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Keys To Local SEO To Position Your Business

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Local SEO is known as local search engine optimization. Its functionality when it comes to positioning a business on the internet regardless of its size is very effective.

Large global companies have been part of the obstacles for small business owners, but Google has solved this inconvenience with the use of local SEO. Positioning products and services, retaining customers and consolidating brands is the fundamental purpose of this tool.

What is local SEO?

It is an effective strategy used by Google to give visibility to businesses regardless of their nature. Its popularity has been growing as mobile devices are used to access the browser.

Its function is to serve as an intermediary for people looking for a specific type of business in their geographical area. In global SEO, the positioning of a business is improved according to its acceptance. Local SEO allows a customer to find what they are looking for using the mileage radius of a business.

Thanks to this type of search strategy, digital marketing has greatly improved for various types of businesses. A clear example is when you search for a restaurant in the area and Google shows the results close to the location.

How does local SEO work?

Being a variation of conventional SEO, it takes into account geographically the businesses in the area. For Google to reach this function, it uses all its tools to gather what the user wants. The use of keywords, Google Maps location , ratings of people who have visited a business and other forms of collection.

Accurately both Google and other popular search engines use the user's location and provide options. This would not be possible if the description of what the user wants is not taken into account. For a business to be favored with local SEO, it must meet several factors.

Factors that influence local SEO results

Local SEO does not work on its own. That is to say, certain initiatives must be carried out that allow positioning according to the type so that the specific client finds it easy to find what they are looking for. It is always essential to pay attention to the actions or keys that serve to improve a positioning/optimization .

Google takes into account specific criteria so that a business can have greater visibility every time a person searches for something related to a niche or category.

Business proximity

It is the clearest factor with which local SEO works. Every time someone searches for a business in an area and is close to the area, google will do its part. For this, the business must have done the analysis of keywords that identify it territorially.

Those who want to achieve a better result will try to have Google My Business, as it is closely linked to geographic location by recognizing the map.

Business optimization

Emphasizing again the use of Google My Business, the business must be optimized there to achieve easy location. Additionally, it is necessary to indicate the name of the business and of course its category. Consequently, every company must mark the location on the map.

To further optimize a business, you should use the opening hours, the category to which it belongs and the description of the services it offers.

Page content

The use of web pages is essential, as it is important to intertwine the ads with the page. In addition to trying to have unique and valuable content where it is explained what the item is about. Creating Linkbuilding serves to have a greater domain authority when they search geographically.

We always try to make the website compatible with mobile devices. Google focuses a lot on mobile-friendly websites.

Reaching people close to you depends on the time you spend making your business's virtual and local address trustworthy. Everything is in the fact of respecting each step, you do not need to be an expert to achieve it.

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How does Google determine local ranking?

Improving the visualization of the brand is the goal of every entrepreneur, no matter how small their business is. Getting the brand to appear in the first options geographically is not a difficult task.

For a business to achieve the necessary clients, it should not only focus on having a specific location; but also in describing what it offers. Google has several features with it that make it easier for you to target specific businesses by entering certain search characteristics.

Competing with big brands like Amazon is easy if you learn to use local SEO. Reviewing each of the following Google features or options will make it easier for a startup to dramatically improve their sales.

By relevance

In this case, the search engine makes a relationship between the degree of consistency of the business profile and the user's search terms. That is, the company must add complete and detailed information. In this way, Google will know it better and will adapt it to types of users who are looking for the same characteristics.

Provide complete data

For local results, complete information must be provided. These must be precise, because they will have more possibilities to appear. Every time a user uses related words, the most successful business will appear.

The data that should never be missing are:

  • Physical address.
  • Phone number.
  • Category to which it belongs (pharmacy, restaurant, shoe store, etc…).
  • Attributes (type of service or characteristics of what you sell).

Watch for reviews

Getting customers who consume products or services to leave a review is essential. Reviews help customers know when they value their purchases. In addition, positive reviews make Google position the visibility of companies much higher.

