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How To Invest Right In Digital Marketing?

Investing with a guaranteed return – and a good return – is every company's dream. Whether in marketing, research, product development, etc. Fact is, no one likes to “just change money”, let alone lose!

But speaking of marketing: do you know how to invest in the most appropriate way? What is the best strategy for your segment? How much will it cost? And how long is it possible to see a return? Follow this post and I will try to give you a direction.

Do I really need to invest in internet marketing?

It sounds silly, but many companies still wonder – and resist – about investing in digital marketing. The arguments are the most varied and creative, but the great truth is: those who are out of the internet are increasingly out of people's lives. Everything happens in a connected way, mainly through smartphones.

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Whether you are a retail company, local commerce, food, entertainment, service provider, e-commerce… It doesn't matter. If you have something to sell to someone, you need to communicate with people through online marketing strategies.

And if you still think that “people are not looking for what I sell on the internet”, take a look at these numbers. They show how much content the whole world consumes on the internet (websites, emails, social networks, chats, etc.).

Okay, I'm convinced to invest in digital marketing. But what to do?

Excellent. If you were really convinced (or were already convinced) about the vitality of investing in digital actions to communicate with your audience, I will quickly present you with some good options that are really linked to performance marketing, which is what we do here. on MMD every day.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound is increasingly popular, but this also causes some concepts to end up being treated wrongly. The essence of Inbound Marketing is to be permissive marketing. It's a relationship you establish with your target audience from the moment you offer something that they have shown interest. In general, the steps of Inbound Marketing involve: attracting, converting, relating, selling, retaining and analyzing. And for all this gear to work, some marketing actions must be used at each stage.

SEO optimization

Optimization for search engines such as Google, Youtube, Bing, etc. Organic ranking is also known as Google’s “unpaid” ranking, as your business doesn’t have to pay for every click received (unlike Google Ads). But to be well ranked on Google, currently, it is essential to have a good SEO consultancy that points out the best practices in the site's code structure, in the content and also in aspects external to the site (off-page).

Google Ads (sponsored links)

Need short term results? Generate leads quickly and in volume? One of the best options is to buy traffic through sponsored links campaigns on Google, the famous Google Ads. Whether in the form of “keyword” campaigns or from the intentions of the target audience, it is possible to configure campaigns that meet the needs of people when they seek to solve their everyday problems. Want something better than that?

Social Networks (social media)

Gone are the days when social networks were the only place to build relationships with customers and cordially serve those interested in your product/service (not that this has ceased to exist). But today social networks have also become an environment where you can buy traffic in a segmented way according to the profile of the audience you want. Well-structured Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns are already part of the budget forecast of many companies that have realized the power of targeting these channels. Social networks, for example, are an excellent option to disseminate rich materials, within a lead capture strategy through Inbound Marketing.

Relationship (email marketing, automations, WhatsApp…)

Using messaging applications such as emails, Messenger or WhatsApp has never been so powerful… But if done in a segmented and professional way. Forget about shopping or mailing exchanges that were so common some time ago. Today, by capturing leads, you build your own relationship base and choose the best way to contact them.

How do I know if I'm on the right path?

Regardless of whether or not you invest in internet marketing, you need one certainty: that you are on the right track! For this, in addition to the results measurement tools, such as Google Analytics, it is good that you count on the expertise of a digital marketing professional or agency . Not everything I mentioned in this post will necessarily be suitable for your company's moment, as well as there are other solutions not mentioned that can fit like a glove for your business.

So, if you are determined to start or expand your investment in digital marketing, come talk to us. MMD has been in the market since 2007 and is an official partner of Google and Digital Results to always deliver the best possible result in each web marketing project.

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