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How To Do SEO For Free? 10 Tips From Experts In Web Positioning!

The experts agree that it is easy to learn how to do free SEO for the positioning of your website in Google, for this you only need some knowledge and time to learn and apply it to your website, we explain some tricks!

The SEO optimization of your website is a must for any company and, if you are wondering how you can do SEO for free yourself, I tell you that well done it can be free and appear among the first results, but you will need a lot of time. to learn all the SEO techniques and to apply them on your website.

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I start this article by being honest and direct, with experience as an SEO and web positioning consultant .

You see, the SEO of your website in search engines is not an option, it is a necessity, otherwise, how do you plan to appear in the search results? , with advertisements? Yes, of course, it is an option, but the investment is going to be very large and it is possible that your company is not prepared to assume those expenses. Also, you will only appear there while you pay. The day you don't, you disappear.

But I have good news; optimize and improve the SEO and positioning of your website , learning how to do SEO is free and you will be able to appear naturally among the first results, next to those who are leaving a fortune each month for being there too.

In fact, if you ask me, I'll tell you that advertising on search engines – like Google – is a temporary solution for your website that I don't recommend unless it's fair and necessary.

Here among us: many Internet users, myself included, do not pay attention to Google sponsored results . We read those that have positioned themselves naturally, which are the important ones. Most likely it is because we have some misgivings about the word “ Ads ” or because we know that these results are not the ones that Google really recommends; they are there because they pay, whether they are good or bad, simply.

I bet right now a coffee with you that sooner or later you will end up doing SEO optimization on your website . So start as soon as possible, learn how to do SEO for free and start researching what SEO Marketing is , trends and techniques.

5 tips to learn how to do SEO for free on any website

Today you have many challenges in terms of optimizing your website because, as you will see below, there are some trends that can work against you.

What you should keep in mind is that web positioning and SEO optimization are very different subjects . You must not trust yourself. Review what you are doing and contrast it with new trends. This way you will be able to advance in your goal: to reach the first place of the search results .

If Google is reluctant to give up the first places, how to do SEO?

For some time now we have seen that Google has made the decision not to lose prominence and has said “ Why first show the results of someone who does not pay me when I have the answers for everything? ”. And it has made the decision to create a section with quick answers to common and diverse questions.

You can see it, especially when you do very specific searches. For example, if you search for “ digital marketing ” it is very likely that Google will show you as the first result the definition that it has found on a web page that quotes at the end of the definition. Other times, with even more specific questions, it shows you exactly what you're looking for.

You may think it's pretty useful, and to some extent it is for the user, but that's causing people to drop the rest of the search results. But then:

I know what is the use of optimizing the SEO of your website, if Google is going to steal all the attention with its quick answers?

Someone might think that you are welcome and that it makes no sense to continue optimizing the SEO of the web. But before you throw in the towel, let me tell you that these instant answers don't show up for every search . In fact, many times people don't find what they're looking for in the instant answer and keep looking at the other results.

It is said that Google does it for the user experience. But knowing Google as I do – it's been more than 15 years of close relationship – I think it's a strategy to promote what it sells, that is, advertising. Without a doubt, this is a trend that you should not take your eyes off and see how it affects your website.

For all these reasons, I continue to recommend that you use more specific long- tail keywords in your SEO strategy , so that this is less likely to affect you.

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How to do SEO for free? Think mobile first!

It is not the first and it will not be the last time that I talk about the mobile phone as a device to access the Internet and visit web pages.

I will repeat it ad nauseam, but it is necessary that it be very clear to you:

The business that does not have its website fully adapted to mobile devices, has all the failure numbers in its digital marketing, also in its SEO. It won't be because I haven't warned!

And I do not mean that you make an effort so that the website of your business is with a responsive or adaptive web design and that it looks good on mobile phones so that the user experience from these devices is satisfactory. I am referring to making mobile design a critical issue in your business strategy, which is called the Mobile First concept .

