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Learn How To Create More Effective Ads For Google Ads

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Google Ads is Google's main paid ad platform, and knowing how to create good ads can boost your business on the internet. In fact, the advertiser himself develops the ads on the platform and determines how it will be displayed.

So, the main campaigns you can develop are:

  • search network
  • display network
  • Google Shopping
  • Video
  • Discovery
  • Campaign for apps

The Google Ads ad structure is divided into four parts:

  • Final URL: is the user's directing address (website URL);
  • Title: is the first line of the ad;
  • Path: a shorter snippet of the URL that will be displayed in the body of the ad;
  • Description: Describes the rest of your ad.

This is the basic structure of a Google Ads ad, but how do you make it more efficient? In the first half of this year (2021) Google conducted a survey and discovered some points that can directly influence decision-making and the prominence of your ad.

So, one of the first findings made by the research is that your business doesn't need to be among the first ads to win the preference of consumers . Therefore, the simple fact of being present can already make all the difference at the moment of the customer's decision.

But if you're new to this world, you might be wondering about the difference between Google Ads and organic search. First of all, as we said, Google Ads is a paid ad platform. Organic search is about making your content relevant to the search engine and interesting to readers and appearing listed without having to pay for the clicks received. Both ways are very interesting to promote your business. To learn more about the difference and advantages between both, check out this post that talks a little more about both marketing strategies.

The behavioral science of search ads

Behavioral science encompasses several disciplines and its aim is to explore cognitive processes. Therefore, in this study, behavioral science is used to try to understand what drives a person to choose and click on a particular ad.

However, to understand and prove such effectiveness, the research used 5 principles of behavioral science to develop ad texts.

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1 – The power of free

Offering coupons and free offers at the time of purchase can be a great motivator.

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2 - Authority bias

When a brand, product or service is recommended by an expert or by reliable sources, it tends to stand out from the competition.

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3 - Framework

Changing the way the service is displayed can make a person reconsider the value of a product or service.

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4 - Social confirmation

When a product or service has a recommendation from a group that is a reference in the market, it becomes more persuasive.

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5 - Signaling

Demonstrate how unique the product can be through high-level memberships, it will make all the difference

However, when used responsibly and intelligently, these principles can become powerful tools to win over these undecided consumers.

The importance of creating texts for each bias in Google Ads

If your brand or product wants to use behavioral science to develop an ad, it's important that it focuses on a single bias at a time. That way, it's no use wanting to put the 5 principles we mentioned here in a single ad . So, ideally, each ad should receive special attention for each bias. Another bias that marketers are quite used to using is related to the pratfall effect.


In marketing, this effect is known for attracting customers to brands that admit they have flaws. By admitting a failure, the company becomes more human, and this can increase people's admiration. So, in the Google Ads ad, this flaw could be advertised as a benefit.

In this way, it is clear that with just a few creative changes to the text using the basic principles of behavioral science, you can improve the texts and people's interest in your ads.

What are the benefits of advertising on Google Ads?

In addition to being able to reach your audience quickly, Google Ads allows you to set a daily budget, that is, you know exactly how much you will invest.

Check out other advantages:

  • Creating, pausing and scheduling a campaign is quite simple.
  • While your campaign is active, you can change the daily amount spent. Whether for more or less.
  • On the Google Ads dashboard, you can track your ROI , which is your return on investment, in real time.
  • Payment can be made by debit or credit card.
  • Enables you to generate leads on a high scale.
  • Accelerates the SEO resources applied to your website.
  • Helps reinforce other marketing strategies.
  • Increases the recognition of your company or brand.
  • It influences the public in the purchase decision.
  • Allows you to test which strategy is best for your company.
  • Allows you to better qualify the target audience.
  • Advertise directly to those who want to buy.

It doesn't matter if your company is starting up or is established in the market

The survey made it very clear that brands need to be present. Regardless if it is an established brand in the market, or if it is a new brand. Being present makes all the difference. So knowing how to optimize the texts of these ads will improve your return on investment.

To further reduce the distance between trigger and purchase, it is essential to take full advantage of all automated tools such as dynamic search ads. So that your company can understand how the purchase journey of your consumers works, the best option is to test.

Today, through digital transformation, a brand or small company can reach the same audience as a large company. So, just invest in a creative team and professionals who know the right tools, to apply with behavioral science, and the results will soon emerge.

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Final tips for creating effective ads

In addition to everything we've already talked about how to create texts based on behavioral science, we still have 4 final tips to further enhance your ads.

  • Your texts must be attractive and original. So when writing a text focus on the benefits and don't be generic.
  • Messages should represent your brand. Your company needs to have its own language.
  • Use keywords. In fact, keywords are essential to the success of your ad.
  • Test, analyze and optimize. Your ads are not static, test them, if they don't perform well, optimize.

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