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How To Generate Backlinks In An Online Store

Do you want your store to appear well in front of Google? This is (almost) only achieved through inbound links (or backlinks ). In this article you will read what is the best way to create them for e-commerce.

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There is a positioning factor that continued to dominate and that was decisive in determining the visibility of a web page in search results: it is the incoming links (or backlinks).

But how can you create good inbound links for your online store?

Here we offer you 5 possibilities!

The basic links

Once you have registered a domain, installed a shop system and inserted your products, the sales can begin.

However, those who start in e-commerce (and those who have not yet secured these links), should register directly on the most important platforms. Sign up at...

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Google My Business
  • tumblr
  • pinterest
  • platforms of your sector
  • etc.

and create a profile for your store (logo, description and link to the website).

This way you are not only securing the name so that no one else can claim it, but you are collecting important direct links.

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On some platforms (for example, on YouTube), in addition to the link to the website, links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. can also be placed.

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These links to your page are created in no time and increase Google's trust in your store.

Write good comments

Since in many cases comments are considered spam, many SEO experts avoid this type of inbound link building, so doing this carelessly is not recommended.

To use this strategy you have to be clear that the links are inserted to drive new visits to your own website, not to generate as many links as possible.

Therefore, the focus should not be on spam comments, but on comments that provide added value to the reader. Visit blogs and web pages that are in your sector.

The same thing happens with comments as with product ratings. Of course, people are happy to receive "Everything great!" ratings, but more detailed ratings and comments are more valuable.

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For this reason, he gives his opinion on the topics or products, offers a new point of view or additional information. This increases the chances...

1.) Your comment is approved and you generate a new backlink...


2.) that a reader of the comment visits your online store because they think your opinion is interesting.

Content marketing

Producing content that visitors like and generate inbound links can be a big challenge. This is one of the reasons why so few online stores work with content marketing.

However, the advantages of good content cannot be denied:

  • Visibility in search engines increases
  • New customers find your store
  • You earn inbound links
  • Increase the value of your online store
  • etc.

Through the storytelling strategy, new visitors and existing customers will remember that you offer more than your competition. This increases loyalty and willingness to buy.

With the help of guides, tutorials and additional information about your products, you are not only helping your customers, but also increasing the chances that other websites will link to yours.

Likewise, creating infographics is an excellent option for creating a large number of new links. A viral infographic mainly contains information that the consumer did not know or makes them laugh: at best, both.

Investing in content marketing or even hiring an expert on the subject can be a miracle for your store.

However, many online sellers underestimate this marketing strategy and focus only on paid advertising.

Take advantage of this opportunity to stand out from the competition

Collaboration with bloggers

For a couple of years now, the question of influencer marketing has been an integral part of the marketing world. However, even before this marketing trend was everywhere, bloggers already existed.

They are people who write about what they are passionate about, test products and have thus gained a good base of readers. The good news: the blogging business is still around.

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Ideally, you already know who the most influential bloggers in your industry are. Contact them and try to establish a collaboration.

Do not forget about the small bloggers. Unlike established bloggers with thousands of readers who will be swamped by requests for contributions, small bloggers are grateful to be contacted.

The collaboration with a blogger could be like this:

  • You send a product that has to try
  • The blogger tests the product and publishes a review post
  • Attention is drawn to potential customers about the product and about your store

Have a unique touch

There is a secret formula to automatically generate new links week after week:

Make your store unique!

Basically, all online stores are the same. They have a similar structure, the product pages are similar, and the prices are often the same as the competition.

That is why it is so important to stand out from the other stores. Small details can make a decisive difference:

  • introduce unconventional products
  • write funny product descriptions
  • add additional product photos showing the product in action
  • give your products a story
  • invest in innovative store design
  • create a personalized shopping experience
  • offers personal shopping advice
  • etc.


If you try to offer your visitors and customers added value, you have already paved the way for new inbound links. If you combine this strategy with active marketing (collaboration with bloggers and comments), month after month your link profile will be filled with new incoming links.

However, to generate backlinks there is one essential aspect: always be on top!

Keep in mind that the strongest links will not achieve anything if your store is not optimized for search engines.

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