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How To Find Clients: TOP 19 Proven Ways To Find Clients

How to find customers is a question that interests all entrepreneurs. It is useless to make a quality product if people do not know about it and will not buy it. To acquire customers, it is necessary to establish communication channels in various ways. First, study the target audience and make an advertising offer. If everything is ready, then start looking for platforms for advertising, because it will help promote your product to consumers and make the brand recognizable.

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In the article, we will analyze effective ways to promote products through advertising and consider the following channels of communication with the audience:

  • TV;
  • Internet;
  • Billboards;
  • Newspapers, magazines and other printed matter;
  • Announcement in public places;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • Newsletters;
  • Boards of announcements.

TV advertising

Let's start with one of the most effective ways - advertising on TV. You shoot a video lasting 10-15 seconds and look for free airtime on TV channels.

If you are creating products for a wide audience dispersed throughout Russia, then it is better to purchase advertising on federal channels. If you run a local business, then you can get by with a small local TV channel. The budget in the two cases described will be completely different. You understand that airtime on federal channels is expensive, over 50,000 rubles.

But the coverage of the audience on TV is colossal, especially for adults, namely, people over 25 years old are solvent customers, so it will not be difficult to find customers, and advertising will quickly pay off. Do not skimp on the video, hire competent marketers, book the best time on the channels and place ads. The effect will not keep you waiting, and soon your products will be recognized and in demand.


Have you ever wondered how many people drive on the roads every day?

In big cities it is millions, which is a huge traffic. They need to be used and billboards were invented for this. The key to the success of such advertising is in a good location, where there is constant movement, people walk and drive.

There are ordinary posters, and there are animated billboards - the choice is yours. Remember that advertising should be short, capacious, attractive, but not distract motorists from the road so as not to cause accidents.

The coverage of the audience in this way will be huge, but the minus of billboards is that people are not always ready to be distracted and waste time watching ads. They go on business, to work, walk and relax, advertising is not always appropriate.

Advertising in elevators, metro, buses, mailboxes

Another way to reach a colossal audience is to advertise in a public place. These can be advertising spaces on buses, trolleybuses, mailboxes, elevators and the subway.

There are too many advertisements, try to stand out, be original. Remember that sometimes minimalism is better than bright and defiant colors. An experienced marketer will tell you the latest trends, it would be appropriate to use current jokes and news to get into the discussion trends.

Advertising in the metro is especially effective, because every day hundreds of thousands of people use this type of transport. They are waiting for their train or traveling on business, they have time to read ads, many are bored, and they deliberately look at ads.

Remember that it is important to have time to interest and be remembered in a couple of seconds. You don't have much time, people don't read canvases of text and aren't going to understand metaphors. Illustrate your selling proposition, show the benefit and benefit to the client, and be extraordinary to stand out.

Advertising in newspapers, flyers

Not the most environmentally friendly, but still effective way is to place an advertisement in printed materials. You can buy ads from a major newspaper or magazine, hire a promoter, and hand out flyers. The choice depends on the target audience.

Study the audience of the newspaper before submitting an ad. If you work in the B2B segment, then you need a printed publication with an audience of businessmen, if you sell goods for women, then take a closer look at women's publications, etc. Choosing the wrong location for placement will result in a loss of money and time.

If you decide to advertise promotions and discounts on flyers, hire a charismatic person to distribute. It is important that he does not just stand with a disgruntled face and obsessively give leaflets. He should invite, cause a desire to enter into a dialogue, take a flyer and use his recommendations.

Many underestimate the importance of promoters for finding clients, but, in fact, the competent selection of such an employee is half the battle. People love energetic, polite and charming people, they want to communicate with them, follow their advice, trust.

Therefore, choose a promoter wisely, and place only important information on leaflets, without preambles, straight to the point.

People look at the leaflet and want to know the potential benefits and benefits, if they do not see an attractive offer in 2-3 seconds, they will not waste time reading further.

Radio advertising

Radio is still popular, especially among motorists. And people who own a car, most often, are solvent, so take a closer look at this method of promotion. If it seems to you that radio is the last century, then you are mistaken and you are losing a great channel for interacting with the audience.

Choose popular radio stations. They, like publications, can be for different target audiences. Check that your products will suit the listeners of the selected radio station.

In order for the ad to be remembered and heard, it is better to use covers of popular songs, versification and energetic music. People don't like monotonous and intrusive advertisements. Give people positive emotions, and they will remember you. Pleasant music in the background, a professional announcer, funny or amusing advertising - that's what listeners love and appreciate.

Internet advertising

And, of course, the most popular and effective way to promote a product and attract customers is advertising on the Internet . There are many variations here: contextual, email or targeted, picture, animation or video. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of your marketer.

For advertising to be effective, hire only professionals. Now the profession of Internet marketer is gaining momentum, there are many courses and you can learn in a couple of months. But you need to look not at the certificates and the name of the courses, because there are cool self-taught people, you need to look only at successful cases and experience. There is no point in elite courses if a person has never practiced and does not know how algorithms work.

Conduct a careful selection of a team of marketing specialists in order to find customers. You can hire one marketer or several in different areas: contextual advertising , targeting, social media promotion.

Contextual advertising

If your trade offer is posted on a website or landing page, then contextual advertising will be an effective way to promote it. It appears to the user in the search engine when he is looking for an offer similar to yours. If a person is interested in building materials, and he lives in Perm, then in the first lines of the search result he will be given sites offering the sale of building materials in Perm. This is convenient for advertisers and users.

An Internet marketer will help you set up such advertising, or you can try it yourself through Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords. The cost per click varies and depends on the field of activity. Contextual advertising is becoming more in demand and more popular every year, reaching the level of coverage, both on TV and radio, while being cheaper.

