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Improve Your Sales On Shopify Thanks To a Good SEO Referencing

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Want to boost your sales on your Shopify store? But you don't know where to start. Well, know that the best way to improve your sales on Shopify is to optimize your SEO referencing . Why ?

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I explain in this article, how to use a good SEO on Shopify to improve your sales.

What is SEO Referencing?
To get involved, learn how SEO works on Shopify and how it's useful for your online store.

Playing a very important role in expanding your e-commerce business, SEO strategy is a very important aspect.

You can position your dropshipping site well thanks to SEO on search engines, Google in particular. This therefore has the immediate consequence of making your e-commerce known and increasing your sales for free.

Yes, because SEO is 100% free.

Web pages are not displayed in the first pages of search engine results in a haphazard way. In reality, it is anything but coincidence.

Yes, because SEO is 100% free.

Web pages are not displayed in the first pages of search engine results in a haphazard way. In reality, it is anything but coincidence.

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Shopify SEO: Why aim for a good Google Ranking?

As the operator of an E-Commerce site, if you want to address targeted Internet users, this inevitably comes down to wanting to improve your Google ranking by optimizing your web referencing like an SEO expert.

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With a higher ranking in Google search results, you can drive a lot more leads to your Shopify store. This allows you to earn more money on the internet and also allows you to explode the sale easily.

Thus, it will visibly increase your sales sooner or later. Especially because the visitors will be much more qualified than with advertising on Facebook or other social networks.

But what does it mean to want to get a good Google ranking?

It is easy to answer this question.

Because the first search results naturally attract the most attention and therefore the most clicks that lead to your site. And so, you will have more chances to optimize your conversion rate.

The goal should therefore be to appear as high as possible in Google search results with certain keywords. And if possible, on the first page of Google.

Factors for Better Google Ranking

But how to improve the positioning of your website on Google? This is thanks to the optimization of SEO techniques and the more global digital strategy.

Many aspects influence SEO on Shopify with Google. All the measures taken to improve rankings can be summarized under the term search engine optimization (SEO).

There are two components here:

On the one hand, all the measures that take place on the page itself: so-called on-page optimization ( on-site SEO )
On the other hand, all measures taken outside the page: so-called off-page optimization with backlinks ( off-site SEO )

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Note : By the way, you can also consult our guide to help you optimize your stocks in Ecommerce . This guide offers you the best tips and strategies that are easy to adopt so that you can succeed in your E-commerce business.

The benefits of a good SEO on Shopify

As a reseller, you need to make sales that will sustain your business on Shopify. The best solution is to optimize the SEO of the pages of your site by following SEO training or SEO training.

You can also use a natural referencing agency to succeed. There are also tools to help SEO professionals on optimizing a website.

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Here are 3 reasons why you benefit from doing a good SEO for your Shopify store:

Customers find you easily:

There are a variety of search engines, but Google is the most used. By doing a good SEO on Shopify, you increase the chances of customers flocking to your store to make purchases. This will lead to an increase in your e-reputation and your turnover.

  • You increase your profitability and you spend less on Marketing or Advertising operations. Some entrepreneurs often use paid services to optimize their SEO. However, natural referencing allows you to save money. Moreover, it allows you to succeed in dropshipping and increase your sales.
  • A good natural referencing strategy produces positive and lasting effects on your e-commerce .


Unlike the listings that you will pay for with some companies, the Google listing that you do yourself will be final. And over the years, you can refine it to your liking.

At no time will organic SEO stop. Whereas with SEA Paid Search, your traffic will drop as soon as the ad comes to an end.

What to do to improve your SEO on Shopify?

To have a good SEO on Shopify, you will need to apply the following tips:

Have Quality Content and a Reasonable Quantity:

  • Write between 350 to 500 words per page
  • Have an optimal ratio of keywords in your SEO content
  • Have useful and relevant content for the type of customers you are targeting
  • Avoid having duplicate content
  • Describe your products using keywords in each product page;
  • Use H1 titles that accurately describe your items (use a maximum of 70 characters)
  • Have precise and relevant meta-descriptions: they must be between 120 and 155 characters. They must be of the type to encourage Internet users to click on your link. So, use attention-grabbing information such as: low prices, a practical guide
  • Integrate links into your site (internal links, external links or backlinks)
  • Integrating a sitemap into your Shopify e-commerce

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Conclusion on SEO on Shopify

Here we are at the end of the article and I hope you have followed it carefully.

If so, improving your sales with SEO on Shopify will be child's play for you.

Moreover, if you want to go further and surpass all your competitors, I invite you to follow this training dedicated to SEO on Shopify.

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