By increasing visibility, sales and interactions with the consuming public are increased.

By distance

The distance is mainly measured by the separation between the type of business the customer is looking for and the terms used in the search. That is, a client can be out of town and still search for a service in a specific site. The information that we have about the location of the client is what makes it easier to search for the closest companies.

In this case, the correct addresses will again obtain a different result.

By prominence

Depending on the above, Google adds points and is placed in the top positions according to how well known the enterprise is. Some businesses tend to have more fame than others.

In the case of hotels, places, heritage and brand name stores are usually easier to filter. On the other hand, the use of photos contributes to prominence. A photo of a business lets Google know that it really exists and can send users there.

Undoubtedly, in this case, the following are taken into account:

  • Positive reviews.
  • External directories where the business appears.
  • Score according to customer experience.
  • Search engine optimization.

Additionally, schedules must be kept up to date. This serves to let potential customers know the hours that the business operates.

What is the correct way to do local SEO for my business?

Local SEO has become an ideal way for small businesses to showcase their potential. Despite the fact that there are great competitions in the area, it can make a difference between other companies. A cleaning service, for example, that is a few kilometers away is more interesting to the customer than a global one.

Throughout practice, it is good to learn that there are ways to make a business stand out without having too much experience.

Think like the seekers

Knowing how Google search engines work is very important. When registering a business in an area, you must analyze how users search and how Google responds to this.

Google will always seek to interpret what the user is asking for, even if it is not very specific. As it does? Making use of keywords or better known as keywords.

Analyze the keywords to use

Keywords are those that easily describe what you offer or what is required. There are 3 types of words that should be taken into account as an entrepreneur or head of a business.

First, the Head keywords , which correspond to those broad searches. Being specific they have a greater number of competitions, the competitions are often not only focused on local searches. Being such popular words, they can encompass businesses from all over the world, leaving the local area in the background.

Second, there are the Middle Tail keywords that correspond to specific searches. Of course, these are still seen in Google as general searches.

In third and last place are the Long Tail that are complete searches. These types of complete words set aside the competition and make it possible to attract customers.

For better interpretation, either of the last two types of keywords should be used. Google Adwords is the best ally to know what kind of words are correct to use.

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Take into account the map of the results

Placing the name of a city is not enough, as there may be other places named like that. The address of a business in local SEO is linked to geolocation. To place the address you must specify:

  • Business or local number.
  • Street number.
  • Name of the avenue.
  • Location province.
  • City.
  • Country.

The more specific the Google My Business description, the more pointers the user will get on how to get to the address. The address is accompanied by the category, the marking of the business on the map, photos and description of the products and services.

Use vertical portals

The only way to be found is not by using the location map. Vertical portals are part of what it takes to grow sales . There are different types of vertical portals, the ideal is to join those that are related to the field.

Maintaining an active profile on the portals is essential so that the chances of being found increase.

Link building to enter directly

It is key to position virtual businesses and also in person. Every business today must have an internet presence and somehow offer a physical presence. It all depends on the type of business in question.

The links are tools that help to acquire the authority of the business domain. The link makes you get customers organically . The themes must be related to the sector when you do the corresponding Linkbuilding.

Forced links should never be created. Links must always be natural so they are not penalized. Links are created from third-party pages with specific topics that are related and do not seem like a sum of popularity.

Be consistent with search engine updates

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. The way it contributes to local SEO has changed a lot.The way algorithms are used determines how close a business is to discovery.

The goal of search engines is always to predict the user's search intention. Focusing on thinking like a client is the solution to achieve a better position. If possible, small formats should be offered that make a difference with respect to the competition.

The keys to local SEO is to combine a good physical service that grows ratings with crucial information processing. Knowing the type of clients that will be interested in the business should be the main focus. By doing little digital things, ventures are positioned and direct sales are achieved.

It is not difficult to update the business with what Google's algorithms analyze. Practice is what determines the success and experience of entrepreneurs.

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