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How To Know Which Plugins a Website Uses?

If you have ever wondered what theme or what plugins a website uses, today we want to talk to you about a tool that seems essential to us: WP Theme Detector. This free tool detects most of the plugins that a website developed in WordPress contains.

How to know what plugins a website has?

WP Theme Detector allows you to know for free:

  • The WP theme used
  • The last website that the topic was edited
  • The plugins used on the web
  • The providers (creators) of those plugins.

It is a perfect tool to find out which plugins the competition uses or which websites you like the most.

If, for example, you see a nice Cookie usage pop-up and you want to replicate it on your website, you can analyze and know exactly which GDPR plugin that website is using by clicking on the image of the plugin that appears in the WP Theme analysis Detector, and find it directly in the WordPress repository, since it links directly to the plugins used.

How does it work?

Wait a few seconds and soon you will see the theme and plugins used on the screen.

Image description

The information is displayed as follows:

The theme and the web builder used appear first .

Image description

And then returns information about the plugins found:

Image description

How can I know what CMS a website uses?

To find out what CMS a website uses, for example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop... We recommend another tool.

This time it is a browser extension: Wappalyzer .

  • Wappalyzer for Chrome
  • Wappalyzer for Firefox
  • Wappalyzer for Mac

We have already talked about this tool on another occasion. Here you can see the Wappalyzer user guide .

With it you will be able to know what CMS the web is using, framework, mobile framework, javascript libraries, security, web analytics tools, online marketing tools...

Image description

We hope that these two tools have been useful to you. Do you use others? Tell us!

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