So if you want to find customers, be sure to set up contextual advertising.

Targeted advertising

Previously, advertisers could not even dream that only interested people would see their ad, but now it is real, thanks to targeted advertising.

Targeted advertising is based on a complex system of searching for the target audience according to the specified parameters. Your offer will be shown only to the target audience, and it will not be displayed to other users who are not interested in your products. You understand what level of conversion can be achieved, it's amazing.

Many social networks and services provide a similar service. But there are many settings in this way of attracting customers, and it is important that every little thing is taken into account, so advertising will be effective, and the cost per click will be minimal. Understanding all the nuances is long and difficult, so it is better to hire a specialist - a targetologist.

If you still do not understand the mechanism of work, let's look at an example:

You have recently been interested in scooters, their types and prices. The algorithms have remembered this, and now they will give you ads on various social networks related to scooters. And to a person who was interested in buying a car, he will issue advertisements about cars.

This type of advertising helps users see only offers that are relevant to them, and advertisers get high returns.


Previously, it was possible to promote on Instagram through mass liking, mass following, SPS and advertising from bloggers.

But when buying placement from bloggers, you cannot be sure of its effectiveness and audience loyalty, and for the first methods, Instagram bans accounts forever. In order to profit from huge traffic, Facebook, which owns Instagram, has made it possible to run targeted ads.

To set it up, you need to go to a business account in your Instagram account and connect a page from Facebook. Instagram offers superficial settings in the account itself, but then advertising will not be effective.

For detailed settings, you need to go to the Facebook page, there will be many parameters and it is better to use the help of a targetologist.

Instagram is gaining popularity and the number of audience is growing every year, so it is not difficult to find customers here. In 2019, the number of audience exceeded 1 billion users. More than 500 million people around the world actively use Instagram every day, so this platform is just a godsend for advertisers.

Ignoring an active and engaged audience would be a big oversight, so be sure to create an account, hire a page admin, make quality content with a consistent visual style, and write helpful posts. After the first 12 posts, start promoting, make an attractive ad layout with a unique selling proposition, preferably in video format, and launch targeted ads. It can be placed in posts and stories, but the story format shows better results, so try to fit everything into a 15-30 second video.

In contact with

A less popular, but still in demand social network is Vkontakte. You can also place and set up targeted ads in it so that interested users follow the link to your page.

For settings, go to the Vkontakte advertising exchange. You will see a window with a personal account. Click on "Create ad" and go to the ad settings settings.

Vkontakte offers three types of targeted advertising:

  • carousel: offers the user a choice of several types of products;
  • universal record: picture and trade offer;
  • call to action post: there will be a button at the bottom for the user to click to buy immediately, intro, etc.

Ads appear in the feed when the user watches news and subscriptions. You can promote your page, public or group within a social network, or offer to go to a third-party site or application.

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In addition to various settings, within social networks, there is a special service that helps create targeted advertisements - Mytarget.

With the help of this site you can find clients in the following social networks and resources:

  • Classmates;
  • Mail.ru;
  • In contact with;
  • Yula.

The service was created by a team of specialists from the Mail.ru Group and helps you set up targeted advertising on your websites. Mytarget reports that 96% of Russian Internet users visit projects created by Mail.ru Group, so advertising will be profitable and effective. The starting capital for the initial PR campaign is 3,000 rubles or more, which is very cheap for such indicators.

E-mail newsletters

If you are familiar with sales funnels, then you already know about the effectiveness of email newsletters. Messages prepared in advance are sent to the user by e-mail for various purposes. To get acquainted, to interest, to make a buyer, then a regular buyer and regularly offer their products.

It is important that the emails are customized not only for the purchase, but also to satisfy the needs of the client. Acknowledgments, useful information, entertainment content, free offers, promotions and bonuses. You must convey care through an email, you should not constantly obsessively demand to buy a product, otherwise the user will unsubscribe and he will have an unpleasant aftertaste.

The newsletter helps to build a trusting relationship with a potential client, dispel his doubts and objections, and show that your products are worth the money. Typically, such mailings consist of chains of letters and are sent at various stages:

  • familiarity with the company and products;
  • free or low-cost offer;
  • wait until the purchase;
  • gratitude for the purchase and offer of other similar products;
  • newsletters with expert articles about the benefits of your products;
  • interesting facts, funny stories;
  • notifications about discounts and promotions.

Notice boards

You can also find clients on services with ads. You should carefully select pictures to illustrate your offer and hire a copywriter to write a selling text.

So that the offer is not lost in hundreds of similar ones, it is better to purchase advertising to keep it in the TOP from the service itself. Prices depend on the duration of the advertisement.

Popular message boards with a large audience:

  • Avito;
  • Yula;
  • OLX;
  • From hand to hand;
  • Gde.ru.


Regardless of the chosen method of finding clients, the following recommendations will be useful to you:

  • Be honest, don't promise what you can't deliver, otherwise your customers' trust will be lost and your reputation will be damaged.
  • Do not use in advertising gender discrimination, objectification of women as a sexual object, humiliation of other nations and races, insults and obscene language.
  • Tell in advertising not about how cool and the best you are, but about the benefits and benefits that the client will receive after the purchase.
  • Use several types of promotion, track statistics and results of advertising campaigns to evaluate the effectiveness.
  • Study the target audience in order not to miscalculate and not waste your advertising budget, hire an experienced marketer with an impressive portfolio.


You can find clients in many ways by placing ads on TV, radio, billboards, on the Internet, etc. It is important that the ad itself is useful, beneficial and caring for a potential client. Try to fit your sales offer in a couple of lines so that a person can determine the relevance and make a decision in 2-3 seconds.

Tell us about your experience in attracting customers, which method is the most profitable and effective. Write in the comments and do not forget to rate the article.

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