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How To Make My Website Appear On The First Page Of Google?

After all, in the midst of so much dispute to appear in search results, how to make my website appear on Google?

Getting featured at the top of the world's largest search engine is a great achievement for any business because it's like having a customer-attracting machine in your hands.

However, it is necessary to apply a set of digital marketing and SEO strategies on the website to achieve this.

In this article, in addition to understanding the main reasons that can hinder your ranking, you will receive practical tips to improve your positioning on Google. Keep reading!

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Why invest in an SEO strategy to rank your website on Google?

With more than 3.3 billion searches per day, Google is one of the best tools to promote your business.

And we'll show you why:

Increase page reach

A survey by Zero Limit Web revealed that the top 5 organic results on the first page represent 67.6% of the total clicks on a search.

Therefore, without a good ranking, your website will hardly be found by your customers. Therefore, investing in a good positioning on Google helps to expand the reach of your page and increase the brand recognition of your business.

Reduce costs with paid media

You can appear on Google for traffic:

Paid: Using Google Ads to create advertisements for your business.

Organic: optimizing the SEO of pages to appear in organic search results.

Even if you want to invest in paid traffic to promote your business, it is worth working on organic traffic to reduce advertising costs, because as SEO optimization brings a more qualified audience, it is possible to better apply the money to paid media and expand the results.

Attract more potential customers

One of the great advantages of making your website appear on Google is being able to attract a more qualified audience.

For example, when a visitor searches for “best home office chair” it means that he is already interested in that product, so the possibility of conversion is much higher.

Even if that visitor doesn't buy that product at that moment, he can become a lead and convert later.

Top reasons for a website not showing up on Google

And when a website just doesn't show up on Google? Whats wrong?

This can happen for several reasons. Check out some of the main ones:

Delay in page loading

According to a survey released by Kissmetrics , 40% of visitors simply give up on accessing a page on the internet after three seconds of waiting.

If your site has a high bounce rate due to this slow page load, the search engine understands that the content is not relevant, giving priority to competitors who have had a longer user retention time.

So, check your website loading speed, as it directly affects your Google ranking. Some free tools that you can measure speed are:

  • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • Pingdom Tools
  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom Tools

Little or no relevant content

Google is a tool that always wants to provide the best user experience, so it prioritizes companies with relevant and useful content for visitors.

For this reason, it is worth investing in a good content marketing strategy for your website.

In general, there are two errors at this point:

Lack of content: the site is empty or has few materials, so it doesn't rank for important terms related to your business and, consequently, doesn't appear often.

Irrelevant Content: The material is too shallow or indifferent to the target audience. In this case, the site may even receive visits, but it has a high bounce rate, staying in the last results.

Lack of SEO optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like the language that Google reads.

If you can't structure your page in a readable and coherent way for the search engine, it can't deliver the content as a user's search result.

In this sense, it is necessary to invest in the right SEO strategy, focusing on the inclusion of keywords in the right way.

No site indexing

If your site isn't indexed in Google, it won't really show up in the results.

To find out if this is happening, search your browser for “ site:google.com” and replace “google.com” with the domain of your website, for example “site:lojacarol.com”. If you don't see results, it means you haven't been tracked.

This is a bit more technical part, but you can easily solve this problem through the Google Search Console tool and the sitemap.xml and robots.txt.

Unresponsive website

Considering that 63% of organic Google searches in the US are carried out on mobile devices according to Merkle Inc , not having a responsive website can significantly hurt your rankings.

As the site does not adapt to the mobile screen, the pages have a layout that hinders the user's view, which makes him give up accessing the page.

And you already know: when a significant amount of visitors do not stay on your page for a long time, the search engine prioritizes other companies.


If you want to make your website appear on Google, it is important to know that the platform has some rules that must be followed in order not to receive a penalty.

For example, some of these pertain to:

  • hidden links;
  • too many keywords;
  • plagiarism.

These are some indications that the page does not have a good credibility, which makes your site not relevant in the search results.

7 tips to appear in the top positions of Google


Appearing in the first results of Google, especially organically, is a great achievement for a website. It might take a bit of work, but it's definitely worth it!

Here are some tips that will help you rank better in the search engine:

1- Work hard on SEO optimization

Basically, SEO is a set of practices for a page to achieve a good positioning in searches. If you do a good job on this part, you may already get better results — and the best part: without spending anything.

