:

  • contextual advertising;
  • SEO optimization.

Each promotion method has its own nuances, pros and cons, which, as a rule, are known only to professionals in this field.

Search Engine Optimization

Among the main difficulties associated with the promotion of a one-page site in search engines, the following are distinguished:

  • A one-page site is the only page that contains specific content on one topic. Accordingly, such a site can be promoted only for several requests or a low-frequency request, which are strongly related to each other in a semantic sense.
  • You will not be able to form a high-quality semantic core from a large number of low-frequency queries within one page for the simultaneous promotion of a large number of queries.
  • A one-page site loses in efficiency to a multi-page one in all cases, and therefore it should be used only in specific situations. At the same time, you need to remember that the site can be re-optimized by various external links if its promotion is based on general mid-frequency and high-frequency queries.
  • For high-frequency queries, a one-page site is quite difficult to promote to the top, but with proper work with the participation of professionals, it is still possible.

Contextual advertising

When promoting a one-page site using contextual advertising, experts use 3 main options:

  • First of all, when defining a target link, you need to specify a section of a single page. When following the target link, the visitor may not understand where to go, disoriented in the context of a single page.
  • The quality of the landing page cannot reach the highest value, because there are a lot of different queries within one page. That is, the cost per click may be higher than the standard. In this case, conversions can be different - everything is determined by many factors.
  • If a one-page site is formed for 1-2 closely related requests, contextual advertising can be very effective. But during the creation of the site should be extremely tailored to these requests. It should be emphasized that it is often contextual advertising that allows you to achieve the highest traffic for a landing page.

To promote a one-page site, you should also use social media advertising, simple and specialized RTB auction banners. All of these methods work in standard conversion modes for contextual advertising. The result depends on the site itself and its features.

What to do if the one-page site does not work

If you have tried many methods to promote your one-page site, but all of them turned out to be ineffective, the best solution is to take the help of professionals. Specialists will identify and competently solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

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