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Is Content Marketing The Key To Success In E-commerce?

With the proliferation of e-commerce sites in recent years, it is important to be able to absolutely stand out by producing quality content. This is where content marketing comes in, which is a digital marketing method to give an existence on the internet.

Indeed, content marketing thus allows you to continue to have visibility on your website, especially since the arrival of advertising bloggers who earn money by publishing advertising links, affiliate links, content sponsored by brands, etc.

But how can content marketing allow a commercial site to be successful? This is what we are going to explain to you in this article.

What is Content Marketing?

Also called Content Marketing, content marketing is a strategy that consists in developing its visibility by designing and distributing informative and useful content to better communicate with its audience.

Indeed, with content marketing, you transform your visitors into consumers thanks to an editorial strategy and targeted messages, or even thanks to attractive storytelling techniques. This technique, which stands out from traditional advertising - considered too intrusive - allows search engines and social networks to increase your visibility with your audience.

Note, however, that the success of content marketing is essentially based on quality prospects capable of making your company or your brand known by influencing the behavior of your consumers or your visitors.

What is the contribution of content marketing to the success of your online store?

As we explained to you above, content marketing confers many advantages, in particular by contributing to the creation of quality content. This allows you to achieve several objectives at the same time because you have added value compared to other platforms in your sector of activity.

You can thus optimize your natural referencing (SEO) of your e-commerce site, increase its traffic and make it gain notoriety thanks to a good content strategy. This will allow you to reach a large number of prospects that you can then convert into customers and retain, thus ensuring your online sales site a certain durability.

Materials and content to be produced

Varying the types of content you create and sharing it across different platforms is a great way to reach as many people as possible quickly. Indeed, you must mainly use three communication media: a blog, social networks and e-mail.

The blog

Creating a blog on your merchant site is a flexible and accessible means of expression to create adhesion with your visitors. Indeed, thanks to the blog, you can have a lot of traffic on your platform and thus boost its natural referencing. But for that, you must upstream ensure that you produce relevant and attractive content.

With the blog, there is no limit as to the types of publication that you can offer to your Internet users. Thus, you can regularly publish tips or news, tutorials, videos or even infographics related to your activity.

It should be noted that since its creation a few years ago, the blog has been a resounding success with both individuals and professionals. It is a great communication medium adopted nowadays by most corporate or institutional websites.

Social networks

Social networks are a good way these days to capture the attention of prospects. Indeed, creating content on social networks promotes interactions with your visitors through visual content such as images and videos. Moreover, social networks are particularly suitable for these types of communication media.
You can thus accompany a text highlighting your e-commerce site with a graphic illustration or a video extract before sharing it on social networks. Moreover, it is important to emphasize that the engagement rate of text published with graphics (preferably of good quality) is often much higher.

There are several types of content you can create for social networks: videos, images, quotes, infographics, illustrations of promotional offers, gifs, etc. It's up to you to choose the ones that best suit your business.


This last communication medium makes it possible to contact and send attractive promotional offers to your visitors thanks to a database of their personal information (surname, first name, e-mail, etc.). With email, you can also share positive user feedback from your customers, past experiences with your products to engage your visitors.

The e-mail also allows thanks to the mailing lists to share the news of your company or advice, the good deals of the moment as well as the promotional offers. You can also share video testimonials which as powerful social proof will allow your customers to share their usage feedback with your business.

How to make your e-commerce site successful with content marketing?

As we explained to you above, content marketing will allow you to give more visibility to your e-commerce website by communicating with your audience through the dissemination of useful and informative content. However, this requires a number of strategies that we will explain to you in the last part of our article.

Target definition

The first thing to do before launching your merchant site is to clearly define your target. Indeed, this is what will allow you to define the editorial line of your content so that it is of high quality.

In e-commerce, there is a notion called persona corresponding to a typical character or the ideal customer corresponding to your products that you must define in relation to his identity, his personality, his objectives, his reluctance in relation to the product, etc. . This will allow you to create content specially designed and adapted to your target.

Type of content for the target

There are some rules you need to consider when creating content for your e-commerce site. Indeed, you must first define the type of content likely to appeal to your target and which will provide them with the maximum answers to their various questions.

Thus, it is important that you can give answers to the main topics covered such as: the problems encountered by your target, the solutions that you can bring to them thanks to your products, or the platform to use for the distribution of your content.

Goals definition

It is important to clearly define a goal before launching a content strategy. Thus, you should set yourself these objectives, namely: improve your visibility, acquire new customers, make more sales, etc. according to your expectations.

In order to be able to reach the maximum of prospects while retaining the loyalty of your current customers, you will therefore have to:

  • Make communications with clear and concise messages addressed directly to your prospects,
  • Make your customers want to read you by writing engaging content,
  • Be as transparent as possible in your communications in order to develop a relationship of trust with your customers and prospects,
  • Be courteous and respectful in all your interactions with your visitors.

Create attractive content

Contrary to what some may think, the creation of attractive content capable of creating adhesion is an art. This is why you should take special care when writing in clean language that is relevant to your users. It is also important that you use different communication formats such as blog posts, podcasts, videos, social media posts, etc. which will allow you to reach a wider audience through various publications.

Distribution of content

Whether manually or automatically, it is important once your content is published to increase its reach by broadcasting on the various communication channels. In the case of a blog post for example, you should share the link in social networks or via a periodic newsletter if you have a database of the email addresses of your customers or visitors.

The advantage of these two methods is that they are less intrusive so can reach your target smoothly without them perceiving advertising.

Content analysis

Once your content has been published and distributed via your various communication media, you must regularly analyze their performance in order, if necessary, to improve your marketing strategy. You will therefore have to pay particular attention to the number of visitors, the bounce rate as well as the average number of times spent on your site, the number of new subscribers, their locations, etc.

There are also several tools that allow you to have automatic access to these indicators and thus measure the performance of your web pages, including Google Analytics, which is available for free.


As we've seen, content marketing can really propel your e-commerce platform to success. All you have to do is apply the non-exhaustive rules that we have presented to you to create high-value content for your prospects. The only thing you have to do is to create regular and varied content on specific themes that will allow you to obtain better scores with search engines.

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