When thinking about how to do SEO for free, put aside the desktop version of your website for a while. Start thinking that an increasing percentage of your audience connects from a mobile or tablet. Once you do it you will understand the importance of the adaptive design of your web page.

You may not see the difference yet, but I'll explain it quickly.

The mobile screen is just a portion of your computer screen. Imagine how difficult it would be to view the content of your web page on such a small screen. It's as simple as it can't. For the mobile user, try to see your web page not adapted to all devices, it is a real torture and they will end up running away.

Therefore, you must adapt your website to all mobile devices. When you do, I invite you to make structural changes and opt for simplicity. Your users will thank you. Let's stop making visually spectacular pages that at the moment of truth are neither functional, nor effective, nor are they useful for anything.

At the level of web design, you must have three unique objectives for your website:

  • keep it simple
  • make it comfortable to navigate
  • make it useful

Also, I'm going to give you an additional incentive to do so: Google has said that it takes into consideration the fact that your website is mobile friendly. In fact, I can assure you that I have seen Google remove results (web pages) from mobile searches because they do not fit this format and, in most cases, companies had no idea that this could happen.

So, if you are evaluating how to start doing SEO for free, it is best to optimize the SEO of our website for mobile phones .

Shared content on social networks is key in SEO

Without a doubt, this is a trend that digital marketing experts have been waiting for a long time. Exactly from the moment that social networks became the place of reference for user conversations.

The trend says that the relevance of keywords in social networks is already being taken into account and that they are indexed, that is, they appear in the search results of search engines such as Google.

This forces you to engage much more with the social networks in which your company is present. There is no longer an alternative, but you should not look for it either.

Remember that Google will index relevant results on social networks . But not just any result, but the one that you consider to be useful for the search.

Of course, search engines like Google are not going to tell us what parameters will be taken into account when deciding web positioning in each case. But I, using some logic and experience, could almost ensure that a tweet that has had a good interaction, for example, many likes , retweets, among others, is much more likely to be indexed . The same goes for the rest of the social networks. In fact, if there are several accounts with the same content related to the search, the web content with the best reputation in the social network will be indexed and positioned.

With all this I want to tell you that, when thinking about how to do SEO for free, it is not about sharing content on social networks just to meet a requirement. But rather that the content you are going to share causes an impact on your audience; you must promote the interaction , reward it and reward it.

Remember that the guidelines for quality content will depend on the audience you are targeting. But keep in mind that it is always about creating empathy and offering quality and really useful information.

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Trending content boosts your SEO, and it's free!

I've already said it before, but on the Internet, content is king . Therefore, there will always be a tendency to talk about it.

In this case, the trend tells us that longer content ranks better than short content. But wait a minute, I have to give you some warnings.

It is not about forcing the content so that you have three thousand words left. It is about creating content that is useful, where everything is well explained, in detail, but that does not become tedious to read.

Remember that, although you are optimizing SEO for the search engine, your potential clients are people who are going to read the content and, if they find it boring and redundant, they will not give it any value and will not read it; missed sales opportunity.

This trend when it comes to devising how to do SEO for free stems from the belief that search engines, specifically Google, longer content can be more useful to the user because they have more opportunity to explain the subject in detail.

To me, particularly, this reminds me of that SEO trend from the beginning of the era, which said that the content that had more repetition of keywords was positioned better, and therefore the web pages were in charge of repeating it many times in a text, even if the result did not make any sense or coherence.

You must be aware that, although your content should tend to be longer and more complete, you must be sure that it is not tedious for those who read it. In this case I recommend that you complement the information with visual content , that always makes reading more enjoyable. Of course, good writing helps a lot.

In addition, you should know that the more complete and enjoyable your content is, the more likely it is that the user will stay longer on your website and that is favorable for the positioning of your website in Internet search engines .

The importance of local searches for SEO

Do you remember when I told you that the mobile came first? Well, in this case I'll repeat it to you because the local results are linked to our GPS position at the specific moment in which we do the searches on Google, Bing or others.

