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How To Put WhatsApp Button On The Website? Make it Free and In 5 Minutes!

WhatsApp is one of the main online sales and service tools today.

There are more than two billion active users in the world and the multimedia resources and functionalities of the business platform are very interesting attractions.

And you can also leverage your brand and your marketing and sales strategy through this tool, especially if you can direct your website visitors to a conversation on the platform.

A simple WhatsApp Button on the website makes you capture more leads and make the customer service and commercial approach through this channel even more complete.

In this post we will teach you how to install the WhatsApp Button on the website for free and in less than 5 minutes.

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How does the floating WhatsApp button work?

The WhatsApp Button on the website is a feature to direct page visitors to a direct contact channel.

It can just be the type that directs you to WhatsApp with the click of the button and it can also be the type that already captures some visitor data, thus facilitating the work of the professional who will continue the service.

Examples of websites with WhatsApp floating button

Regardless of the type of button, it usually features a clickable icon with the WhatsApp logo, which can be inserted into any page and has different placement options on the site.

How to put the WhatsApp button on the website?

With Leadster you can implement the WhatsApp Button feature on the website completely free of charge and in a few minutes.

Check step by step:

1. Access the website and click on “Create free button”

First, you have to go to the “Free Floating WhatsApp Button for Your Website” page and click on “ CREATE FREE BUTTON ”.

The Leadster chat will be triggered to assist you with the necessary actions.

First, you will need to provide some registration information, so that the platform understands your profile and directs you to the best strategy for your company.

The information requested is: the company's website, your name, e-mail, telephone, volume of access to the website and investment in campaigns.

In addition, you will create a password to access your account.

Find out how many hits your website gets per month
If you do not have the information on the volume of visits to the site, you can choose the alternative “I don't know”.

However, this is a very important metric to track your brand's online results and we recommend that you create and set up a Google Analytics account to monitor these and other metrics.

2. Activate the WhatsApp button on your website

Afterwards, the platform will show a simulation of what the WhatsApp Button will look like on the website you linked to the account.

To put the button on the air and start receiving contacts there, just click on “ Activate Button on the Site ”.

You will then be redirected to your home panel, where you will choose the option that best fits your website setup:

Activate the WhatsApp button in WordPress

If your site is built on WordPress, you will need to follow the steps (which are also described on the platform):

  • Install the Leadster plugin for WordPress ;
  • Access your plugin settings in the “Settings > Leadster” path;
  • Insert your activation code in the identified field.

And that's it, with these three simple actions, the button will be live and your website will already be generating more conversions.

Activate the WhatsApp button on Wix

If your site is built on Wix, the steps are as follows:

  • In your Wix dashboard, click on “Settings > Tracking & Analytics”;
  • In the window that will open, click on “Custom Code” and then on the “+ Custom Code” button;
  • Enter your Leadster installation code in the “Paste code snippet here” field;
  • Select your domain;
  • Keep the “All pages” option checked and check the “Body – end” option.
  • Click “OK”. Ready!

Activate WhatsApp button with Google Tag Manager

You also have the option to activate the button via Google Tag Manager.

In this case, the necessary actions are:

  • Access the Google Tag Manager dashboard and click on “Workspace > Overview > Add a new tag”;
  • Click to choose a tag type and select the “Custom HTML” option;
  • Enter a name for the tag you are creating, paste the Leadster installation code in the “HTML” field and check the “Support for document.write” option;
  • Click to choose a trigger to fire the tag;
  • Select the “All Pages” trigger to fire the tag. Keep the other default settings;
  • Save the settings to follow;
  • Make sure your change has been saved to the workspace;
  • Now just publish the changes made so that they are uploaded to your site. Click on the “Send” button;
  • Enter a name and description of your choice, then click “Publish”.


Enable WhatsApp button on HTML website

There is also the option to activate our code in the HTML of your website and thus connect the button to any platform:

  • Copy your installation code;
  • Insert the tag in the code of your website pages, before the
  • element;
  • Watch the following video so you can better understand how to activate the WhatsApp Button on the website with Leadster:

3. The rest is up to us!

With the button installed, your visitors will be able to view it and start a service there.

The dynamics are the same as those you used to create your account: a virtual assistant initiates the conversation, capturing initial data, without the user having to leave the page they are browsing.

Afterwards, the visitor is directed to WhatsApp, allowing the service to be continued.

Why use the WhatsApp Button on the website?

The WhatsApp Button on the website increases lead generation, directs contacts to the desired number and improves the consumer experience.

In addition, you also have other benefits:

Be present in the most comprehensive messaging app

The application is part of the daily life of most Brazilians.

In February 2020, WhatsApp already had impressive numbers: present on 99% of cell phones in Brazil, used by 93% of people every day.

In the world, WhatsApp is the number one messaging app with over 2 billion users.

Gain more agility in customer contact

The instant messaging application also beats many other customer contact options for the agility it offers.

It is what the consumer expects when using this channel, so make sure that your service will live up to that expectation.

Build your lead base to sell more

With an attractive channel for visitors, the chances of you increasing lead generation are great, especially if your strategy is linked to other points of conversion optimization and proactive approach.

Why is the Leadster button the best?

Leadster's alternative to a WhatsApp button is more advantageous than a simple clickable icon for several reasons:

Create a proactive call

WhatsApp Floating Button proactively and automatically addresses your website visitors.

And proactively approaching your visitor increases your result by 105%, compared to passive solutions like WhatsApp button (Source: Forrester ).

Capture and organize the contact of leads

Automatically collect the most important data, segment and distribute leads correctly to the responsible sales representatives, to ensure that your sales team receives all contacts in the best way.

Create and activate on site with ease

Creating the WhatsApp button on the website with Leadster takes just a few minutes and activation is also easy.

In addition, on the platform you will find the detailed step-by-step of various ways to activate the feature.

Track and export all generated contacts

You can follow, through the tool's control panel, all the generated contacts.

These leads can also be exported and forwarded to other tools that you use in your marketing and sales strategy.

Send the collected data to WhatsApp

Data collection in the initial phase of contact, with the virtual assistant, is saved and you can direct this data to WhatsApp, for continuity of service.

Open WhatsApp automatically

With the functionality offered by Leadster, WhatsApp can be opened automatically, after the conversation with the chatbot reaches a certain point.

Track your performance metrics

With Leadster 's Performance Dashboard, you follow results in real time and also have access to the Metrics Dashboard, to monitor your performance and the contacts captured without relying on spreadsheets or manual work.

The best 100% free WhatsApp Button

And best of all, you do it all at no cost!

Creating and implementing a WhatsApp Button on your company's website is a chance for closer contact with consumers, through a platform that is part of the routine of many.

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