And what are these practices?

Although the selection and use of keywords is not 100% responsible for good SEO optimization, we can say that it is 50%.

The keyword is the term used by the user in the search. For example, “how to paint the bedroom wall”, “reading tips” , “marketing agency in São Paulo”.

So, if you know how to choose and apply these keywords — and related ones — on your pages, the results will be better.

To select, you need to research which terms are most relevant to your business in SEO tools such as SEMrush or Ubersuggest . If you have a winery, some keywords might be “wine” , “red wine” , “dry wine” , among others.

For, the search term must appear in the following parts of the text:

  • Title;
  • Introduction;
  • Some subtitles (h2 and h3);
  • Throughout the text;
  • Alternative text of images;
  • URL;
  • Meta description.

In addition to the use of keywords, we can still mention other practices, such as the use of internal and external links (we will talk about this later).

2- Produce relevant content

The keyword needs to accompany relevant content for the SEO optimization strategy to really work.

As we said, there is little point in filling the site with shallow and irrelevant materials for the target audience. You need to create a good content production plan.

To choose the theme, it is important to consider the user's search intent and one way to do this is to put it in its place.

For example, if I own a women's shoe store, what would my audience want to know about this topic?

In addition, you can also use SEO tools, such as Ubersuggest, to find keywords and produce content based on that. For example, if you saw that the term “point-toe shoes” is relevant to your business, an interesting content would be “How to wear point-toe shoes elegantly?”

Answer The Public is another tool to help with content planning. There, you can find the main questions of your audience, generating several ideas for relevant content for your website.

In addition, other tips to make your content more relevant and get your site to appear on Google are:

Always use reliable sources in your articles;

  • Apply simpler and more accessible language;
  • Put data to support the subject;
  • Prefer short paragraphs;
  • Avoid fancy terms;
  • Invest in examples and analogies.

3- Use a linking strategy

In content, you can use both internal links (from other pages on your site) and external links (from other sites).

In the case of internal links, it is possible to direct the audience from one page to another, thus increasing traffic and user retention on the site – which is great for ranking on Google.

External links, on the other hand, allow you to increase the relevance of your company.

It can be anything from a news item on a subject to the website of a tool that you indicated in the article. This is also a way for the search engine to understand that your content was well-founded and improve its positioning in searches .

When you refer another page, he also gets more authority on the platform because it is understood that that is a reliable source.

So, one of the ways to increase your relevance on Google is precisely by creating partnerships with other companies to link your page within the site. That is, make an external link directing to your website.

Also, check out some tips to use the link strategy efficiently:

  • It is necessary to fit the links naturally in the text;
  • Check the readability of the page before placing the link;
  • Do not use links from your direct competitors.

4- Use Search Console

If you want to make your website appear on Google, you need to periodically monitor the results of your strategies.

In that sense, Google has an amazing tool to monitor your search presence: Google Search Console .

It has several features that can help:

  • checks the indexing of pages;
  • issues alerts about problems on the website;
  • shows your performance;
  • creates reports;
  • among other functions.

With this tool, you can still get information about the best keywords and thus further improve your SEO optimization strategy.

5- Have a good layout

Like it or not, the aesthetics and organization of the site is also a relevant factor for ranking.

If your pages are unreadable, lack contrast, have a hard-to-read font, or any other issue that affects access to content, your bounce rate will always be high.

Therefore, it is worth investing in a good layout for the website.

As we said before, another important point about this part is the responsiveness of the pages. It is important that the content adapts well to any device.

6- Invest in sponsored links

If you are in a hurry to get your site to appear on Google, investing in sponsored links is the quickest way to achieve this.

With paid ads, your content stands out right on the first page, bringing a good amount of traffic — and potential customers — to your site.

However, just putting money into Google Ads is not enough to get really effective results with paid traffic. It takes good resource management and good targeting to the right audience.

7- Sign up for Google My Business

Google My Business is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to see their website appear in search results.

In this tool, you can register your company information, such as address, opening hours, contact details, company photos, among others.

In addition, customers are still allowed to rate your company, giving your company more credibility.

So, when a client searches for “Santa Monica law firm”, for example, your company can appear right at the top of the results and the client can contact you directly.

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