Simply put, search engines take your current location and offer you results for products and services that are closest to you. Without going any further, Google revealed that searches "Near me" have doubled. Are you aware of the great opportunity that this represents to appear in the first places of Google searches? Think wisely.

For example, someone can search for “ restaurant in Barcelona ” and Google will first show you the restaurants that are closest to your position .

The opportunities for a quick and hot sale are enormous!

How can you do free SEO to improve the chances of your business appearing in local results ? Easy, locate it on Google Maps / Google Places, adding your business in Google Business and following the steps for registration.

In another article I explain in detail how to optimize SEO in Google Maps and Google My Business and get out of the first . Very interesting!

This is especially tremendously useful for offline sales, that is, sales that are made outside the Internet. Remember that many of the searches that are done on Google are intended to obtain information and then go to the store or business premises.

As you may have seen, learning how to do SEO for free requires fine-tuning your strategy a bit to catapult you to the first place in search results, or wherever Google allows you to be.

How to do free SEO before launching your website? 5 super-tricks!

You have been thinking about the development of your website. You know that it has a design that is going to blow it up and that the business looks very good because you have selected some products that are going to go around the market.

You have already reviewed everything and the web page design company that collaborates with you has told you that everything is OK.

Stop! Sure? Not all.

Believe it or not, there is a point that you are overlooking and that you thought you should worry about later: the SEO of your website. That is, the SEO optimization of your website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing among others.

If you make good decisions before creating the website , you can lay the first stone of what will be a well-optimized website for its web positioning, so that it costs as little as possible for our 'friend' Google to 'get attached' to it, you will have much gained in the positioning of your website in Internet search engines .

So let's see 5 tips on how to do SEO for free before launching your website, which I do to you as part of an SEO and web positioning agency .

Create a temporary “ coming soon ” page

The first step when considering how to do free SEO before publishing your website is to create and publish a temporary website announcing something like “ new website coming soon ”, well before publishing the new website. From the first moment you have access to the web server to publish it.

There are many reasons to make this simple gesture, among which:

  • Web search engines, such as Google, attach great importance to the age of the domain , so all the time you earn while you have been working on the development and launch of the new web page will be very useful for your good positioning in search engines.
  • On the other hand, during all that time you could have achieved subscribers , achieved potential clients thanks to the publication of a call to action (CTA) , downloaded a PDF about your company or products, etc.
  • You could even give access to your company's “ press kit ” from where you can introduce yourself, explaining a little about what you are going to do and offer all the contacts you need for a possible interview.

If these reasons don't convince you, I'll tell you that Google has also recommended new web pages to use the ' coming soon ' pages. That changes the thing!

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Assign each keyword ( keyword ) with its page according to SEO

When you already have the web page published, with everything that we have recommended, you cannot forget that to have a good positioning in web search engines, searching for the best keywords is essential. Search engines place special emphasis on its use to find out what the web page is talking about, assign a category to the content, etc.

That is why study well all the most important terms for your company, associate them with each of the pages that make up your website, depending on the traffic you want to access each one in the future. This will help you position yourself as soon as possible in the keywords that most interest your business.

And one of the keys when devising how to do SEO for free is to do everything possible to ensure that the titles and metadata ( META ) of the different pages are as optimized as possible according to your keyword strategy. Of course, later you will be able to change them according to the results you are obtaining, but surely you will have other concerns later and you will hardly be able to dedicate time to this point. So perfect these points as best you can before launching the web.

Remember that each title of each page must be directly related to the content it contains, that they be easy to understand by any web browser and that they should not be repeated with the title of another web section. All this without forgetting that we are writing for human beings, therefore write in a balanced way between being natural and at the same time optimized in SEO as best as possible.

As you work on the pages of your website, do not forget that it must also be a structure that is very easy to track by web search engines , checking that the entire skeleton of the web is organized in order of importance so that everything can be ranked. content naturally according to your content and SEO strategy.

