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How To Promote Your Blog On Social Networks

Increase awareness of your blog via social media

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Social media is now an essential communication channel for companies and brands. It has even become one of the best ways to publicize your professional blog. But communicating via social media does not improvise me, you will have to put in place a strategy adapted to each platform. Discover our tips to help you promote your blog on social networks and gain visibility and notoriety.

Why create and generate traffic on your corporate blog and use it as a tool for presence in your communities.

Why use social networks to promote your blog?

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Today more than ever, blogs and social networks are inseparable and complementary. These have become essential in your marketing strategy. Notoriety, traffic, knowledge of your audience, find out why you should use social networks to promote your blog .

Our article dedicated to statistics on social networks shows their importance in the digital landscape.

Increase your notoriety on the web at a lower cost

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or Pinterest can become a great showcase for your business. Promoting your blog via social platforms allows you to be known to Internet users, while taking care of your brand image. Provided of course to publish in the right place, at the right time and with the right target.

Thanks to social networks, you can easily gain visibility with a much lower budget than on traditional advertising spaces . Indeed, social media are places of free expression and promotion (at least in part) unlike advertising on Google or traditional advertising (display advertising, radio, television, magazines, etc.). They can easily help you improve your reputation by sharing your expertise.

Get closer to your audience and engage in conversation

Communicating on your blog or brand via social networks allows you to get closer to your customers, readers or community. By engaging in conversation with your subscribers, you will be able to learn more about their habits, their needs and their expectations.

You will be able to test different actions and publications and analyze which ones work and which ones do not. You will be able to refine the editorial line of your blog so that it responds to the questions and expectations of Internet users. Finally, you will build a privileged relationship with your subscribers who can eventually become your best ambassadors and talk about you around them...

E following this link you can have ideas for blog topics to please your readers.

Increase your blog traffic

According to the latest figures published, 4.3 billion people use social networks in the world . And these are all potential readers for your blog. Social networks can thus become an incredible lever to develop your national and international audience.

Combined with a good content and SEO strategy, using social media can help find new leads and build an engaged community. Indeed, the commenting and sharing system offered by most social platforms makes it possible to broadcast your message to as many people as possible. Thus, creating content with a high engagement rate and likely to go viral is one of the marketing levers to be explored on social networks...

10 techniques to make your blog known on social networks

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Now that you understand the importance of social media to promote your blog, find out how to use the different platforms well. Here are 10 techniques and tips for communicating via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.

1) Adapt your message to the target and the different social networks

Each social network has its own codes and a well-defined audience. It is for this reason that you should not post the same content on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter.

Always adapt your formats according to the platform and the target:

  • Twitter: 280-character messages in tune with the news and use of hashtags. For all.
  • Facebook: favor visual posts with photo or video intended for the general public.
  • Instagram: publication of engaging photos and stories for a young audience (16-35 years old)
  • TikTok: fun and inventive videos for a young audience (16-24 years old)
  • Pinterest: posting visual pins with a link to your blog
  • Linkedin: BtoB network

It's up to you to define which social platforms best match your goals and your target. Promoting on these mediums can help increase traffic and sales to your e-commerce site.

2) Add share buttons to your blog

To promote your blog via social networks, consider integrating sharing buttons on your website . These calls-to-action must be perfectly visible and practical to use.

Many plugins allow you to automatically integrate this functionality on all the pages of your website. Always remember to personalize the call-to-action with a short message addressed to your readers.

Remember that the more shares you will generate on your articles , the more you will gain the trust of your readers. Indeed, an article shared hundreds or thousands of times is a pledge of trust and quality.

3) Integrate a social media timeline on your blog

In your blog's sidebar, add timelines for the different social networks you use , without overdoing it. Many plugins allow you to display the latest tweets, Facebook posts or your Instagram photos.

Your readers can also subscribe directly to your various social networks by simply clicking on a button integrated into the plug-in.

Remember that being active on social media inspires trust.

4) Produce creative and varied content in your theme

To make yourself known on social networks, it is not enough to publish your content while waiting for it to happen. In addition to creating articles, visuals, infographics or videos with high added value, take a look at what others are doing. Do not hesitate to share interesting content from other pages or profiles in your theme.

Social media is a great testing ground in perpetual evolution. Do not hesitate to constantly follow the news of the sector and above all to be creative, by constantly testing new formats. Your Social Media Optimization strategy should not be limited to best practices to succeed on social networks. Dare to assert your style and claim your difference to stand out!

5) Ask your audience to relay your content

Never be afraid to ask your fans to share your blog posts in their network. Each publication on social media must be accompanied by a call-to-action to encourage your readers to relay your content. Just add a little "share this article" or "comment this post".

You can also interact with your subscribers individually. To do this, you just need to use the direct messaging service integrated into social networks. This practice can be tedious, but you will normally get good results. However, be careful not to overuse it. Some users hate this process. Always be sincere in your words and avoid having an overly salesy speech from your first message.

6) Invite your subscribers to participate

Are you familiar with User Generated Content, this content strategy that consists of inviting your subscribers to co-create content for your brand or your blog? It's a fun and very effective strategy to get people talking about you and increase the size of your audience . Many brands such as Oasis, Hachette Tourisme or even Starbucks use this lever to get people talking about them.

Take the example of Starbucks precisely. Every December, the American firm launches the #RedCupContest on Instagram. Internet users are invited to share their best photos of their cup of coffee, with a chance to win a prize.

7) Reach out to influencers to promote your blog

Influencer marketing can be a really interesting way to grow your blog's audience . In fact, influencers are often excellent relays for distributing your content and offers to social network users.

Do not hesitate to solicit bloggers to offer them a partnership. This can take different forms, such as:

  • Offer them to test your offer or your products;
  • Solicit them as part of a guest blogging campaign;
  • Offer them to become an ambassador for your brand.

To work with influencers , consider doing some early scouting work and selecting bloggers in your field. Do not hesitate to choose personalities whose editorial line and universe are similar to yours.

8) Create a social media editorial calendar

To succeed in making your blog known on social networks, you must put in place a real SMO strategy . This involves defining a clear editorial line for each social platform and setting up a publication calendar.

Indeed, publishing content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is not done randomly. You can surf the news of the moment, publish content adapted to the season or create articles in resonance with major holidays and annual meetings.

9) Use social media posting tools

Many digital tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite or Later allow you to plan your publications on the various social networks . Indeed, all community managers will tell you: managing publications on social media is extremely time-consuming.

Also consider using web or mobile apps like Canva, Unfold or PicMonkey. They help you create your publications on the different platforms, from a library of thousands of templates, to customize in a few clicks. An invaluable time saver for the content manager!

It will be necessary to take care to respect the sizes of the images in order to broadcast your advertisements on social networks.

10) Always be proactive

Don't just relay your new blog post every week . On social media, you need to be proactive and take part in conversations . Target discussions that touch on topics related to your business. Bring your expertise and give visibility to your brand by increasing your credibility.

Likewise, be very responsive to comments, opinions and remarks made on your articles and posts. Respond quickly and truthfully, even to bad comments. Reacting quickly to questions and criticisms is the best way to maintain your e-reputation and avoid that famous bad buzz that all brands fear.

Now that you understand the value of integrating social media into your blog marketing strategy , all you have to do is take action. However, if social networks remain a very effective way to make yourself known, your social media strategy must be combined with other levers such as SEO, SEA and content marketing for example.

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