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How To Create a Community And Monetize Your Social Networks

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How to create a community and monetize your social networks

Do you have doubts about the feasibility of monetizing your social networks and want to boost your brand? Well, if you really want to take your company to the next level and conquer the world of social media, this is the way.

Although there is currently a debate about the ability of these media to sell, perhaps the key is knowing how to manage them. If you focus on the right strategy for your business, you will get the results you are looking for.

We are in the digital age where social networks are the ideal free means to design your marketing strategies . These make you visible to your contacts with whom you can build deep connections that help boost your business.

In this context, the expression community is especially relevant . It is not just about being present and active on the networks, but about B . It is essential to consolidate and strengthen a relationship of trust with your audience or clients.

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Is it profitable to monetize your social networks?

Is it worth monetizing your social networks ? This is the question of many entrepreneurs and probably yours. The answer is yes. These spaces are a profitable and very promising market through which you can sell anything. You only need to take a look at the number of users of each of the platforms to see their importance.

Facebook , the main international network has more than 2 billion users . Then, it is followed by Instagram with 800 million users, LinkedIn with 500 million and Twitter with 300 million active users . With these numbers it is easy to deduce the great sales potential that is hidden in cyberspace.

This seems to imply that there are virtually any potential customers for any type of product or service on the market . Users of all ages and with the most varied tastes, interests and needs continuously move through the different social networks.

But selling through networks is not a matter of improvisation or luck. It is an art that requires planning, imagination, research, creativity and a lot of work ; This is if positive results are really sought for the brand.

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Traffic: vital element

If you are going to implement an internal marketing campaign ( inbound marketing ) through your networks, you must optimize its performance. This is known as social media optimization .

This is a key process supported by techniques to capture traffic , increase the relevance of the profile and convert content into viral phenomena . How can you get this? We explain:

  • Define your target audience . Also known as target , it is the group of people interested or who could be interested in your brand. You must know exactly who to direct your marketing strategies to .
  • Attract your buyer persona by publishing quality content . When you create your publications, offer value to your contacts and followers. Give them useful, valuable information whose content interests them.
  • Promote feedback . Seek feedback from your audience. Read them, listen to them and respond to them quickly and kindly. It must be an honest communication, acknowledging mistakes and accepting timely suggestions. This way you will gain the trust of your users and customers. Even so you build the reputation of your brand.
  • Get subscribers . Subscribers are more than just followers. The lead provides personal information; Beyond personal data, they reveal the date of birth, interests, tastes, academic training, among others. An ideal tool for this is Facebook Lead Ads .

Create a community

The basic steps to create a community are as follows:

  • Define your goal . When you use your social networks as a means of marketing the obvious objective is to sell . But they also facilitate direct customer-brand contact. That is why this objective must be aligned with the objective of your company.
  • Choose your networks . Once the objective has been set, it is up to you to decide which are the ideal channels for your marketing project. That is, you need to locate your buyer person to know how to reach him, is he on Facebook or Instagram ? Do you get them on Twitter ? If you have already decided, focus on keeping it updated and increasing your number of followers.
  • Know your audience . When you offer a product or service it is essential to know who your buyer is. You have to know your audience: what they do, what they like, where they go in their free time, their age and gender or their socioeconomic level. With this information you will know what to publish and the focus of your content.
  • Decide your position within the community . Shape the image you want to project, give it personality and imagine it as another member of the community. This simple exercise helps to humanize your brand and bring it closer to your audience.
  • Create your content calendar . Just as you plan for your company, do it in your networks and make sure that both plans are synchronized. If you are about to launch a new product, your networks should align to that event and start posting to attract the attention of consumers. The calendar helps you decide on your content in advance.

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How to make your community prosper?
Building a successful community in networks is possible. However, the success of your strategies does not depend solely on your presence on social networks or making the occasional publication. Growing your community around your brand requires more.

The first is a matter of attitude; It was previously mentioned that you should listen to your audience ; so that's essential. Only your client can tell you what he wants or needs. His behavior is the basis on which you will structure your content and strategies.

Another important point is that you do not limit yourself to promoting your brand . You are there to sell, but your customers deserve something more, find the point of coincidence between your interests and theirs. Logically, if you promote a restaurant, your publications will not talk about mechanics, but you can deal with topics related to your business, without promoting it .

As these actions are not enough, you need to continuously monitor and analyze your activity and that of your community to determine its evolution. This will allow you to design the management plan that best suits your brand and your objective, and will also help you generate engagement .

Offer your products or services

There are currently several ways to monetize your social networks and the most common is promoting your own brand . Do you want to sell the result of your work and investment?

Whether you own a clothing store, are a motivational coach or a financial advisor, social media has all the potential to boost your brand.

Networks can act as the perfect platform for you to gain visibility and increase your sales . It is known that some products and services are not easy to sell directly. Take advantage of your social networks to change this, using digital marketing strategies to convince your community of its virtues and benefits.

4 essential factors of monetization

Today, social networks represent the ideal route to connect with the customer . As an entrepreneur you know that advertising is not enough to sell, other factors are decisive to close successful sales.

This is due in part to the information overload that network users face. Therefore, try to monetize your social networks, reviewing these factors:

  • Strategic integration . This refers to integrating social media , all of your other media, and your marketing strategies. Key word: unify. When you synchronize your Facebook (and other networks) with your emails, blog and website, unifying them with your sales plan, the result can be amazing.
  • Ideal posting frequency . Your competition's post frequency isn't necessarily right for you. Find out your optimal frequency and when you have it publish in uniform time intervals. Keep a fixed frequency and study the reactions of your users: likes , retweets , shares , comments and conversions.
  • Measure your performance . A widely used tool for measurements is the Funnel Marketing which will allow you to manage accurate data about your real performance on the internet. You need the measurements if you want to know the failures and successes taking the measures to improve.
  • Avoid dispersion . Avoid spreading yourself thin by trying too many strategies at once. This implies loss of resources: time and money. Focus on a sales strategy and do what you can to make it work.

What's affiliates marketing?

In addition to offering your own products/services, monetization can include other strategies such as affiliate marketing . This basically consists of recommending other brands to your community, through recommendations and insertion of links . Every time one of your users buys using your link, you will receive a commission.

Another variety of this modality is video marketing . You just have to create quality videos for your followers and monetize them by adding advertising from your affiliated brands. In both cases the advantages are:

  • You will not have the task of creating and positioning a brand.
  • You can focus on creating and consolidating your target audience.
  • You will have the freedom to choose the product you will sponsor from a wide range.

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Success is not a matter of luck

Consolidating the position of your product, making sales and monetizing your social networks is the result of hard work and does not happen overnight. Gaining prestige and reputation for your brand is what will allow you to build very productive alliances for your business.

If you work meticulously, with patience and raising the quality of your content every day, you will surely win your space before your competitors.

For this you need to be up to date with new trends , nothing in modern society and much less on the Internet is static.

The reinvention continues, creativity and gaining solid knowledge in social networks and sales is essential to achieve your goals. Investigate each of the platforms , analyze successful cases, discover the secrets of your competition and listen to the successful ones in your branch of business.

Sales are not improvised, that's why get professionals capable of advising you and guiding you along the path of success .

To succeed make sure you have the best team nearby; In this case, the highly trained representatives of Consultative Sales , offer you our knowledge and experience in sales, through the renowned online consultative sales course . Contact us and take your company to the next level.

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