Start doing SEO creating expectation from your social networks

It is very possible that, in your strategy of how to do free SEO for your website, you have written down creating the profiles of your business when you have time once you have already published the web page.

But why wait if you can already create an expectation, achieve followers of your brand or even sales or reservations of your products?

To do this, start creating a community on social networks , providing valuable content for your target and always referring to your provisional website. This will begin to generate traffic and you will be able to attract new subscribers at the same time that you manage to climb your first positions in web search engines.

Do not forget to carefully select the social networks where you are going to open your profiles; They should only be in those where your target audience spends hours in order to capture their attention. Nor do you apply the maxim of "I open profiles in all of them" because in the end what will happen to you is that you will not be able to be actively in all of them and you will lose recruitment opportunities.

Publish a minimum of 3 articles (posts) on your Blog

At this point, you will surely be getting used to the idea that it is time to create content, what web search engines feed on and what they like so much, if you are really interested in how to do really effective free SEO.

Surely you thought that when the website was launched you would start creating articles on your company blog.

But why wait? Start now to write the first posts that will bring you great traffic from the moment of publication of the web; precisely the moment is that it is more difficult to achieve traffic.

In this way, when you publish the new website and the search engine crawlers reach your website, they will find abundant and quality content ; you will fall in love with them

Even as you have already created your 'press kit', as we explained before, and a web form to attract potential clients, you can now create new pages in which you already have content explaining each part, linking it to the posts you make, for example.

With all this you will already start your web page with content and previous work that will undoubtedly give results and you will be grateful .

Think about how you are going to do SEO for free and start with your link building strategy

Surely I don't need to tell you that the fact that you are referred to from other web pages will make you more attractive to Internet search engines, more influential, becoming one of the most "handsome" newcomers to class. If you are wondering how to do SEO for free and I have to choose a strategy, I prefer this one! Link building and a key strategy in what is known as off-page SEO comes into play.

To achieve this, a good option is to work well on your own articles on your Blog so that you can offer yourself as a guest author to publish guest posts or guest articles on other web pages.

Of course, do not choose any web page either. They have to be web pages where your target (target audience) 'inhabits' and you know that it is a web that they surely access frequently.

You'll also need to write epic content to grab their attention and add so much value that they wonder who the expert is who has written on that topic.

If you don't know where to look, Google gives you a hand. How? Very easy, you go to the search engine and there you put the keywords that interest you the most. The first results are the most important so study how you can try to collaborate with them.

During this link building work, do not forget the company directories in your sector. In this way you will be giving a good push to your ' coming soon ' page, which will be the future home page of your website, so that it will have links from these related web pages, the best answer to your question of how to do SEO! free!

Do not go crazy and the best of all is that you carefully select the websites where you are going to insert the address of your website. Apart from the fact that the website has a good reputation, take a look at the Alexa ranking to see if it really interests you. Discard paying at the first change; only if you know that it is a very powerful directory, then yes you can launch .

Do all your SEO 'homework' and you'll see results right from the start

As there are many things that you must take into account when thinking about how to do SEO for free. I will detail them again so that you do not miss anything before publishing your new web page:

  • ' Coming soon ' page.
  • Press kit with a form to attract subscribers with a hook.
  • List of keywords – keywords – with which you would like to position yourself.
  • Each keyword associated with an optimized page with content on that topic.
  • Titles and meta data related to your web page.
  • An easy-to-crawl page structure.
  • Profiles on social networks, where your target lives.
  • Minimum 3 posts to feed your Blog from 0.
  • Offer the first articles as guests – guestposts – on other web pages relevant to your niche.
  • Add your 'coming soon' page (future home) to directories in your sector. With all these tasks on the agenda of how to do SEO for free, you already have a lot of work ahead of you before launching. It takes time, I know, but think that this way you will ensure that your web project starts off on the right foot.

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